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The Truth Behind the iNCi Community And Some Facts

Day 1,206, 09:10 Published in USA USA by Jonathan Bozbaykus

What is iNCi?

As most people think, the iNCi community is NOT a group of underaged and perverted kids trying to fuck up online communities. iNCi has affected/manipulated a LOT OF communities before, even Facebook and Twitter. And after learning that Turkey has been invaded by Greece and some other countries in eRepublik, a part of the iNCi community decided to manipulate eRepublik.

iNCi is NOT a community started in eRepublik. The main iNCi community started on December 2009, by the name of incisözlük. It is a website where people can speak of whatever they want. iNCi is totally based on having fun. The members can share pictures, videos, manipulation ideas etc. Of course, pornography is NOT allowed. Here are the 6 communities the iNCi community has manipulated;

Twitter - iNCi exploited and abused a bug on the Twitter system which allowed users to force other people to follow them. This was done to show Twitter the bug so they could fix it.

Eksisozluk (a variety of incisozluk, which I will explain further) - By opening a lot of inci orientated titles.

Okan Bayulgen (A Turkish Comedian) - By calling Okan Bayulgen's comedy standup show and talking about inci.

Facebook - By translating English words into non-corresponding Turkish words.

Bilgin Gokberk (A radio show host who thinks he is funny) - By calling his show every week numerous times and annoying him that way.

Bozbaykuşlar - This is where all the owls you see come from. Bozbaykuşlar is a iNCi based fan group of the soccer team İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi(İBB for short). İBB had no fans because of all the major teams based in İstanbul. Baykuş means OWL in Turkish.

Here is the homepage of iNCi. iNCi is a VERY BIG community that, most of the members don't even know about the eRepublik manipulation.

What is iNCi's main goal?

As most of you probably know by now, eTurkey has been invaded by the Greek forces. As iNCi, our main goal is to take eTurkey back and advancing it into the superpower position.

iNCi will NOT betray any of its allies. You can stand beside us, be neutral or be against us. The choice is yours.

Please vote and subscribe so everyone can learn more about the iNCi community.

türkçe özet: incinin kökeni anlatıldı. incinin sadece erepublik'te dengeleri sikmek isteyen bir grup olmadığı anlatıldı. 6 yıldız anlatıldı. sözlük sitesi anlatıldı. eUS - inci ilişkileri güçlendirmeye çalışıldı.
bizimle olanı severiz karşımızda ya da nötr olmak size kalmış. seçim sizin piçler mesajı verildi

edit: pardon panpalar twitter ve facebook sikertmelerini karıştırmışım.


festoz Day 1,206, 09:11


PickkicK Day 1,206, 09:12


cCcincisikercCc34 Day 1,206, 09:12

bilav yidim.

enayi Day 1,206, 09:13

twitter da "accept" yaptık la

cccrevolverccc Day 1,206, 09:15

good job

SellaTurcica Day 1,206, 09:17

Eline sağlık panpa, makalenin zamanlaması mükemmel oldu...

MangaLYurek Day 1,206, 09:18

blow job

Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito
Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito Day 1,206, 09:19


Timur Han
Timur Han Day 1,206, 09:20


Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,206, 09:21

''As iNCi, our main goal is to take eTurkey back and advancing it into the superpower position.

Then why do it from the United States? There is plenty of country in the balkans region or the mediteranean area... or even occupied turkey from where it would be more feasible to ''free turkey''.

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Day 1,206, 09:23


Jonathan Bozbaykus
Jonathan Bozbaykus Day 1,206, 09:24

The United States is a powerful country, and it is located away from Europe, ideal for our objective. If we were to try taking control of a country in Europe, we would be stopped by Greece before we could advance with war.

TheJanissary Day 1,206, 09:24


ugr7t Day 1,206, 09:24

amk liselisi twitter sikertmesi öyle yapılmadı.

MCorleoneFamily Day 1,206, 09:29

what Chuck said

Leroy Combs
Leroy Combs Day 1,206, 09:38

Thanks for the information.

Yekatar Day 1,206, 09:41

good article. I wish they can understand who is INCI

Gokhan Hanogluiki
Gokhan Hanogluiki Day 1,206, 09:44


Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,206, 09:46

Kutluk Bilge Kul webknight
Kutluk Bilge Kul webknight Day 1,206, 09:51

Vote. Good job.

system 31
system 31 Day 1,206, 09:55


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,206, 10:07

The truth<

That's where you lost me, as INCI has not told the truth once since being here.

