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The story of CleavelandF

Day 1,465, 20:51 Published in USA USA by potato134

once upon a time there was a silly dog named cleavey fletcherman this silly dog thought he was more powerful then king potato. To his mistake he challenged the potato to a run around the park. Potato knowing he was going to win accepted the challenge. They started the race and the dog was out ahead of him but potato was smart he knew how to distract him. Potato threw a tennis ball at the dog and he stopped he didnt know what hit him until he saw the ball. He then started chasing his tail. Potato then finished the race AND WON
The end



Cleveland Fleman
Cleveland Fleman Day 1,465, 20:52

LMAO! Good one. 😃

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,466, 03:00

Haha, true story!

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