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There's No I in Team, But There is a U in Lunatic

Day 1,808, 11:17 Published in USA Japan by Kaptain Kidd

So let's roll. I stand here today as a WTP member, By the People, for the People. Results are out and our party endorsed Joseph Dinero, a fine choice. I won't lie and say I voted in any particular way, I had different ideas personally, but I respect the process and am fine with this. I've known JD a long time and respect him, he's good people and I can't argue with anyone over that fact.

Party primaries did tend to look as I had forehand guessed though and I'm good with that also (although a little saddened Alexander Auc dropped out). However we are getting somewhere, and I'm personally enjoying this option. Let the people speak more is a grand progress over last months Fluffer flop, this months had a great list of those already. Lapdogs like Artela can bitch all she wants also, hey take a long walk off a short dock, we are doing something, go back to the UK if you don't like it.

AFA of course chose there candidate with no input as always, they choose who will run their interests before those of American persons, no choice we just tell you under Ronald Gipper Hitler and CaptainGoering (ChickenGuys), Serbia comes first ofcourse under HanibelLA (no nickname needed with a name like Hanibel L.....). Let's face it AFA is just a recommitment to endless Baltic wars regardless if their intentions are good or bad, I won't even question the fact farther.

Let the rest of us stay sane, and do what's best, no grand showmanship right now, let's get it done. Have your say and be a proud noble person. Carry on and vote.

Your Goddess,


nui04 Day 1,808, 11:49

Voted for the cake.

Corrigan Brown
Corrigan Brown Day 1,808, 13:03

the cake is a lie

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,808, 14:45


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,808, 15:16

The cake is a lie. Russel Crow is a lie.

weasel2 Day 1,808, 18:13


Candor Day 1,808, 22:37

Great article, always enjoy your thoughts, voted!

Thedillpickl Day 1,808, 23:25

I remember a company meeting at a factory I once worked in. They took each dept. in the break room one at a time. They gave a wonderful moral boosting pep talk after they had done some evil shit to strip away some of our benefits. (Apologies to the managers tuning in.) Typical HR bull crap.

One of the gimmicks they used was the "No I in Team" BS. I hollered from the back, "There's no $ in Team either.". Everyone laughed.

Did I mention I don't work there anymore?

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,809, 08:25

"There's no $ in Team either."


RebelBlood Day 1,809, 19:12

There is an i in lunatic ..... not sure if that's a statement or confession, either way it's not surprising, however reading that russel crow and cake are lies!?!?! *crawls in to fetal position*

Nice article

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,810, 04:40

'One of the gimmicks they used was the "No I in Team" BS. I hollered from the back, "There's no $ in Team either.". Everyone laughed.

Did I mention I don't work there anymore?'

roflmfao...there were so many times I wanted to pull something like that...but a wife and 2 daughters keeps that nose to the\o/ pickl....

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,810, 05:58

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