Go home, start an RW. If your goal is to avenge Turkey, sitting on your butts here isn't doing you any good.

In fact, just by what we have seen here, and your behavior towards us, what makes you inclined to think the eUS will even help you in liberating Turkey? A strong nation is nothing without its populace, so what if we just decide not to fight? You can't really force us to, so in all reality your story is BS. Also, speaking of lies, tell your members to end the economic warfare on eUS companies. Bad form, for a group that has the implicit goal of contributing to the eUS.

When you want to give us the real truth, we will still be here laughing at your lies.

egemen_i Day 1,206, 10:19

@john jay
Takvim yazıyorsunuz. 09.02.2009. 9 ve 2’nin başındaki sıfırları atıp ikisini toplayın, 11. 2009’daki sıfırları attığınızda 29 kalır. 11 ile 29’u toplayın 40 yapar. Bunlar tesadüf müdür, gönül gözüyle okuma mıdır? Onu da aziz milletimiz takdir edecektir. ha bide inadina burda kaliyoruz amina kodumun liselisi

Jonathan Bozbaykus
Jonathan Bozbaykus Day 1,206, 10:33

@John Jay

How can you say that our behavior is bad against you, when we are the community which has been rejected from the army, which has been refused for funds? We are the one being provoked all the time. You are telling us to start a RW without even knowing the reason we left Turkey. That's very funny. And it is not as hard as you think for iNCi to take over a country. If we didn't do PTO, it's because we have respect for the Americans and the dynamics of the game. We are asking you to cooperate kindly instead of going for the hard way straight forward.

GurkaaN Day 1,206, 11:31

john jay beynini alirim

poisin224 Day 1,206, 11:32

@John Jay
Yeah, some of us know what you are talking about. I'm proud to say that I am. Others are simply too blind to see it.

Kasap Ahmet
Kasap Ahmet Day 1,206, 11:59


nahh alırsın, olmayan şeyi nasıl alıcan. beyni varsa bile ben yaparım o işi, kasaplık benim işim.

Yekatar Day 1,206, 12:23

beyin bedava değil mi ?

totem abi
totem abi Day 1,206, 13:45


Woxan Day 1,206, 15:11

Go to Cyprus and build INCI there if you want to reclaim Turkey. Or Israel or Iran. The USA is far from Turkey and does not intend to RW its regions.

egemen_i Day 1,206, 15:54

Biz burda reclaim edicez Turkiyeyi panpa. Dertden tasadan uzak dye geldik zaten kapis?

Jonathan Bozbaykus
Jonathan Bozbaykus Day 1,207, 23:09

We'll reclaim eTurkey from the eUS, and this is my last comment on this topic. iNCi has enough power to do ANYTHING, and if we have to, we will do what we have to. You cooperate or take side against us, the results will be the same, just with a little time difference.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,207, 01:03

Yeah that's it, be belligerent....that is the stance you want to take. ROFL, idiot.

Aurelius Ambrosius
Aurelius Ambrosius Day 1,207, 07:26

"We'll reclaim eTurkey from the eUS, and this is my last comment on this topic. iNCi has enough power to do ANYTHING, and if we have to, we will do what we have to. You cooperate or take side against us, the results will be the same, just with a little time difference. "

In other words "muhahahaha you are our pawns, but we have legitimate reasons for enslaving you underlings."

Kutluk Bilge Kul Yama45
Kutluk Bilge Kul Yama45 Day 1,223, 03:21

panpa bu twitter sigertmesinde ünlülerin tweetleri vardı onları da koysaydın ya lan kardashian ablamız falan bişiler demişti keza bbc falan da haber yapmıştı

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Day 1,378, 04:36

9220 members! What an amazing community!

When did you guys start? As an organized guild, the iNCi is the largest that I've ever encountered in any gaming community, and I believe the only one to meet in other arenas besides games, acting as a team. Pretty impressive guys!

cCc iNCi cCc

♥Glove♥ <<< Yeah I miss him too.

Chucky Norris o7 <<< ProPlayer!

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Day 1,378, 04:48

To clarify, I know you said this, "The main iNCi community started on December 2009," but 9220 members in less than 2 years!

So what I mean is when did you first begin to gather together to eventually found the iNCi in December 2009?

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