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The Victory! [UPDATED]

Day 1,184, 05:23 Published in Ireland Ireland by The Irish William Wallace

Hello eIrish lads, I am your new Party President, MikeBane! I am greatly thankful for all your votes and want to thank Bassy for running against me. No democracy is a true democracy without more than one name on the ballet!

As a token of my gratitude and the newly formed Independent Labour Party, I am personally going to supply every party member with at least one item of food every day or two! This is not only a gift, but more of a "practice what you preach" type of deal. I believe that the government should provide its citizens with the necessities to survive, because when you're citizens are fed and healthy...they thrive! Thus that is what I want to see from the members of the Independent Labour Party, prosperity!

I have now formed the Independent Labour Party (ILP) and I encourage you invite your fellow comrades to join! This party is for all left-wing peoples, ranging from Independents who lean towards the left more often than right to Anarcho-Syndicalists (far-far-left) and even if you are anarchist, feel free to join!

The goals I want to see during this month for the ILP during my presidency are...
1. Rising up to 20 members!
2. Establish an active forum!
3. Process and try out new ideas!
4. Have fun building this new party! 🙂

The ILP's goal for the next congress elections is to get at least 4 members into congress! These congress candidates will hopefully be discussed on the new forum.

The ILP's official stance for this coming Country Presidential elections are to support the candidate of the Sons of Eireann. Why? Because we must accept that we are a small party in eIreland currently and the SoE runs fairly well candidates who typically have experience or the general gist of being a Country President. I am an ex-SoE member and I really enjoyed the way they ran their business, especially in creating this new eIreland. It is now to support MikeBane!
The ILP, as mentioned before, accepts independent folk as well (particulary the ones who lean left more often then right). I, myself, seem to be independant because although I am a far-left eSocialist, I can see reason in using other ideas other than leftist ones. Does this make me a traitor to the eSocialist cause? No, because we all have different stances on different topics. We must also abide by logic and reason; eIreland will not be swept away by eSocialism-eCommunism and I know that, but we can unite and maintain a left-leaning eIrish state.

My comrades, our day has come! Finally we have created the Independent Labour Party and now the rise of the eIrish left shall hopefully shine in the history of eIreland! Mark this day, the birth of the ILP, as the day when all leftists can unite under one banner! From this moment on red will be our secondary colour and green our new primary in honor to the nation of eIreland! The eBrits thought they could wipe us out for good, so we banded together against tyranny and fought them off! The glorious and brave men and women of eIreland fought for this freedom! The Sons of Eireann and Fenian Brotherhood rebuilt the nation in harmonizing fashion! Now, who is to take the torch? Who is to develop eIreland even GREATER than now! I say we are, my comrades, I say we are torch bearers! The light of eIreland rests in our palms and we need to prepare ourselves for this moment when we will be able to support our fellow comrades, be able to drink together in the pubs, and live in a prospering nation!
("as the day when all leftists can unite under one banner", I realize Sons of Eireann has successfully done this, BUT the last part of this article is for attempted inspirational purposes and not meant to attack any other eIrish leftist party. Thanks for understanding!)
(Also, the new green star is not to resemble the RL Irish party known as "Eirigi", however the party is similar in the sense that the current Party Presdient is a Democratic Socialist.)

