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Day 1,676, 06:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frerk

Dear citizens of the eUK,

Today I would like to tell you the story of one of the UK’s major driving forces. For more than two years now, the Unity Party has played a large role in the British political scene. In these two years we have produced 15 different prime ministers and dozens of ministers.

But that’s not the biggest deal. What we’re truly proud of is our community. We offer a friendly environment where players new and old can learn from the absolute best the UK has to offer. We have both old players renown across the globe for their great skill, and new players, who we are developing to become as famous as their mentors.

If one would want to label us, we’d probably be a left or a centre-left party. But since this is an online game you can’t just blindly believe in real life ideals. What we do believe in however, is that activity and half a brain can get you far. We in TUP just love to give newer players a chance, and watch the excitement when they get their first congress seat. TUP wants to help new people get involved in government, and we take great pride in giving these people the responsibility they need to develop themselves to great politicians.

However this game is not just about politics. In fact, TUP is not even solely about this game. TUP extends beyond this game, and the friendships formed here do so too. We talk about football, politics, music and the other things life has to offer. We even play other games together(Who would have guessed!), like Minecraft.

If this sounds like great fun to you(It does to me!) then come and join the Unity Party!

Former TUP Party President



alittlec4 Day 1,676, 06:54

Interesting article but looks alot like a message Talon is sending out to everybody.

Niemand Day 1,676, 10:16

In TUP there is a great community where oldfags, moderate and new players work together.
A friendly atmosphere, new energy and lots of experience that is that makes TUP a good party to be in.
This solidarity makes Strength in Unity!

Orinocco Day 1,676, 12:18

An honest party, with honest members. I'm proud to be a member of TUP.

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,676, 14:13

Good luck for congress o7

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