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Traitor "logic"

Day 1,978, 14:16 Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina by Ponosan Bosanac

*This graph show only important EDEN members from his beginning


St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski
St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski Day 1,978, 14:20

Glup ti clanak, nece nas nimalo posvađati interno... BRIŠI OVO suviše je konstruktivno! xD

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,978, 14:22

Koliko god bio glup članak, akteri na grafu označeni žutom bojom su krivi za to!

St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski
St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski Day 1,978, 14:55

normala brate zajebavam se na nase gluposti... clanak je 10 😉

DzeGuevara Day 1,978, 14:25

mozes li nacrtati sa onim smjesnim lopticama ofarbani bojama drzava kako se s svađaju ? Ja se svaki put upiski kad se pojave X D

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,978, 14:27

na kojoj stranici se to radi?

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,978, 14:28

ili je to u photoshopu pa udri ili ima neka stranica sa alatom?

DzeGuevara Day 1,978, 14:30

mislim da se to crta obicno preko painta "slobodnih ruku" bez programa..... nacrtas kuglice, obojis i smislis sebi mali dijalog. To je uvijek privlacno.
ali moze i ovako.

CRATONBiH Day 1,978, 14:46

Comment deleted

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,978, 14:29

Romania left EDEN because they want to be on the same side as don't think so somehow.

Thesmos Day 1,978, 14:30


DzeGuevara Day 1,978, 14:30

Comment deleted

The Ghazi
The Ghazi Day 1,978, 14:35

Hard voted ...

Romens and Servians have a lot of commonalities;)

thaddaus Day 1,978, 14:39

Romania left EDEN because they want to be on the same side as Poland??? NEVER

when we left Eden?

Altaer Day 1,978, 14:44

When you accepted a MPP with Serbia.


you will,coz usa always helped eden's members,and serbia didn't have courage to NE usa,so is using romania...but serbia used this tactic with Israel time before,they will let them free,if they left EDEN ect,but they stand with us,always... Israel is a small country,but with great valuers...and romania which is powerful,what did?! they are showing now what they will do...

Pazelya Day 1,978, 14:42

Comment deleted

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,978, 14:44

@thaddaus: For me you left EDEN with first vote for MPP with Servia!

BriZgonja Day 1,978, 14:47

English level: over 9000 XDD

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,978, 14:50

kakav god bio mislim da svi razumiju

BriZgonja Day 1,978, 14:50

ma ja XDDD

BalkanBiH Day 1,979, 02:27

razumije se,ali ima nekih greskica 😛

Reza Zarrab
Reza Zarrab Day 1,979, 03:42

Wow, just how stupid you are?

The Ghazi
The Ghazi Day 1,979, 08:33

Epic !


Aleks M
Aleks M Day 1,979, 08:39

EDEN vs EDEN in the end.

Roryck I
Roryck I Day 1,979, 08:43


"Traitor is only traitor!"

Gigli Day 1,979, 12:13


Stefan.cel.Mare Day 1,979, 22:50

„Romania left Eden because (they) want (to) be on the same side with Serbia, Poland, Spain, USA, Brazil”...

You are sooooooooooo WRONG, dude...

Ponosan Bosanac
Ponosan Bosanac Day 1,980, 13:11
Who is with servia, he is against us!

Stefan.cel.Mare Day 1,980, 13:29

You said We want to be on the same side with USA, Brazil... How could you think at that if we made MPP with Serbia??

CoskunYunusEmre Day 1,979, 23:18


Pary Magnificent
Pary Magnificent Day 1,980, 04:03

You say that you havent left EDEN, you JUST signed MPP with EDEN`s enemy No1 .

Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Day 1,980, 06:50

Nema Varte u dijagramu. Zar ste opet izašli? Izdajete opet ko i pretci vaši!

Oj "Bošnjaci", neka neka, znate dobro što vas čeka... X D

Trafalgar Ace
Trafalgar Ace Day 1,980, 09:24

Brazil is a True Traitor

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