Top Ten ICA Moments #9

Day 1,531, 13:48 Published in Ireland Ireland by Roisin Dubh

Top Ten Moments in ICA History:

#9- Keeping Northern Ireland in Canadian hands for a month.

Back on Day 1,219 of the New World, the eUK were part of the Terra alliance. Ireland and UK had been at peace for a number of months, and at one stage during that time the Irish Government and Congress had actually agreed to a UK request to help them get a Grain region in France. Although UK and France later decided against exchanging the regions, relations between Ireland and UK had been better than they had been for a long time. All had been going okay until the eUKs obsession with Ireland consumed them yet again.

Under public pressure in the UK to attack Ireland, and under pressure from UK's alliance not to attack Ireland, the then UK President, Woldy decided instead to use the UKs training war with their fellow Terra member, Canada, to attack "Canadian held Irish regions" as a way to appease the eUK public's lust for Irish blood.

During the previous term, the CelticTiger(ICA) administration had rented out Ireland's spare Fruit region, Shannon to Canada. This was a signed treaty ratified by both the Irish and Canadian Governments and Congresses.

The Cano-Irish Shannon Treaty saw Canada pay rent for Ireland's spare Fruit region

UK decided to attack this region by surprise and without warning, outside of Canadian Prime Time(it is standard practice to attack during the defenders prime time in Training Wars) British Prima Donna, Alfagrem, decided to tank 1 million influence during the battle. This was a MASSIVE amount of influence back then, more than most countries daily output. The UK's official MoD orders were also set on the battle, encouraging eUK citizens to fight there and included no mention of the fact that it was a Training War.

While Canada managed to narrowly win the battle largely thanks to TCO and ICA co-operation, attacking a region that was part of an agreement during a training war was seen by many as an act of aggression by the UK towards her own ally, and the first sign that UK had no intention of honouring any commitments to their allies in Terra.

The ICA decided that this sneaky act would not go unpunished and convinced the Canadians that action would need to be taken and that if Canada controlled Northern Ireland then it would prevent the same thing happening again. In the coming days Northern Ireland would become Canadian due to ICA damage, and stayed that way for a month due to ICA damage. Having decided that UK had proven yet again that they could not be trusted, this was the first of many actions that the ICA took against UK in retaliation for their attempt to steal Shannon. These actions which were designed to make UK's position in Terra untenable, were ultimately successful.

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