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Dear Readers,

Recently sisk wrote an article which can you read here:
He launched a contest where people can write an article whit their vieuws on the game...

Today i would like you to present my contribution:


- Add delete account section
- Create a national chat ingame, which people can join/leave voluntarly to make the "need" off irc less significant
- Create a partychat similiar to MU chat
- People have the option when changing a country to ask for css or become an illegal immigrant, illegal immigrants have access to all the benefits off there new country except for voting/politics. They are also excluded from country bound military tournements since they have no country.... Illegal immigrants can return to there original country to pick up having full access to all game functions anytime or ask css while beeing illegal immegrant in there new immgrated country.
Illegal immigrants applying for css get accepted/denied by an immegration commity whit a representive (set by pp like a spokesmen for exemple) off each top 10 party... .
If rejected the immegrant automaticcally gets there old css back off the country they tried to immigrate out.


- Make rocket damage based on what lvl the specific player is,the higher your lvl the more damage you do... Reason why i am not telling to change it to strenght is to create another stimulation to lvl up and not stick as long as possible in division 1
- Create 2 kinds off MU's based on lvl: everyone under lvl 25 will only be able to join 1 preset state MU, this state mu needs to be chosen and organised by every country and is ideal to fundle all support programs to.
The MOD will automatically become MU commander every month, in the meanwhile he keeps his position in another MU, so that when he losses his MOD status he remains having his regular MU position. However during his time as MOD the "BABY STATE MU" will be his primary MU.
In new tournements like the world cup people under lvl 25 are not eligble to join the main competion but get a seperate competion every time to avoid having to much multies in the main competion.
If a player off the state MU reaches lvl 25, he gets booted automatically from the BABY STATE MU, receives a notification which redirectes him to the regular MU's.
- Add an MU storage, where people can donate food/weapons and the commander can redistribute as he see fits...


- Remove monetary market limit to create more economical possibilities
- Create a newspaper license system where a license costs you 5 gold a piece
- The game will fund an article writer 1gold for every 200 subs instead off 5gold for every 1000 now, you keep earning media moguls at every 200 as replacement but only whit a 1g award each time.
- Add a banking system where people can create there own private bank and loan money out, the maximum available money for someone to loan is based on the selling worth off the loaner his companies + cc + gold he has atm off starting a loan equal to the maximum off what he can pay back.
The person who loans money can not go negative regarding the bank he loaned off, he and the banker use an ingame system to agree on a specific amount off money payed every day + the intrest rating (which would be free to chose). The money the loaner agreed on to pay off will be deducted off the loaners account every day, incase he hits 0 cc the game will automatically start converting gold to cc, and or automatically start selling companies to repay the bank.
- Every month there is a contest generated by the game in every country to decide the newspaper off the month, the winner gets a medal and 5 gold. This to stimulate writing.
- Create a bazooka market, where people can sell their bazooka parts they dont need, and the game needs to randomly drop parts more so not everyone lacks the same specific parts.
- Add a medal for every year someone has been playing, every year gives 1 gold towards the specific user


- Make the cost off signing mpp's based on the average tax income off the last 30 days, so big countries who have the budget pay more for mpp's and smaller who lack money can get more mpp's... this to create more changes for smaller nations...
- Create a party president medal whit a gold reward.
the gold reward would be like this:
25+% off population: 5 gold
20-25%: 4 gold
15-20%: 3 gold
10-15: 2 gold
-10%: 1 gold
only the top 5 parties in every country would be able to compete for this award, this will create more campaigning and more media buzz to become pp...
- Add a congress feed to the game where also the official ministry and cp have access to
- add the possability for PP's to send a party mail to its members (even if the party has more then 30 members)
- Create an official newspaper for every party, accesibale on the party page by the pp and the spokesmen.
- Add a referendum button in the state screen where the cp or congress (after having a 50% agreement to have a referundum) about alliance mathers, taxes, etc... there would be a blank section where the question and answers off the referundum could be filled in (like a poll) the referundum wouldn't be enforcable after the referendum ended, but it gives an indication what the general population wants to do whit a specific matter...
- At every congress election parties need to try to create an official majority, if they succeed to create a majortiy, every congressmember off the majority will have access to 1 more proposition.
Only pp's can form a coaliation and they have 3 days time to do it, if no coalition is formed every congressmember remains having the standard amount off propositions = 2
- Be a member off a party for 2 weeks if you want to run for PP, enough for dedicated newcomers to be able to run for pp, but discourages ato😛to multi behaviour a bit more since it requires more strategic planning.

Thank you for reading!

Yours sincerly
Kanselier CEO off FreedomPress.
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