To all CORRUPT fighters of ATLANTIS...

Day 363, 15:06 Published in Canada Russia by Edward Edison
To all CORRUPT "freedom" fighters of ATLANTIS: lying Finish traitors, Norwegian f***s, bickering Canadians, and that lying ass, USA President Benn Dover.

SPECIAL NOTE: All offensive statements do not belong to me. Before accusing me of defamation and libel, please read everything. I support all my statements with names, quotes and links.

By now, you may have heard about Red Resistance Front's (RRF) incompetent actions regarding the Russia Resistance War against Norway. If you forgot, then I will refresh your memory. HateBot, one of the leaders of RRF and a Norway Congressman, started the war without waiting for Norway's official peaceful resolution about the war which could have finished in 24 hours.

These immature actions caused Russian Allies to fight against us. Of course, RRF leaders asked for apologies and assured that they will join ATLANTIS, and become the best friends ever. However, the things are not that simple. Within last 8 days, I researched about RRF and broke into (well, just registered in) their Internationale website.

The results were astonishing. I have never seen this much hatred and absurd in my life. Below I will reveal their actual position in eWorld by discussing their leaders and their views:

First of all, I want to introduce myself (according to their KGB hate list or like they call it "enemy of the state"):

Edward Edison
Position: Canadian politician;
Status: Liar, questionable mental health;
Crime: Defamation;
Backgroun😛 Spread lies about Russia's stance in the resistance war;
Suggested action: Boycott, verbal confrontation


Funny, huh? RRF members are serious about it, twice as much as Augustus when it comes to hunting down multies. By the way, Benn Dover (the president of USA by the way) is also on that list. Here is his profile:

Ben Dover
Position: President of the United States;
Status: Traitor and corrupt politician;
Crime: Treachery and corruption;
Backgroun😛 Betrayed Russia in Russia's resistance war;
Suggested action: Boycott;


So the first topic that compelled my attention was called "Canada, eh?" It started out with Robert Jadlowski discussing how “Canada was already a Socialist government but the whole aspect of their bickering annoyed [him].” And for some reason the discussion led to Cycieties proposing to take over Canada “when they get a chance. Just like in Endwar. Except better.”

Wait. You are going to take over Canada? Are you guys serious? You cannot even free one region with all international support that you have!

Ok, let’s get down to discussing their leaders:

1. HateBot- immature revolution starter
Views: a computer bot that hates everything and everyone.

Prove: Common, do I need to prove that he started revolution without discussing it with Norway and his people? It is like the law of gravity; everyone knows it. By the way, look for his comments below. You will understand why his nickname is HateBot.

2. Heymans- fake self-declared Russian ambassador to USA.
Views: hates ATLANTIS, USA President, Norway, Finland

A. "...we needed to have an ORGANIZED effort, and have all the troops in before. At the same time, we needed foreign troops in the country. If we can get the majority of us in congress, then they're f***ed. We need a concrete strategy, and foreign support. Let's wait a week, all foreign supporters will move to russia, start the resistance again, then fight fight fight. The corrupt "freedom" fighters of ATLANTIS will have to help us."


B. "Oh and, those lying Finnish not a very nice persons betrayed us. If we do win this battle, I say we invade those norwegian f***s, and don't let them revolt. Russia will replace Norway in ATLANTIS."


C. "I doubt the "accident" in this. The states are not for us, the Finnish are not for us, those traitorous bas***ds. We need party leadership to pm them, and can someone tell me what to tell them?"

D. " Benn Dover is a lying ass. Message from..."

E. "His [Edward Edison's] belief differ from ours. He is a political dissident like Mombassa said. When He stops saying bullsh*t, and it representing us, I'll stop believing he's tarnishing our image. The job of the KGB is to kill people not representing us, who go against our beliefs."

3. Mombassa - insane KGB Director making the hate list (a.k.a. Enemies of the People List)
Views: hates those who disagrees with him and those who want to have free market and democracy.

A. " We should not show compassion and neither sympathize with such a corrupt swindler. He [Benn Dover] should be considered as an enemy of the people from now on. KGB will add him to the next hate week.."

B. The list of Enemies. Benn Dover is on there. The topic is closed but luckily I have that snapshot saved.

4. Manifesto- RRF Leader
Views: Nice guy who wants to promote Bolshevism, but why are you with these freaks and still support them?

A. " Russia will be very weak during the first few months of our independence. The KGB is needed as an organized means of violence during the dictatorship of the proletariat."

Finally, I know that RRF will attempt to kill me. I am not afraid of this. I am here for Freedom and I will stand until I die. They hate on me, they put me on their Enemy of the People list, they confront me, they accuse me of defamation and libel. Sadly, even their leader, Manifesto thinks that I did not do anything wrong.

In one of his speeches he claime😛 "From what I can gather... he's not really spreading lies about our party. Though they are not accurate or factual, it's his opinion based on ignorance on the matter. He [Edward Edison] may be annoying, but I would argue he hasn't done anything to massively destroy our efforts."

Sorry, Manifesto, this time I think I actually did. However, my words are factual and there is no libel and defamation. I know I still will be accused of defamation but normal people will trust the facts.
I do not accuse all RRF members. A lot of them are actually decent people. Sadly, their leaders are crazy revolutionists trying to take over everything and everybody. Oh, lord. They wish they could.

The serious problem is that those people don't realize that they're making fun of communism itself, and all they are really doing is discrediting left ideas in eWorld. Because if they were true believers they wouldn't make such things like KGB, or discussing how they can track down anyone who was against Russian independence to make their life miserable. Their goal will be making Russia a better place, really free and wealthy for all working people who live in it. Not concentrating on that world dominant revolution bull.

We, eRepublikans, believe that changes must be made. Russia has to get their Freedom not only from Norway, but also from bad leaders of RRF.

All people of eWorld Unite, and help us. We need you. So, please move to Russia, Volga-Vyatka Region and join "Free Russia"!!!

Thanks for reading this article. Please vote this article up so that people know of their true intensions.

P.S. Today I got a message from Notorious Mombassa:

“Good day comrade Edward Edison!

A serious mistake has been done by me on the Internationale. You're welcome back to the forums and I, Mombassa, give you my appoligize for accidenlty banning you. I hope we can discuss under calm conditions in the future and forget this, both me and you.

Accidently banning me? Apologize? You guys take Stalin to heart and want to kill me. I am not going to be silent. The damage is done.

Democracy! Freedom! Russia!
Edward Edison.
Free Russia Party