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To the Federalist Party

Day 1,873, 13:57 Published in USA USA by Jefferson Locke

I'm not going to put pics in here, nor am I going to buy votes for this, because this is a personal letter to each of every one of you.

Feds, it's been a tough few months. We've survived AFA scares, internal problems, accusations without evidence, and many other things. I honestly can say that without all of you, this game would not be worth it.

When others criticized us and thought that we were useless, we proved them wrong. We have stood tall where others have fallen, and I'm unbelievably proud of that. We are on the verge of electing Fingerguns for CP. Imagine that....think back four months, and realize how far we've come.

It's an honor to work with you all on a daily basis, and to see some of our newer members grow into great citizens of this country. It's humbling for me to even be considered as being one of the "top feds". In honesty, I'm not. I simply stand on the shoulders of giants. I'm about to be the Chief of Staff for the president of the United States, and it's not because of anything I've done, it's because of the love and support this party has shown me. ALL CREDIT GOES TO ALL OF YOU.

I you all....FG 4 CP is as much a testament to all of your hard work as it is to anything else. You ALL helped this to happen. Take a minute to pat yourselves on the back. You're awesome, and deserve the world. Hopefully in the future, I can repay all of you in some way for your kindness, support, and love. I know it can be tough, but you guys/gals did a great job as always. I couldn't imagine this game without you.

Much Love,
Jefferson Locke



Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,873, 13:58


Tiacha Day 1,873, 14:01

< 3 to my favorite Fed man

Bucephalus92 Day 1,873, 14:02


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,873, 14:04

\o/ The feds are awesome !

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,873, 14:10

Jefferson Locke is awesome!!

< 3

p/h, voted hard.

Jasher Day 1,873, 14:42


fingerguns Day 1,873, 15:27


Love you, buns. You noobs keep this game interesting.


bigcdizzle Day 1,873, 16:54

We all love you too the gayest way possible.


Jetsmets Day 1,873, 16:57

You should probably change the name of your newspaper since you aren't the bunnytoaster anymore.

Malpazar Day 1,874, 23:02


Candor Day 1,874, 01:41

Congrats and good luck. But most of all, have FUN doing your job 🙂

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Day 1,874, 04:31


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