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The Wolves ( CW )

Day 1,936, 08:12 Published in Canada Poland by Gh0strr

Hi everyone and today I will tell you my story about how I joined Clan Wolf.

The name was awesome, I liked what I read about them, they appeal as non-violent but when trespassed, CW is a whole different thing.

Currently, our numbers are at 90 ish, We have an awesome community where everyone is equal in word. Clan Wolf in general is just a party that is completely built on friendship of one another and the respect of others. We as a party keep developing and as we develop, we make mistakes. Everyone in the eWorld or even in Real makes mistakes. I know in some other parties that mistakes cannot be acceptable easily and have harsh consequences. Well in Clan Wolf, we don't punish you but we teach you on how to improve and avoid these mistakes later in your eLife.

Clan Wolf doesn't only teach and guide you to become better but we also allow you to be involved in many different aspects this game has to provide. In Politics, we make you involved through discussions and active debate between our members and other outside party members. You are entitled for your opinion with no criticism unless it offended another party member. as well, if we can see that you are becoming an outstanding player that you are, we give you many chances to be part of congress and the honor of representing CW in there. Economy, well........... Currently, the economic module is really bad and ineffective for eCountries, but we will do our best to provide you with advice and actual economic skills that will help you to self sustain and be able to survive with this ruined economic module. Now onto Military, .... In general, we will help you decide on what Military Unit (MU) to join that fits your needs because CW doesn't belong to a certain MU.

So, hmmm what's next..... oh yea ! Activity.

Well we are one of the biggest active parties in eCanada. CW although its a political party, we are also a really joyful community. On our News Feed, you would find funny posts and jokes all over the place but as well, we have serious discussions that party members join in and debate about. We currently also have our own forum. Clan Wolf Forums..

So to end this article. Consider CW and become part of this vast and cool community.

cute :3



Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,936, 08:17

Dig you Ghost, but this article makes CW sound more like a play group than a political party. Where's the beef?

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,936, 14:06

Onions make my eyes water.

Your forum made my eyeballs roll out of my head.

Oinyo Day 1,938, 07:25

Funky.. You cannot see anything in the forum except 2 boards.

If seeing a limited yet clean and non cluttered/complex forum makes your eyes roll out of your head you should go see a doctor lol

Also dont judge a book by its locked cover 😛

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