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The Summit!!

Day 713, 14:52 Published in Japan Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

* The following is an article that was published in Ireland, but in light of the fact an article hasnt been published here yet, Im posting it here. DO NOT MESSAGE THIS ORG for applications, message Rangeley President of Austria, thank you.*


Over the past number of days I have been working with the president of Austria, Rangeley, to work out the details of our international games. 5 nations have been invited to attend the first Summit, hopefully something that will grow into a monthly event. 4 so far have given it a green light, while we are still awaiting a Japenese response. The following are this month's competing nations:




-Czech Republic

The games have 5 events, and we are allowed to sent two athletes to each event, each event will award a bronze, silver and gold medal

and the nation with the highest amount of points at the end (determined by medals) will be the October 2009 and first ever Champion of the Summit Games. Each game is built to revolve around a certain skill or talent, namely;


-Entertainment & Humour


-Co-Ordination and Agility

-Accuracy and Timing

If you are interested in participating in these games (which you better be after all this trouble 😛 ) please PM this organisation, with the list of games you would be interested in, in order of preference. A few short sentences on why you should be picked before others wouldn't hurt your chances either. Applications MUST be recieved by the end of the day, or at the very, very latest early tomorrow. An article will be released detailing the Irish International Summit Team tomorrow, and the games will take place over the course of the day. An ability to use the IRC or the erepublik chat is essential. So, be proud and support your nation in the first ever games, and let's make October '09 our month!!

Information from President Rangeley's article:

"In order to provide a place where nations can compete on the world stage - with constructive, rather than destructive aims - I began to work with the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Ireland, Darragh O Faolain. He helped work out the finer details of an international games competition, which will be known as "The Summit." Several nations have been invited, and most have already signed on - including Ireland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and of course Austria.

The competition will entail five different games, that will all challenge different skill sets possessed by the teams from each nation, such as timing, coordination, and creativity. Competing in these games will be representatives from each nation participating. Each country will send two people per game, but it is up to the national coordinators whether these are the same 2 people in all five games, different people for each, or some mixture in between.

As the events will take place this weekend, you need to have access during the weekend. The Opening Ceremony will take place Saturday, when each nation will submit the list of who is on their team. After the competitions are completed, the winners will be announced, and hopefully our team can do us proud!"

It is my hope that these games will foster a feeling of solidarity and increased communication between all nations of the e-world, across alliance, geographic and historic lines.

The success of the competition is entirely dependent on your activity, and is a chance to promote something which one day could grow into something that makes a real difference. Not to mention we get to exhibit the Irish penchant and talent in the above categories!!


Until Next Time,

Darragh O Faolain TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs



addman619 Day 713, 14:55

Go Darragh! 😛

Rangeley Day 713, 15:05

As an update to the article, Japan has signed onto these events. Like it says, if you would like to compete in this, just send me a message saying you are interested!

Lauri Mursu
Lauri Mursu Day 713, 15:18

I sign this on behalf of the Japanese government.

If you are interrested in participating, PM Rangeley.

-Mursu, MoFA of Japan

Tanaka Fujimori
Tanaka Fujimori Day 714, 10:46

I applaud your efforts to make this happen. All the best.

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