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Top 10 eCountries and players! {Fib, Romper, Bogdan_L, addictive1975..} {EDIT}

Day 1,244, 11:18 Published in Serbia Serbia by Simonovic94

Whether they're our allies or not, facts are facts and they cannot be hidden.
Today, I'll present to You TOP 10 eCountries, TOP10 players and their answers to my questions.
Top10 countries
1. Poland 27.728 stanovnika
2. Serbia 23.628stanovnika
3. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 18.689 stanovnika
4. Hungary 17.979 stanovnika
5. Brazil 16.387 stanovnika
6. USA 16.266 stanovnika
7. Spain 13.978 stanovnika
8. Turkey 12.393 stanovnika
9. Indonesia 11.070 stanovnika
10. Bulgaria 10.446 stanovnika

Top 10 Igraca!

Experience level 44 97.325
18-Hard Worker
1-Congres Member
2-Medio Mogul
477-Battle Hero
53-Campaign Hero
19-Super Solider
2-Society Builder
Miletary rank Legendary Force

2.Colin Lantrip

Experience level 39 71.264
18-Hard Worker
4-Congres Member
1-Country President
2-Media Mogul
434-Battle Hero
51-Campaign Hero
3-Resistance Hero
19-Super Solider
1-Sociaty Builder
Miletary rank World Class Force*


Experience level 36 58,307
18- Hard Worker
10- Congres Member
3- Country President
10- Media Mogul
424- Battle Hero
27- Campaign Hero
15- Resistance Hero
24- Super Solider
4- Sociaty Builder
Miletary rank National Force***

4.Bogdan Adamutz

Experience level 36 56.612
28- Hard Worker
4- Congres Member
305- Battle Hero
37- Campaign Hero
1- Resistance Hero
24- Super Solider
1-Sociaty Builder
Miletary rank World Class Force


Experience level 35 54,319
26- Hard Worker
8- Congres Member
1- Country President
2- Media Mogul
534- Battle Hero
64- Campaign Hero
5- Resistance Hero
24- Super Solider
1-Sociaty Builder
Military rank National Force***


Expirience level 35 51,454
11- Hard Worker
376- Battle Hero
42- Campaign Hero
19- Super Solider
Military rank World Class Force


Expirience level 35 50,967
25-Hard Worker
6- Congres Member
4- Media Mogul
295- Battle Hero
23- Campaign Hero
1-Resistance Hero
21- Super Solider
3- Sociaty Builder
Military rank National Force***


Expirience level 35 50,789
13-Hard Worker
214- Battle Hero
27- Campaign Hero
2- Resistance Hero
17- Super Solider
Military rank National Force***


Expirince level 34 48,278
19-Hard Worker
6- Congres Member
2- Country President
12- Media Mogul
372- Battle Hero
18- Campaign Hero
21- Super Solider
1-Sociaty Builder
Military rank National Force***


Expirince level 34 45,595
25-Hard Worker
1-Congres Member
2- Country President
2- Media Mogul
211- Battle Hero
19- Campaign Hero
23- Super Solider
Military rank National Force**

Here are the answers from some of top 10 eRepublik players.

1. How did you start playing eRepublik?
2. What is your viewing on the game now and back then.
3. What do you think about new changes?
4. What is the secret of your strenght?
5. What is your unfulfilled wish in this game?


1. I saw some comments on T-portal so I'd registered.

2. Basicly the game is same, it feeds with animosities among people, and like that, it will never collapse. Back then, same as now, we were pressing Fight button, and we will be pressing it in every next version.

3. I think they need some time to show us whether they are good or not. I bealive that everyone start complaining as always, but in the end everyone will continue playing and adopt on new changes.

4. Gold

5. Introducing sms activation and verification of existing players.


1. I heard from one friend that there is good military-political simulation and that we (Serbia) are fighting with all sorts.

2. The game is now taking too much time. V1 was far better version od eRep.

3. I think it sinks deeper and deeper.

4. There is no secret really. You spend gold on training, you spend gold on fighting.

5. Unification of all eSerbs for one cause. Whatever it is.


1. It was in 2009. june, I found a very intresting artical about erepublik. And so I decided to start with playing in it.

2. I don't know what you mean, but if you mean, I like all the versions of the game, the favorite was the version 2.

3. I like the changes, the game is more balanced.

4. Daily training:)

5. There is one country remaining intact, wish to see it fall down:) Of course the USA!!!!


1. I've started playing erepublik in february 2009, afeter seeing an advertising campaign in Cotidianul, national newspaper. I just found Romania on the edge to start its Asian Campaign.

2. The game back then (and all the time until 1month ago) was very much balanced, one alliance could have some success, but for a short period of time, everybody had chances. A reason to motivate the citizens from both sides. Right now the game is completely broken, one side is winning too easily, the other doesn't have the slightest chance. Very demotivational for both.In this very unbalanced world the new rules of 10gold limit and only 1 RW to start makes the things even worst. Basically the admin changed its focus from having a balanced world to having more money today.

