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Tips to finish mission day 1732 quickly

Day 1,732, 06:11 Published in New Zealand Serbia by EternalLightStream
Here is my own tips to finish that 1732 day missions :

1.) If you really being poor player Temporarily downgrade your rocket factory to lowest level possible.

2.) Ask your captain or your commander in your Military Unit to actively changed battle order when its already desperately lost(70 points above for enemy and our allies points is only 30 below) or its just finished

3.) Ask your mentor or your fellow friend in your MU to help you in order to donate some foods and weapons that enough for you(at least 1500 health per day)

4.) Buy Rocket Pack in trustable seller to minimize rocket's cost. I advertise recommend to contact my sister Helen Moon as great trustworthy seller ever.101% Guaranteed !!

5.) Set your chicken alarm clock every few hours to fight regularly and remind your captain and commander to dynamicly change battle order

6.) Help each other,dont be ignorant and selfish people

7.) All my tips above is useless for mastercard/visa user since they will buy everything they want including energy pack candies and bazooka things,huehuehuehuehue

8.) Fight for getting another flags to completing another mercenary medals too -shoot once,got 2,3 or 4 headless chicken at all-

That's it,another suggestion? just write it in comment.


EternalLightStream Day 1,732, 06:19

Good Luck Soldier

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Day 1,732, 08:02

I will try)

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 1,732, 09:01

votado from heart bro!!!!

Don Luchiano
Don Luchiano Day 1,732, 09:05

Signed bre o/

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