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The Ultramarines are born

Day 1,192, 19:39 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.

Today the Ultramarines are born.

Just as the day Seal Team Six was born will forever hold a place in eUSA history, today, Day 1192, will forever be remembered as the day the Ultramarines punched their way out of the womb. We strive to serve our country in the best way we know how.

By killing everyone that stands in her way.

The goals are simple:

Have fun
Kill bad guys
Have some more fun

We will work with the President and his Secretary of Defense, as well as the PanAm Alliance to direct our damage to the places that need it most. The goal is to put exactly enough damage where it needs to go, so that the eUSA and her allies can defend their territory, and prevent unwanted aggression from their adversaries. The offensive campaign every so often wouldn’t be unwelcome...

The Ultramarines will be run a little differently than most other military units. We’re not going to have a single Commanding Officer. We will have a Command Team comprised of the founders of this militia. This group might expand in the future, as needed. The Ultramarines will be led by:

Henry Arundel/Pfeiffer

The three of us are equal in rank and position, and will have separate, yet overlapping roles. Send any of us, or all of us, a message if you have questions about The Ultramarines.

We will not have your normal command structure. We’re not going to shout OPSEC if you ask us a question. We won’t tell you what to think, what you can and cannot say, and we won’t limit how you experience eRepublik as a game. There will not be a lot of rules. We’re here to have fun, not to play soldier.

We do not believe in wasting damage. Therefore, we will not do 100% disbursal of food every day. The amount we will give will be fluid, based on need, but every member is entitled to 50% of what they make every day, no matter what. That way, if the USA and PanAm have a quiet day, we won’t throw away food and damage on pointless battles, but every Ultramarine can still fight.

You will fight every day you choose to as a Ultramarine, guaranteed.

Read a quick outline of what we’re planning, and if you think you have what it takes, sign up here. We are not using a defined strength cutoff but, activity is required. We want an active and mobile fighting force so IRC and forum activity are mandatory. We will be using a portion of the eUSA forums. We are one community, and plan on staying that way.


Pfeiffer. Day 1,192, 19:39

Rangers lead the way!

DeyoZero Day 1,192, 19:40

Ranger lesson two: Don't be a dick while laying down huge massive fatal damage on demand.

There is no Ranger lesson one. If you needed that kind of coddling, you wouldn't be here.

lietk12 Day 1,192, 19:42

Rangers! o/

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,192, 19:49

Rangers! \o

Kyler Lee Octan
Kyler Lee Octan Day 1,192, 19:49

Just to let you know, there is an official Rangers Battalion belonging to the eU.S. Army already, which is fully active and has been so for well over a year.

CrayolaButthole Day 1,192, 19:51


Nosyt Day 1,192, 19:51

heh, I was a former Ranger Lt. in eCan 😉😉

Avruch Day 1,192, 19:52

Born, reborn, I guess no reason to quibble. Rangers lead the way!

Jelly9473 Day 1,192, 19:56

Applied, I'm interested

Michael Porter
Michael Porter Day 1,192, 20:00

My donations are for this

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 1,192, 20:01

I like this. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

Kyler Lee Octan
Kyler Lee Octan Day 1,192, 20:04

@Avruch The Rangers never died. >.>

Army has had Rangers for ages. When the Army split, the Army Group East (later Cavalry) and the Army Group West (now just Army) both got Ranger Battalions.

Cavalry Rangers eventually deactivated, but our Rangers didn't, and now that we're joining together again we both share Rangers.

See the recent eU.S. wiki article on the Army, which shows our structure:

One of many Rangers articles at our newspaper, the Army Times, this one from over a year ago:

Since the Rangers are a long-standing part of the Army and will continue to be so, you might want to pick a unique name for your new militia.

lietk12 Day 1,192, 20:05

"now that we're joining together again we both share Rangers."
It's not sharing if the Cavalry isn't contributing anyone/anything to the Army Rangers, is it?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,192, 20:05

Army Rangers founder Knojerakk must be flippin' in his grave.
I credit you with surprising me, that you have found yet another depth of disrespect.
what's next, maybe another bit of tricky legislation to get government funding? or will you arrange that in some sekrit back room deal?

Pfeiffer. Day 1,192, 20:07

Porter, if you come back, you're always welcome. I was planning on personally recruiting you, but you went and quit first.

Love you bro, never log in again...but if you do, we're here.

