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The Union of Patriots

Day 1,458, 12:03 Published in South Africa Norway by Enriche2Ribeiro

The Union of Patriots

Welcome to a new chapter not only in the NU but also in party politics. The idea behind this party is to remain an opposite to the other political parties, but to increase the role in which a party plays in government, and overall in the nation. Nationalism has never really been a popular notion but rather something frowned upon, all though in studying the idea one might find that it is more appropriate then one would like to believe.

Idea of the new party like its name suggests, is that we are a very pro eSA (a value close to myself and Wil). This will be a party for avid eSouth Africans to gather and push the boundaries of this nation. That in order for people to go forward the nation needs to be developed. eSA has many avenues that can be made better from the start and others that will take a little bit longer. Although people are very important it is the collective vision and party that comes first, this party needs to out live me and you.

Let me mention the points of change. I would like to discuss some of the points very briefly.

1. Party politics
2. Nation economics
3. New player involvement
4. Cabinet
5. Congress
6. Country presidents
7. Media module
8. Foreign affairs
9. Nation developments
10. Fresh ideas

In this game I have noticed that all parties do is be around for elections, as members in this community we live from election to election. The current president said in the beginning of his term that this nation needs to develop its political sphere. When someone says this we look at challenging opposite parties. Name calling back and forth, it builds interest for a period, then it fizzles. What I plan for UP is to benchmark the idea of what a party is and does.

I believe as a party, we should be active. In UP one of the things we are going to address is the idea of training people up. The way to truly learn something is to do it yourself, and then the next best way is to learn from others. I want to weld those ideas into one and form in UP what is known as a shadow department.

Take for instance Cabinet, we at UP on CP election choose our own cabinet and offer this cabinet to president as a shadow cabinet, the role that this will fill is twofold, we will start training players that usually would not be afforded the opportunity to be in cabinet as cabinet is reserved for the few. Also they will act as an intern in that ministry, which is always needed. Obviously the MoS shadow will be screened because national security is of importance, if we do this we can train more people to do the job and go away from the idea that only a few can be MoS. We will also receive new fresh ideas from these new bloods.

All our congress members that run will also have a shadow. We can then train people for the day that they will be in congress. We will then not have new players come into congress doing stupid things, like giving out citizenships, not knowing how to do a donation proposal, etc. They will know how things work and start being productive from the word go. Through this we will create a confident congress. I will also encourage players to challenge the thought process of others and get people to put some thought behind their actions.

Within the party there will be some jobs other than PP.

1. We will have our own speaker from congress – to bring congress to the party members.

2. We will have our own marketing agent.

3. We will have a welcoming committee – PP plus two others.

4. We will have an operations manager

5. A foreigner asstitant

6. Admin personel

7. We will also have a party governing body.

Overall I would like the party to be involved in every avenue of this game.

The ideology itself is tricky but I’m more concerned in the party functions than what we stand for. All the parties have the meaning but none of them have the action.

So we will pioneer forward, in this regard. Lots of work but in the end I believe it will become fun for all as they get involved in something that has a meaning.

The Party name has changed to the “Union of Patriots” or also known as “UP”. A proudly eSouth African party going UP and ahead.

So to other political parties, if this doesn’t worry you good your members will be welcome and used in my party. If it does worry you, cool.

Join UP, Vote UP, Be a part of UP and help lift this nation of ours UP.

Enriche Ribeiro
First UP Party President.
UP full of naartjies



Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,458, 12:03

It is HERE!!

Vroteier9 Day 1,458, 12:10

Voted, GL UP.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey Day 1,458, 12:25

Voted. UP UP and away.

Alex Calance
Alex Calance Day 1,458, 12:35

good luck

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,458, 13:39

Union of Patriots. This is quickly flowing towards 'UP yours' ^^

Which reminds me, good slogan, "I've upped my standards. Now up yours."

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,458, 14:17

🙂 VoteD

Dominik Rohkea
Dominik Rohkea Day 1,458, 16:57

This kind of sounds like the ideas we had for NU except we just didn't do anything with it. I think you all will do well.

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,458, 18:22

@ Luc praetor I love it "UP yours"

@ Dominik It is going to be hard but we will push.

Wilpanzer Day 1,458, 19:55

The logo constantly reminds me of the firefox logo, the color is amazing!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,458, 21:34

Awesome! Good luck and UP yours!

hdj80 Day 1,459, 05:29


Dule87 Day 1,460, 08:36

Support and vote!

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