3.The new changes that followed the other and the other and the other changes made the game completely a joke from the history point of view. Someone could spend days/weeks/years into the game, doing the best for its future, nothing matters. Did you buy companies at 20g, you have been stupid, did you spend gold on economic bonus, another stupid thing. All the changes don't follow a certain path, they are just random maybe made to address a reason from the very present but screwing up all the past and of course future. Everything just to pump more money NOW in the admin pockets.

4.There isn't any secret, I just played this game long enough and spent even more, with the idea that what you build today will be here to stay tomorrow. Isn't the actual case. The game doesn't have any tomorrow, just today.

5.There isn't the game anymore where I could follow whatever I have been dreaming to do. Not because the game is very much unbalanced, but because the game doesn't have and doesn't build a history anymore. The game addresses just the present, not even every single day, just today. Being so much oriented on buying gold, even the richest and most passionate player gets bored after a while. Because whatever he did doesn't have any meaning in the present because the game doesn't have any future. Just present, each day is today. You don't know when and how the next new changes will delete everything what has been built until then.


A: I come because i wanted to help my contry.One of my friend told me about the military unit where she was,about what great people are there,that is fun....and here i am 🙂

A:Then were not scripts and yes...and this is what i hate,when someone is not playing fair.

A: I thought that the slogan of the game is "Erepublik,a new game everyday" 😁
I'm used to see new changes...but it will be better to get changes for more fun...not for complicating our existence 🙂

A:There is no secret,i'm just crazy 😛
Now seriosly,i love my contry and i will do enything(legaly of course) to protect her.

A: I have not such thing :)This is just a game,i have a lot of friends,fun.
I'm not dreaming to be president or other similar things 🙂

Thanks Nikola Jankovic '89 for translation. Please SUB his newspaper, he needs 100 subs for MM...




Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,244, 11:23

Gde vrag nemre nikaj zla napravit pošalje babu...

Crash0 Day 1,244, 11:25

a je ovaj bogdan udavio xD

19DSKS89 Day 1,244, 12:24

Dobar ti je clanak imas V+S. Mane su: ne znas engleski i kolko sam primetio nisi napisao za neke igrace kolko imaju str.

Bogdan_L Day 1,244, 12:39

please post in english:)

Nuker Day 1,244, 12:40

please post in english:) x2

Vitortomic Day 1,244, 12:53

@ Bogdan_L completely agree, i came back after a 6 month break and found that after aroun 500 days of playing some players who started a month ago are ahead of me...

Besides this everything you do makes no sense, Serbia spent a massive amount of gold to get to England to get future colonies and then admin adds stupid linked regions rule.

Sizzla Day 1,244, 13:29


eBitzu Day 1,244, 13:31

do not understand...

Bogdan_L Day 1,244, 13:56


this is exactly my point, this game doesn't have any past or future anymore. It is just TODAY how much would spend not like it will make any difference tomorrow.

CRIS 99 Day 1,244, 14:15


milos_jablanovic Day 1,244, 14:25

nice article, ali ti si brate nepismen u engleskom jeziku...

@Bogdan_L you are completely right about this game having no future, just today...

CsabiKHO Day 1,244, 14:32


Kaleee Day 1,244, 15:22


protone Day 1,244, 15:33


Bogdan_L is so right

Paracelzus Day 1,244, 15:42

No zigazaga no vote
salim se
bravo o/

googoodoll Day 1,244, 15:44

i disagree with my friend blackpanther76, she really should run for presidency.

Palavko Day 1,244, 15:46

@Bogdan_L you are completely right about this game having no future, just today...

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 1,244, 16:15

romper je dao najbolji odgovor an 5. pitanje

EduRaptor Day 1,244, 16:46

4.Која је тајна ваше снаге? Romper: Gold. Ahahah lulz.

Exiled Emperor of eChile
Akasuna Itachi

mufekk Day 1,245, 05:29

vote(sub odavno!)
dajte v+s i za Trolejbus što vozi po celom EREPU/Esvetu!
Možete nas i posetiti, bićete primljeni u najboljem društvu !

pozdrav iz ESlovenije, mufekk

philipJ Day 1,245, 13:34

nice article, voted

in english pls

Ljubodrag Srpkovic
Ljubodrag Srpkovic Day 1,245, 13:39


dout Day 1,245, 14:30

v+s bravo

Thedillpickl Day 1,245, 14:56

Nice article.

Even Serb article is about how hard we play at pretend world! LOL Everybody does it, makes no sense. Oh, well...

Ivan Niksic
Ivan Niksic Day 1,246, 01:32
!!!VitezCG!!! Svemoguc ili covjek od krvi i mesa?

hilmicelik Day 1,246, 06:34


CroSlayer97 Day 1,246, 07:11

s 353 v 357

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,246, 09:14

4. What is the secret of your strenght? - Gold. \o/

Jochris Witness
Jochris Witness Day 1,246, 21:44

one of the best articles ever written.

Jochris Witness
Jochris Witness Day 1,246, 21:44

one of the best articles ever written.

eKomita Day 1,318, 12:04

ScymeX is number 1!!
Romper is number 4!!

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