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Time for Upgrades!

Day 1,912, 00:25 Published in Malaysia Russia by RyuYuki

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Its been awhile I did not wrote anything in media.
Sorry for that.

Whats new?? Yeah UPGRADES TIME!!! Remember my article before? Train like a Pro???? Dont miss it!

me??? i going to up upgrade climbing centre - quality 4

I am like u guys.. i keep my gold but not enough to upgrade... but dont worry..
we have a good eBNM(eBank Negara Malaysia) Directors.
Read this article [eBNM] Bullion Loan - PReM gold and apply for a loan. 🙂
what u need before applying just find a guarantor. Simple rite. 🙂

Prove our eBNM director are so generous.



giladahgua Day 1,912, 00:27


Zaihan96 Day 1,912, 00:30

mana nak carik guarantor?

RyuYuki Day 1,912, 00:33

any senior members. come to irc. #TheCO many senior members waiting for you there.

zeropercent Day 1,912, 00:30

not enough gold..

RyuYuki Day 1,912, 00:33

apply loan then!

Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,912, 01:37

prefer a donation than a loan

zeropercent Day 1,912, 02:19

loan will make me suffer.. suffer to pay it back.. ekekek

RyuYuki Day 1,912, 05:50

no pain no gain brother!

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,912, 06:15


your guarantor name is hidden 😃

RyuYuki Day 1,912, 06:33

for his safety. i switch already guarantor.. yet he still become my guarantor 😛

Ying Ko
Ying Ko Day 1,912, 07:06

Saya tidak cukup 12 gold. Tapi tidak mengapa. Saya tunggu lain kali punya offer.

ketsuekiyuki Day 1,912, 18:37

Boleh buat pinjaman.. Jgn lepaskan peluang ini.. Nak tunggu next offer lambat lagi... Time vs gold

Ying Ko
Ying Ko Day 1,912, 19:31

Saya tidak punya guarantor. Tidak mengapalah. Lambat sedikit.

AzrulSyafiq2 Day 1,913, 19:01

Aku dah upgrate semua q4 dah 😛

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