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Day 1,964, 08:45 Published in USA USA by Obama.Putin

My dear eFriends in eWorld.

Did you forgot about me?

NO! Really?

I used to love USA. Gues what. I still do.

First I want to congratulate to El Prezidente Vanek26. I hope you will do something this month. You did absolutely nothing last term.
Second thing. Ronald Gipper Reagan more luck next time. I hope you will be eUSA leader at least once.

After 25 days I still have my own MU. It is still called NEUTRAL FIGHTERS

Feel free to join. Each day I can give you free DO.

Damn I forgot what was I planning to tell you.

You saw the preatty girls

and stupid girls

Never mind. Let this article be just for trolling.

Signing out



HladenSpricar Day 1,964, 08:52

Niks feršten bre... : P

Vote anyway... : D

Obama.Putin Day 1,964, 08:53

I don`t get it either. I think the problem is in red wine

Jakubus Gallus Carniolus
Jakubus Gallus Carniolus Day 1,964, 09:16


Syz2 Day 1,964, 09:56

Vanek did nothing and RGR for CP? April Fools day way 5 days ago, you are a little late

Obama.Putin Day 1,964, 10:47

only drunk

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,964, 12:13


mufekk Day 1,965, 06:09

you should learn english better...! try...! no vote...! -lol

tiln Day 1,965, 11:11

maš vote

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