The war concept in V1 – Spanish/Portuguese/Mexican wars

Day 281, 07:28 Published in USA by Plato

Even if the war system brought more action to the Erepublik diplomacy life we realized that it still needed more improvements concerning concept and Citizen's experience. Here are just a few of the changes in V1 in the war system:
Starting a war won't mean automatically starting the fights. Conquering/securing a region won't automatically open new battles, too. The Presidents will decide when and where to attack.
The cost of starting a war will be smaller, but attacking a region will cost gold too.
Allies might also help the country that started the war if the war moved to their territory.

No need to wait for an opponent to have a fight any longer.
No random value in the fights damage.
Soldiers will have to do something to fight (top secret) that will influence their damage value too, so skill will play a part.
Presidents will be able to introduce embargo's against an enemy country.

So the a war will have 3 possible stages: 1. Citizens fighting in an official war; 2. Cease fire in an official war. 3. Economical war (embargo).

Spanish/Portuguese/Mexican wars

A short description of what happene😛
24 august 14:20 - The President of Mexico starts a war against Spain. Automatically all Spanish allies declared war to Mexico. Because Portugal and Venezuela have direct borders with Mexico, 2 new separate wars started.
24 august 14:31 – The President of Mexico proposes a Peace Treaty to Venezuela. The proposal is accepted.
24 august 14:32 – The President of Mexico proposes a Peace Treaty to Portugal. The proposal is refused.
25 august 14:20 – The battles for Canary Islands (Spain) and Azores (Portugal) are won by Spain and Portugal. The war now moves on Mexican soil. The battle for Campeche (The Southeast region of Mexico) starts.
26 august 14:20 – Mexico looses both battles. About 50 soldiers from Portugal and 1 from Spain are still standing. Portugal is the first one that captures the Mexican flag (clicks the Conquer button). Doing this practically blocks the Spanish advance in Mexico (no region can become a battle zone unless is bordered by an enemy region).
26 august 14:39 – Portugal proposes a Peace Treaty to Mexico. The proposal is accepted.
Now: the war between Spain and Mexico is still valid but no region can become a battle zone until Spain and Mexico will have common borders again. In v1 it is unlikely to run into situations like this as the Presidents will be able to choose what regions to attack.

Seems like the Mexican strategy was to fight the Spanish forces while another force should help the Portuguese army to take the Campeche region. The strategy turned out to be successful until now.

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