Jon Vontalmo
Jon Vontalmo Day 1,192, 20:09

Knojerakk probably doesn't give a shit Custer, it's a fucking online game and I'm sure he quit for a reason. Stop acting like anything we do here actually matters.

Avruch Day 1,192, 20:11

We're not the Army Rangers. You guys are cool and you are what you are. We're a militia and an independent unit, and I don't think anyone will confuse the two groups. As a member and officer in both AGE and Cav Rangers, I'm perfectly happy to see you guys continue that tradition.

Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,192, 20:15




Kyler Lee Octan
Kyler Lee Octan Day 1,192, 20:18

I know you're not the "Army" Rangers, but Rangers has been in the Army/AGW/AGE/Cav for a very long time, and starting up an independent group also called Rangers while our Rangers continue to exist can only cause confusion.

Just like I would be against creating the Mobile Infantry Seal Team Six, I respectfully ask that you would pick another name for your militia. Surely there are tons of awesome elite unit names not in use? Green Berets, perhaps? They even have an awesome song.

Wpack10 Day 1,192, 20:19

Needz moar OC

PigInZen Day 1,192, 20:26

DAMN OK gotta seriously consider this.

Hekter Day 1,192, 20:26

Comments need more impotent Army raeg.

Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,192, 20:39

Kyler you can change your units name to green berets?

Marcus Pete
Marcus Pete Day 1,192, 20:47

I think this will turn out to be a militia full of elitist schweinhunds and their toady Kobold's

Guerilla of LagaLuga
Guerilla of LagaLuga Day 1,192, 20:50

Good luck Pfeiffer!

Maruishima Day 1,192, 20:53

@Marcus: We only accept elitist schweinhunds, so you're right about that.

Marcus Pete
Marcus Pete Day 1,192, 20:55

@Maruishima:Why are you rockin an AB logo if your the co of a Militia?

Pfeiffer. Day 1,192, 21:20

name change, based on butthurt

Animis Day 1,192, 21:26

Militias RULE! Good LUCK

Maruishima Day 1,192, 21:33

@Marcus: Been too busy to change it. It'll happen, though, and it'll be epic.

Soren Nelson
Soren Nelson Day 1,192, 21:51

Go militias. Good luck guys!

Marcus Pete
Marcus Pete Day 1,192, 22:11

Wow so you go from stealing another branches name to ripping off Warhammer... bunch of class acts you are, having to steal two names in less than 24 hours.

Marcus Pete
Marcus Pete Day 1,192, 22:16

So first you steal the name of an existing unit, now you steal from Warhammer 40k... Real classy there. Speaks loads to your charatures.

Ownzorz Day 1,193, 23:06


Tristan Myza
Tristan Myza Day 1,193, 00:04

@Marcus Pete


Inwegen Day 1,193, 00:19

like I said via sms... FU for tempting me to coming back... I will think on this.

Dio Soryu
Dio Soryu Day 1,193, 03:21

Marcus is right.

That's almost as trivializing as stealing the name of a combat unit that puts its lives on the line in reality to make yourself feel cool in a browser game.

Samuel Seabury
Samuel Seabury Day 1,193, 03:26

I think "elitist schweinhunds" is a nice and appropriate name for any militia that Arundel sponsors. Make it so.

Alpha Zette
Alpha Zette Day 1,193, 03:42


Sozo Day 1,193, 04:33

Marcus is retarded, and by extension, Nicholas Ryan. Roleplay is practically all this game is, what's wrong with acting like Ultramarines? They're p awesome.

Ace451 Day 1,193, 06:07

Sure is Warhammer 40K in here!

Anyonymous Day 1,193, 06:09

Snazzy avatars 😉

casandraa Day 1,193, 06:20


Vincent Sarius
Vincent Sarius Day 1,193, 06:25

My ready..fucking..W40k..

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,193, 06:59

Great to see another Militia come to life. Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.
Vote Bruce Sommer, under the banner of the UIP, in Wyoming!

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,193, 07:09


One day people will learn that militias are the way to go. Too bad you had the change the name over butthurtedness.

Good luck.

Butjam Day 1,193, 07:33

Ultramarines! \o/

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,193, 07:55

was it so freaking hard to find an ORIGINAL name? first you go off and try to steal the rangers name, now you try and rip off the marines... FTW be originial!

Pfeiffer. Day 1,193, 07:58

ftr, infinity, Draygo said he was fine with the name. we asked everyone in the Marine channel, nobody cared.

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