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Travel Teaches Toleration

Day 1,915, 16:49 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

I've told several people about this, but this is a more general notification. In a few days, I will be traveling to Harbin, China, and I will be staying there for several months (until July). From what I can tell, eRepublik may or may not be banned there, which means either way my activity is about to become very limited. I will be continuing my studies of Mandarin and contemporary Chinese culture, expanding upon my real life college minor of Asian Studies. I'm both excited and terrified of my semester abroad, so wish me luck as I go forward.

If eRep isn't banned, I will continue playing, but don't expect me to be keeping up as much while I'm abroad. This game comes pretty low on my priority list next to language studies, living in a new world, and communicating back home with friends and family. If I still have access to the forums, I may keep live journals of my travels should anyone be interested. I don't want to completely shut myself off from my life at home.

As for the eRep aspect, this has been a swell time thus far. Regardless of my activity while I'm away, I do expect to pick the game back up when I'm back home. There are still several things I've yet to accomplish, and I'd like to be more than a former Media Secretary or Domestic Advisor. Foreign Affairs still intrigue me heavily. When I'm back in full force, expect much more out of me. A lot of people have helped me out, and I've worked with several inspiring individuals that I'm sure lead much more fulfilling lives beyond the confines of their browser. This game is fun for people and myself, but I view it more as a builder of work ethic and practice for writing skills, so consider yourselves my critics as much as my friends. New and old players both have potential to inspire great things or create new experiences. I'm not going to keep going on and on with this, and I think you get the message.

While I'm away, I won't be able to convey opinions on a regular basis, so here's my wish list over the next few months. I would like us to continue developing our relationship with Circle of Trust and our partner countries within it. Countries like Chile, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Indonesia should be given a full chance to prove themselves as allies without regard to previous relations. The domestic PTO situation needs to be resolved, and this can be done in multiple ways. AFA must reform its policies and become a part of the system in place, and stop attempting to influence elections in parties other than its own, as well as change its leadership which has been more combative than cooperative. This is how iNCi was accepted, this was how FsH was accepted, and this is how you will be accepted. If this cannot be done, the eUS should seek support in CoT to halt the spread of AFA and perhaps remove its leadership by force. Until then, Unity is still the best decision to make, regardless of how many politicos get upset or how many 'hurt feelings' there are. Realize that this is a game, and you need strategy to win.

With that, I conclude what will possibly be my last article for some time. I will return, and I will see to it that I provide the best support I can to my country in the long run. See you guys in a while or a long time, and keep the game a game while I'm gone. Remember that each of you has the potential to change the dynamic of this game, and you should not waste your energy on petty arguments and confrontations. Instead, focus on improvement, kindness, and understanding. Make the New World one we would enjoy, one we could actually call new.

(I wish you good luck in your efforts)



Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,915, 16:53

Voted, hopefully you'll be able to keep playing, if not see you then, I await your return with bated breath o7

bigcdizzle Day 1,915, 16:56

Definitely going to miss you while you're gone. Try to log in whenever possible Naz.

Fair winds and following seas.

Unbias Day 1,915, 16:58

Go and have fun, make the must of it..

Contrajuris Day 1,915, 17:03

Voted, good luck!

Deepchill Day 1,915, 17:09

Voted, have fun, see you soon.

ligtreb Day 1,915, 17:41

Best of luck in all your travels and I hope we continue to hear from you.

crashthompson. Day 1,915, 18:03

Good luck.

EpsilonXi Day 1,915, 20:38

Best of luck!

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,916, 03:58

Best wishes on your travels.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,916, 07:53

Excellent points on CoT Allies & iNCi/AFA.


Plainswalker Day 1,916, 07:55

Со среќа на студиите.

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