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Them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye...

Day 1,765, 16:56 Published in USA Canada by Thedillpickl

This warrants a song.

Hi kids!

Assuming this bombshell is not some sick joke, Congress elections in eRep will be very different starting September 25th. Plato has been streamlining our game for well over a year now. This latest attempt to make gameplay simpler will no doubt be met with resistance. Before you panic, let's take a look.

Vote Party Line

Of course you have choice!
Vote or no vote, party does not care.
But if you no vote party will watch you for your protection.

Well here's the big political change.

"Starting with the 25th of September the 2012, the citizens will vote for a Party instead of voting a citizen from a specific party."

Sounds easy, right? I mean c'mon: log in; work & train; click fight a few times; vote for your favorite party. How simple! In and out in a few minutes. Admin did us a big favor.

Unless you consider that your vote don't matter for squat.

"The party president will choose the candidates on 24th of the month..."

OK, that didn't change, except...

"The party president will... Set up a national list with all the candidates in the exact order the party president wants them in the Congress."
[Note: My underscore of party president.]

But yeah, the party president places candidates. Just that now he can prioritize them. What's wrong with that?

"This is very important because the chance to join the Congress is higher for the ones in the top of the list."

Let's look:

Well that sucks! What if the guy I want to be elected is at the bottom of the list?

Yeah, what if.

Forrest Was Wrong

These people know what I mean.

eLife is not like a box of chocolates. We know exactly what we are gonna get. First the econ mod was 'simplified', then the media mod. Our shout box was turned into Twitter. One world currency made markets next to useless and traders went packing. The war mod has been revamped for better or worse to promote buying gold. With the new divisions of player experience even a n00b can be a gold whore.

Yes my dear citizen, we guarantee a fair and honest election.

The latest "feature" just wiped out any enjoyment of strategy in electing Senators. It is simply a matter of popularity in the party. No sense in parties helping each other anymore. Sixth party candidates will always be at the bottom of the list. So forget running if you're not in a top 5. And of course the ratio of party votes (read party membership) to total votes will determine how many seats each party gets elected.

I guess bigger IS better.


Our experts.

The election of top 5 party presidents will now be of utmost importance to prevent PTO's. Also, if the goal is to prevent PTO then the mission is simple, have more people that are on your side in five different parties. All the PTO has to do is have 1/5 of your numbers and he has a top 5 party.

The role of the FEC is pretty much unimportant now as party politics will trump any power that organization had. If you (or PTO) makes it to top 5 status you will have Congress members for sure. There will be no effective ATO as there is no way to out vote the PTO'er. If people from one of the other ATO parties move and vote for your party they take votes away from their party. The ratio stays the same.

Our only hope is to have more party members than any PTO. If there is a PTO party then it's over. There will be absolutely no way to prevent them from letting in illegals. They will continue to flood the country until they out number us 5:1, then they control the top 5 parties and the PTO is fully in effect. Game over.


Candor Day 1,765, 17:25

Balancing cits per T5 on the 23rd is a big part of the "new" game. Which sucks.

playa566 Day 1,765, 17:31

Yet another move to ruin the game and lose players which they will do in one whack this round.

playa566 Day 1,765, 17:37

Good job plato continue cutting the number of players in half throw in updates the players don't even want (none) its a sound business strategy.

Plugson Day 1,765, 18:16

140 character articles is the next step

Thedillpickl Day 1,765, 18:21

I still say they need to put the fight button & buy gold button on the home page. Do away with individual battles and campaigns. Just click 'Fight' and watch your Mil Rank increase.

sjohnfsdsxzzx Day 1,765, 18:29

plato doesnt really care if he loses players as long as gold buying players stay

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,765, 18:45

This whole strategy is to rid them of the players who don't buy gold....

BeRT2me Day 1,765, 21:20

wow. just. wow.

Rican Day 1,765, 23:20

the moment i saw the "expect changes in the political module" banner i just assumed they figured out a way to squeeze gold out of it. This is just the first step towards that goal.

PigInZen Day 1,766, 03:10

Well done, pickl. This is a solid article.

Waruda Day 1,766, 08:51

Rican is right, good article.

Though the use of terms such as "illegals" etc. seems to be a tangent argument.

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,766, 08:53

Well that sucks! What if the guy I want to be elected is at the bottom of the list?

Well you will need to pay current pp in order to see your candidate in top 5 on the list.

After the newest change in political module Pp-s will be if not more important then certainly more lucrative then Cp-s : ) And of course now political boting will be even easier cause you don't need to change your locations in order to vote for candidate. (continue)

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,766, 08:55

I quess Admins don't even think to deal with the multi-accounting issue in this game (this new political module only proves it), then it would be fair to change the name to multiRepublik.

Thedillpickl Day 1,766, 09:05

@Zlatiborac, I didn't wish to waste words in my article. I find direct and to the point works better. I merely wanted to point out the stupidity of the new system.

You are correct. PP's will be the most corrupt elites eRep has ever seen. It may start out well but as we all know, if there's a buck to be made someone will do it. And yes, admin has made it plain that multie accounts are tolerated. The worst penalty is temp ban. So busy entrepreneurs create multie farm and elect themselves to PP.

Thedillpickl Day 1,766, 09:06

BTW, I hope I'm wrong!

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,766, 10:40

btw, you're not : |

Iamnameless Day 1,766, 11:00

one person, one vote

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,766, 21:54

well, this paints a grim picture. what was my friend Dumb Emma said 'not the game i joined, not the game i love'. sigh.

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