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There's something called #eBrussels?

Day 1,921, 07:24 Published in Belgium Belgium by Cooke4444
Aaaah, #eBrussels. The place to be for intellectuals, constructive debates and high forms of humor.

Nope, it has nothing to do with Twitter (phew).

I'm talking about IRC, the chat community of eRep. You can find this at the top of the eBelgian forum.

Create an account and join the fun!

A place where a mysterious person rules #eBrussels, assisted by a pig...

A place where hugs are welcomed by me (except if you are a dude)...

A place where you can kick the persons who deserve it (*cough* Critically *cough* MCKitkat *cough*)...

A place where we're all equal (except for me and that mysterious person who are the gods)...

A place to organize battles, economic transactions and political debates...

Join #eBrussels on IRC and get a kick for free!


(and hail Hypnotoad)



Cotarius Day 1,921, 10:03


MCKitkat Day 1,921, 13:18

Hey hey hey, Really kicks, you even can't hit me dude ....
I really deserve more than kicks though. 😃

Kaad Day 1,922, 06:06

Thanks for sharing it to new players!

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