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The True Victory

Day 1,948, 09:47 Published in Austria Austria by Rangeley

In a faraway land of desert winds and desert sands, there was a boy who lived with his family in a house made of stone. Though he was young, and still learning, he was becoming curious about the world around him. His father was a warrior - he had the battle scars to prove it. But the boy wanted to know more - who was he fighting? What were they fighting about?

That afternoon, he decided to ask his father. "I fight the bad ones, my son," his father said. "And I fight them for you." The answer made the boy happy. And he asked no more.

One day, there was a loud knock at the house's door. "I am here for justice!" an angry man yelled. The boy saw through the window that the man carried a sword. The boy called out to his father for help. Slowly, his father limped towards the door, carrying his own weapon. The wars had aged and weakened him beyond his years. With a concerned look, the father turned to his son. "Go to the other room, and stay there," his father said.

His father opened the door, and the other man swung forward with his sword. His father blocked it, but fell back. "This is for what you have done to us!" the man yelled. The boy's father could no longer keep up with the younger warrior, and he did not.

One day, the young boy became a young warrior, and had a family of his own. He was a very good warrior; few dared to challenge him, and those who did found their effort fruitless. His reputation grew - but even so, he never forgot what had been done to his father. And on a clear, sunny day, he decided to find the man who did it.

The man lived in a small stone house, and a boy answered the door. "I would like to speak to your father," the young warrior said. The boy fetched his father, who was scarred from battle - injured nearly beyond recognition from the time the young warrior had seen him last. Though stronger then, he was no match for the young warrior now. In a moment, their eyes connected. "You caused me great pain," the young warrior told the old man. The old man drew his sword and pushed his child behind him. The young warrior continued. "You have felt great pain as well." The old man lowered his sword. "I would never wish the same upon anyone else," the young warrior said, gesturing to the old man's son. As the young warrior left, the old man began to cry.

One day, the young warrior's boy became curious. He knew his father was a warrior, but he wanted to know more - who did he confront that day? What did he confront them about?

That afternoon, he asked his father. "I confront those who have done wrong, my son," the young warrior said. "And I confront them for you." The answer made the boy happy. And he grew up knowing his dad, and knowing peace.


Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,948, 10:30

nice story

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