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TLDR Summary of 2012 Economics

Day 1,869, 23:14 Published in USA Greece by Jack Lantos

If you wanted to know what happened to the "economy" in 2012, or get a quick overview of countries at the moment, here it is, quick and simple!

First of all: the Gold prices turned around.

Also, the battle module changed to split-divisions on day 1665.

But what did that mean for the ordinary worker?

Wages got worse for all countries (even if you factor in gold value), due to Plato changing things much more than our own decisions. eUSA is still in the top 5 for best wages and has competitive tank prices.

This is despite having most active players encouraged to join MU/communes, which has benefits for player retention and selective wealth distribution. A cunning plan, but with a teensy flaw that PTOers can work overseas (and would prefer to anyway), so only the really new players are the ones paying tax. But if government can scoop newbies into MUs immediately then it's all good. (Except for the teensy little flaw that there is no tax income...)

eUSA held full bonuses for a long time, but the general consensus was that removing some bonuses was necessary to stop imminent PTO from a large body of players with anti-US issues; they continue to waste their time with failed attempts, but why would they target USA with such malicious intent? Who knows...

Another aspect of the "economy," but perhaps mainly "politics," and "war" modules is a particular activity which increases chances of success. It is possible to estimate the current state of this activity using a chart like this. (opens a separate chart)

To cut a long story short: there are still plenty of Multis, for free labour, votes and low division damage.

So it's 2013 - Where to now?

Our two leading POTUS candidates had this to say:

Key economic objectives as president?

fingerguns: “No specifics; the economic module limits government participation in this area.”

John Jay: “No plans to change taxes, economic module is broken; will follow eUSA Economic Council recommendations.”

Responses quoted from Max McFarland 3’s unity candidate interviews.



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,869, 23:27

Actually, I am a leading POTUS candidate, biased much?

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,869, 00:26

This is some impressive work you have put into this. Well done.

El Che G
El Che G Day 1,869, 00:27


MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,869, 00:38

lol @ Ronald

Great article!

Hojc Day 1,869, 01:54

High quality stuff, vote!

Alphabethis Day 1,869, 01:57

excellent article.

ligtreb Day 1,869, 02:07

Voted and subbed.

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,869, 02:30

vote and sub

zzzingo Day 1,869, 04:12


Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,869, 05:10

Great stuff. Why don't you have a MM medal?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,869, 05:22

Voted and Subbed, Brilliant article!

Niko Jones
Niko Jones Day 1,869, 05:31

Voted & subscribed..Gr8 article, well presented and informative. Thanks ACroc for the link in eUK.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,869, 06:50


Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat Day 1,869, 09:30

Great work mate! \o

Bucephalus92 Day 1,869, 10:53

Fantastic article

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,869, 14:46


menon111 Day 1,869, 14:53

Great article!

A3naos Day 1,869, 15:01


Gyurak Day 1,869, 15:04

Not bad.. ^^

lamiwtis Day 1,869, 15:07


lamachos Day 1,869, 15:07

excellent article


Galatis Day 1,869, 15:11


RHIANN0N Day 1,869, 15:13


eisenmutter2 Day 1,869, 15:18

this is very nice... i just had a conversation about the history of fail of the admins regarding the economy
starting at
"eisenmutter2 Day 1,867, 11:37" here in the comments

i did not have the numbers so i couldn't connect it to the level of the monetary market back then. this article (especially the 1st pic) was all i needed - why didn't you publish a bit earlier...

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,869, 15:33

V&S - excellent work on the stats man...

eisenmutter2 Day 1,869, 15:44

don't know if i understand the rocketfactory text right:
before the rockets goldbuyers just bought bazookas from admins and brought just damage into the game

now rocketfactories are one of the main reasons for the MM going down because the goldbuyers are pumping their gold into the game to buy weapons for building rockets - because it's cheaper damage then buying bazooka(part)s from admins (which is not even available atm/anymore)

the other reason for falling MM is less currency flow into the game via bot

so with less currency from bot + massive gold from goldbuyers (additionally to the basic level of generated gold via achievements) we get the movment of the MM down (to higher worth of currency/less worth of gold)

at least that's what i think...

so now all i need is just an article about the micro-movements of the MM in response to the special offers and missions ( and i will be satisfied to the fullest...

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,869, 15:48


chimichonga barbosa
chimichonga barbosa Day 1,869, 17:12


Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 1,869, 17:38


Damn good article!

Xicor13 Day 1,869, 20:15

Jack Brilliant as Ever !


Cool Blood
Cool Blood Day 1,870, 23:25

V & S & thank you

Gozdni Francek
Gozdni Francek Day 1,870, 06:41

Interesting. Good jod 🙂

Obama.Putin Day 1,870, 07:42

Comment deleted

N e o
N e o Day 1,870, 08:27

Nice analysis. Subscribed.

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,870, 15:11


Yes I would agree the change in gold trend was from a combo of tuning down the market bot and players buying currency on mm for rockets.

The rockets consume weapons and currency. With overproduction and no market bot "sales" the price of weapons declines, which leaves the currency cost of rockets, which is tied to gold value (1500 cc for every Q6 rocket now worth 4.3 gold, which used to be 0.5 gold when 3000 cc = 1 gold).
The trend seems to be that weapon prices go down, yet rocket prices still increase because of the gold/cc exchange.

Basically, I think the admins replaced the market bot and made a cc sink, but it stops working when the gold/cc exchange rate shifts to stronger cc value.

NiaB Day 1,870, 17:45

very good article, v+s

krasevec Day 1,870, 18:00


nebulosus Day 1,870, 21:17


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