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Tim_Holtz (DIYPA) for Northern Territory

Day 1,160, 22:17 Published in Australia Australia by Tim_Holtz

I, Like the other DIYPA members believe that legislation and many other things about the Government desperately need changing. A vote for me is a vote to push these changes forward and in our belief enhance and prepare eAustralia for the changing and challenging times ahead of us.

My experience includes 5 prior terms in Senate and 4 previous appointments into Cabinet with experience in Immigration, Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister position.

Thank you for your time and remember to vote for me in Northern Territory



Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,160, 22:26

good luck Tim!

Viado Celtru
Viado Celtru Day 1,160, 22:29

Viva the Revolution

Arfman Day 1,161, 03:37

Good luck Tim. You're a good bloke.

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Day 1,161, 14:48

Bring it on!

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