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Time Closing In....

Day 1,817, 11:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

Hello to all the great readers out there today, hope your all doing well.


Good.... well, if you said yes anyway.

If not, then ..... hope it get's better.

Just a few little updates to drop today.

Firstly, after today I'm probably going to look at streamlining and unifying my future articles to follow a standard styling method - I haven't decided on a theme / pattern yet - however, if anyone wants to drop some ideas below it'd be appreciated. (If your idea is chosen, I may even throw a few gold your way)

Secondly, I've just about finished the Merc. Medal - Just 9 more countries to go then that's another one I can add to the virtual bank and then re-focus onto other things I want to get done.

Thirdly (and finally), I'm going to prepare to run for congress again on the next elections, so expect several satire based articles with a smittering of SRS BZNS posts along the way. I've got a few new things to add, but for the moment they can hold on the burner.

So that's it for the moment, I know it's not exactly the standard articles you'll (possibly) have come to expect from me, however normal service will be resumed shortly...



WayneKerr Day 1,817, 11:33

meklon for CP \o/

BigAnt Day 1,817, 13:34


lancer450 Day 1,817, 14:17

Voted! \o/

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,817, 14:38

entertaining as always mek

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