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Thus Spake the Speaker on Sept. 1

Day 3,208, 21:10 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

Dear eUSA,

I sit down to write this on my first day on a brand new job. Yep, in my 7 years in this game I have never run for Speaker of the House.

There will be no promise of streams of media coming from me as Speaker this month. But when I get the whim, I'll jot a few thoughts and share them.

The first thing I had to do was post my request for special Speaker Moderator powers in the areas of the Forum that pertain to Congress. I also requested Mod access for the Deputies Speaker. I'll talk about them in a minute. The funny thing is, where does one post such things?

I'll show you: There is a thread called "Admin Task List". It is under "Forum Operations/Forum Discussion". Bookmark it, you might need it some day. Thanks Pfeiffer for showing me where that is. This reminds me that I've also never been a Chief of Staff. I bet CoS's have to post crap in that thread all the time. Let me know if you ever need a Chief of Staff... at least I know where the Admin Task List thread is.

Now I mentioned the Deputies. The Speaker names a couple of Deputies so that he can get elected easier. The Deputies this month are Cerb from the Socialist Freedom Party and Kody5 from the Federalist Party. I needed their Party's votes so... well, you see how it works. Anyhoo, they both now have Mod powers and carry my rod and sword. And yes, I like it.

While it isn't technically the job of the Speaker, it's always nice when the Speaker opens up the Budget discussion. Our Constitutional Code calls for the Budget Discussion to wait until the Speaker position is settled, so it is good form that the Speaker make it his first post after winning. I did that. Some day when you are Speaker of the House, remember to start the Budget Discussion immediately. You will impress everyone, and that's what you need to do to avoid getting impeached several times in four weeks. You just have to impress everyone.

That was really it today. I mean I also posted a sticky notice in Congress announcing that Cerb, Kody5 and I would be the Leadership Team, but you probably assumed that I would do that. Basic. I mean I literally just copy/pasted the last Speaker's sticky thread but changed the names. Nobody wants to see Aramec again any time soon anyway. Thank god I'm here now.

Well it was nice talking with you tonight. I'll try to remember to chime in here once in a while this month. Maybe you'd like to know what's going on in Congress. Who knows, maybe it will sound so damned interesting that you'll want to run for Congress yourself some day! Eat your Wheaties! You'll need to be ready.

This is the Speaker of the House, Gnilraps, signing off.


Gnilraps Day 3,208, 21:11

Thus Spake the Speaker

AlexJ1890 Day 3,208, 21:19

"Some day when you are Speaker of the House, remember to start the Budget Discussion immediately. You will impress everyone, and that's what you need to do to avoid getting impeached several times in four weeks. You just have to impress everyone."

Or you could not start it at all and hope everyone forgets about it like I did. I think Custer finally started it halfway through the term, and then iirc we proceeded to change nothing. On second thought, I think Rainy lost her ponies, so I blame Custer for starting it in the first place.

Congrats and here's to a good term. Cheers. o/

Orikfricai Day 3,208, 21:45

I tried the same thing. Everybody got pissy.

Tenshibo Day 3,208, 22:07

ur in the same boat as me fam. whether u do or dont do, niggas gonna hate. fuck the haters.

Orikfricai Day 3,208, 22:40

I mean...nothing even changed when the discussion happened. They passed the same budget they did the month before. The previous budget stays in effect until it's changed. What's the point?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 3,208, 22:29

if I recall... it was decided, in the Budget Discussion thread, not to not change the Budget, but to actually not Discuss it.
I have always been a strong proponent of Rainy's ponies.. those had been previously removed, and I tried to add them back in. oh-- thanks for reminding me.

AlexJ1890 Day 3,208, 22:36

Oh right. That's what the discussion about Rainy's ponies was about. My memory is terrible.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 3,208, 22:40

a Speakers Word, written and published by the Speaker.. with words..

you have restored my faith in...
no, I won't go quite that far..
but, cool, thanks.

Waysted Day 3,209, 06:00

Last month was best kongress ever.

Quit the SOH job and get back to drinking. 🙂

fingerguns Day 3,209, 06:01

Watching intently in case I ever get drafted to be speaker.

PilotPhil Day 3,209, 20:41

Well spaked. Spoked? Spokened? Spakend? Spanked? I am going with spanked.

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