Thank you very much for this honor; I will not let you guys down,

This last part is unrelated to eRepublik...
Capitalism has never been kind to us. The machines of industry have unleashed both great productive capacity and great social change, abolishing all classes but holders of the means of production and those who work those means. While the inevitable conflict of social classes has been at turns sidetracked by nationalism, concessions, and the endless attempt to turn working people against their own interests, we know well enough: there is one primary struggle in our time- the struggle of the disenfranchised, the exploited, and the disempowered against the privileged and the powerful; the struggle of labor, and the disenfranchised of every hierarchy built into the class system, against capital and whole of the establishment that enshrines it. Never since the dawn of the industrial revolution has this been more clear- in the age of globalized corporate capitalism, the velvet glove of progressive reform has been stripped away to reveal the iron fist that is the profoundly undemocratic system of capital property. Since the age of neoliberalism and ‘trickle down’ economics, the cut-throat dictatorial corporate rule that has been exported to the third world for decades has come back to cast its sick sights on the workers of the West, and each new crisis brings newer cuts, more austerity measures, and a further stripping of those programs and reforms that created the middle class- all the while accumulating previously unheard-of wealth in the hands of the megarich while the wages of the American laborer stagnate, the small business holders are driven into the ranks of the workers.
Let’s not kid ourselves and think that ethical consumption or other indulgences is going to change the situation; fair trade and organic create a niche market selling to the sort of people who buy fair trade and organic (and, all too often, figure that this means they’ve ‘done their part’ in changing the world), but does not meaningfully challenge the paradigm of corporate capitalism. Something more is needed; something not on the consumer end, but on the producer end. What is needed is the labor movement.
Unions have acquired a bad reputation, mostly unjustified, but there are legitimate reasons. Union bureaucracy and hierarchy can be a disempowering and work at odds with the interest of the union rank and file. Many unions are all too willing to sign no-strike clauses and compete with other unions. American unions worked during the second Red Scare to purge the anti-capitalists from their ranks and remake themselves as a reformist, pro-business force and have since spent a huge amount of their funds campaigning for the lesser of two evils and the anti-labor Democratic Party while ignoring the need to organize unrepresented workers and carry out the real work of the union.
Yet labor is needed, whatever the problems of modern business unions; and so, a better model must be found, and organized. A model for real effective labor must be based in grassroots union democracy (decentralized power, federated organization, and recallable, accountable delegates), industrial solidarity (meaning that the industry is not split among multiple unions, but acts as one union), and an unapologetic pro-labor agenda (no no-strike clauses, no abandoning change for moderate reformism- the goal of the union has to be workplace democracy, not just collective bargaining).
It is most important to note that in an age of global capital, no one community can become revolutionary. Globalization creates a race to the bottom- any attempt by a nation to institute progressive policies, or, even ‘worse’ (in the eyes of capital), real democracy will be met with the movement of business and capital from that nation to another, more desperate or more oppressed. As long as capitalists have people desperate enough or afraid enough not to demand change, they can always just move to the lowest bidder and make sure the labor market in the commodity of human lives works for them. Not to mention the IMF, the World Bank, and of rest of international monetary and exchange institutions set up by and for the wealthiest people in the world. Just look at what happened in South Africa or Poland after their revolutions; their entire economic reform program torn to pieces by these institutions, serving not the interest or the will of the people, but the interest and will of the capitalist class. Just look at America- you think closing the border will bring jobs? It’s not immigration that’s taking your job; it’s globalization done capitalist style.
Thank you for reading and cheers to you, my dearest comrades!



John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,184, 05:29

Congrats and good luck!

Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cousteau Day 1,184, 05:55

Good luck, mate. 🙂

Fundatia Mereu Aproape
Fundatia Mereu Aproape Day 1,184, 07:03

Congrats and good luck!

Seamus Donoch
Seamus Donoch Day 1,184, 07:28

Great stuff, I think the ILP will do well under your leadership.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,184, 09:42

Great last few paragraphs.

If I still had the political drive I did back when Labour started I'd be helping you at every turn.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,184, 11:05

Good for you.
I pm'd ya.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,184, 11:29

Congrats Mike, i hope you will reach your goals. When i can help you, let us know.... 😉

Conor Larkin
Conor Larkin Day 1,184, 11:41

If the 20th century has taught us anything, it's that centralized/government controlled economics doesn't work, and a capitalist-dominated economy is the only way to run an economy. Globalization has made a truly global economy, and national government agencies don't have any chance to try and understand let alone control it, only the invisible hand can do that.

Secondly, there are far more examples where privatization has helped countries. India in the 90s, China in the 80s, and it is capitalism that will lift hundreds of millions out of poverty in India and China in the coming years. Capitalism may widen the disparity of wealth between people, but overall it brings everyone up to a higher standard of living.

Back to erep, 😃

Glad to you won, Mike, and I wish your party the best, eIreland needs people with your kind of energy

James Ferrin
James Ferrin Day 1,184, 11:56

Good job Mike o7 Knew you could do it :3

I wish you the best lad, you'll need it.

Andy Wuhuuuu
Andy Wuhuuuu Day 1,184, 13:11

good luck, comrade

johnmcf Day 1,184, 13:22

Well, whatever about communism and eCommunism, I'm right wing in both, but good luck anyway. 🙂

Linus Ben
Linus Ben Day 1,184, 13:33

good luck mike

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,184, 20:48

Thank you to all and I hope this party prospers and does its fair share in contributing to eIreland! Cheers!

Lliam Costello
Lliam Costello Day 1,184, 21:24

Congrats, if your last couple of articles are a good indicator, you will lead your party to greatness!! That fire I feel has died down here lately and you might be just what is needed for a boost, As for not supporting SoE's CP candidate, that may be the one stutter in your step lad.
Good luck and I look forward to reading and seeing more

Oh and OJ for CP!!

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,185, 00:28

Good update, comrade 🙂

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,185, 10:16

@Lliam Costello: Thank you for the support! I hope to keep the balling rolling and gain momentum for this upcoming election! But my no longer support for the SoE is because I, myself, have decided to run for CP and (nothing personal against OJ) but I was hoping they'd run someone else. Also, after talking it over, I realized that this party must stand independent and make its own path even if it is a long shot.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,185, 11:38

"...this party must stand independent and make its own path even if it is a long shot." x2

Waruda Day 1,185, 12:06

At least you know what Far-Left Extremism is.
Not that I agree with it, but you seem to understand what it is and not just slapping it on your Party Description for laughs

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,185, 13:04

@Dan: Thanks for the compliment. Our politics may not agree with each other, but I respect you and what you've done for eIreland since the wipe.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,186, 01:04

I'm happy in my badge 🙂

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