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Think Different Israel !

Day 2,122, 02:02 Published in Israel Israel by Joe Franco

Although I live in relative esilence here in eIsrael, just observing the community, doing my daily DO in Sayeret Matkal and of course working and training, I cant help noticing the bizarre twist we as Israeli are in lately according to the community.

“Our community is slowly dying, active members are leaving or stopping the game “ are commonly heard remarks in articles and in conversations.
Year after year, President after President, Government after Government we have planned Recruit-teams, Spam-Teams, Mentor-Teams and what the is result in the end? Our community is still dying. Agreed sometimes we see a small rise, but only to see it decrease even faster after a few months. The reason is simple; only a few of a hundred new players stay and keep playing!

The sad conclusion is that there are actually two solutions to the problem of solving a dying community in eRepublik, which are not restricted to eIsrael only by the way.

The first option we have been doing for years, as described before. With a lot of manpower, sweat and tears try to bring in 100 new players, to see 90% die when they are still division 1 players and the remaining die in division 2 or maybe one or two in division 3. The 3 or 4 who will remain in the game are a real meager result of such hard work done.

The second option will take just as much effort but the results will be much more rewarding, in my vision.
Make eIsrael a very interesting place for other eCitizens to live in! Just not only by lowering taxes, because economy tourists becoming residents in this current economy just wont work.

No eIsraeli, make Israel an international place! Start by writing your articles in English or at least bi-lingual. Nothing so discouraging if you are looking for a new adventure in another country, to see that the community is not internationally based. Do invest in MPP’s, and as much as possible! MPP’s will attract new residents. Not having MPP’s will actually run people away. People are not paying 40 to 80 NIS to do a DO in another country. Although I’m not in favor of forum’s or outside website’s, make them English, be open to other people! Don’t be narrow-minded in eIsraeli IRC chats, be open to players from other countries, make it English based and Hebrew as second language.

Lower taxes, sign as much MPP’s as possible, write articles in English, keep IRC chats in English and you will see that in a matter of time, experienced mature players from other countries will emigrate to Israel. Make sure to have enough jobs open for them so that they will become involved in our country. Keep an eye open for possible PTO’s but do not get paranoid about it.

In other words, change the current closed mentality into an open English based society, and most probably you will notice an increase of experienced citizens from other countries. Instead of encouraging an outward-based increase of new players, point your arrows on “emigrate to Israel”



exohoritis Day 2,122, 02:11

Very nice article my old friend. Hope and wish everything is fine in your life!

TaoLaoTzu Day 2,122, 02:21


bonjik Day 2,122, 04:54

The main problem with your idea is that sadly many Israelis dont really speak English or dont bother to read things in English 🙁

Kaniballos Day 2,122, 04:56

you are jealous of eCyprus Joe? 😃
good luck!

Ntaikos Day 2,122, 05:14

Nice article.
Good logical points too.


John TG
John TG Day 2,122, 06:10

Voted Joe,
Very true!
But this phenomenon of quitting the game exists in all countries of the eworld too...
Ppl got bored with this "drain money" game.
You cannot upgrade your character without giving money..and the battles are just click click click...

ps:I'm happy that you re back 🙂

Joe Franco
Joe Franco Day 2,122, 06:33

True John, it happens in every country....but at least try to attract the remaining players to our country then!

ps: I was not gone, just in the background 🙂

John TG
John TG Day 2,122, 06:37

You were relaxing your ass to the Caribbean beaches:P

ShovalG Day 2,122, 08:27

this is an exellent idea but I think we should write our articles in Hebrew and in English because after all this is the lenguage of the most critizens in our country and we can't forget it.

זה רעיון מצויין אבל לדעתי אנחנו חייבים לכתוב את הכתבות שלנו גם בעברית וגם באנגלית כי אחרי הכל עברית היא השפה של רוב האזרחים שלנו ואנחנו צריכים שגם להם יהיה נוח לתפקד במדינה.

Meitnerium 109
Meitnerium 109 Day 2,122, 08:46

V and agreed.

We are doing some of those things, although we are defintly taking a lot of steps backwards in recent times...

eyk 1
eyk 1 Day 2,122, 08:59


Marmaroth Day 2,122, 09:20


Bigger Lebowski
Bigger Lebowski Day 2,122, 09:33


Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,122, 13:08

very true Joe

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,122, 13:11

this is part of the problem, Israel wanting to be sullen and to itself however another problem is everytime you get real life israelis to play soon they have to go to the military in real life, so basically this place will never prosper best thing to do is to admit that to yourself and go from there

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 2,122, 15:40

it's true - a giant part of the problems, and then with time the old players go deeper in the background of the game...

the community keeps shrinking... and almost no new blood comes to stay.

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 2,122, 13:49

this is so true ! if only more israeli see the light 🙂 and learn some fu*&%en ENGLISH !!!

this game is a great platform to meet & talk to ppl you never can meet in your own little life, that's true for all the players that stick around here... i think that you have a many great points in this article... when i got to be cp after you a year or so ago - i kept more then 10 MPP, i think it was double that but can't really remember now.... any way - that a blast of an article and we will see how we can implement some of it in the next days 🙂


it's good to see you write again, even if it's the cold hard truth

Orrior Day 2,123, 16:09

I kinda agree but you can't expect from 12 years old to know english as you do...

SteffanoS Day 2,122, 14:14


Sub zerro
Sub zerro Day 2,122, 20:01

love this guy

danis1982 Day 2,123, 23:56

Voted! And you open my mind about a new idea!

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,124, 00:34


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