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Total conquest of France!!!

Day 2,005, 14:00 Published in USA USA by Sky Ben

So, as you know, the eUS has been attacking France lately. And, as of now, the US has total conquest of France.

Something like that.
Anyways, I would like to know if it was a TW, revenge, or action against a enemy. In my opinion, it couldn't have been a TW, because the US was attacking the CAPITAL!!! So, that's all. And discuss if we should make a front into Middle Europe. Commander ** OUT.


Comments Day 2,005, 16:13

maybe join some irc channels, get some information on allainces n stuff!
frenchmen are more than happy that we get their resources instead of serbos.

Rona1d Day 2,005, 16:21

You didn't won any resource from Serbia, that war was a total failure from the beginning.

You only TO the free French instead of Aquitaine xD bunch of Failers Day 2,005, 18:03

Incorrect. Ofc every region provides cc, so we won nothing?

George Walker III
George Walker III Day 2,007, 17:31

I think we did it to keep it out of Polish Hands,lol

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