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To all of you... Happy Valentine

Day 1,913, 15:01 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Luxia Borgia



Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,913, 15:05

Happy V.D

Drak Day 1,913, 15:07

mile ale presne o den po funuse :-DDD voted

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,913, 15:10

u mňa končí deň až idem spať : P

martin 123456789
martin 123456789 Day 1,913, 15:14

aj tebe Lucy

Ondracer Day 1,913, 15:15

jééé...roztomilé...hugs 4u too

mostates Day 1,913, 15:24


Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,913, 15:35

Happy day of Saint Trifun to you too!!!

Kocurr Day 1,913, 16:42

U 2 Lucy \o/

Burko Burian
Burko Burian Day 1,914, 02:48

ebany svatek... len loduje prachy

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,914, 04:39

no jo, Burko, je to len komerčná bublina ale zase určite mali valentínsku akciu na Radlera : P

Kara Blok
Kara Blok Day 1,914, 07:48

My love where did you last night. I didnt see you on skype?

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,914, 13:00

I was on Skype. You neglect me.

UtkuAkin Day 1,914, 17:00

❤ Luxiaaa ❤

UtkuAkin Day 1,914, 17:00


Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,915, 00:39

oh Utku

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