The Speaker's Word: 86th Congress Inaugural

Day 2,631, 16:30 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

Speaker Delyruin here, I hope you are all having a wonderfully American day.

First thing the 86th did was sign in, with 65 out of 68 Congresswo/men signing in altogether.

By party, 16 of 17 Feds, 19 of 19 Workers, 9 of 9 Peoplers, 8 of 9 AMPers, and 11 of 12 Blacksheep signed in on time.

This month's Congressional leadership consists of 6 people in all, including the Speaker:

Speaker: Delyruin

Deputy: Swagg
Deputy: Arrden
Deputy: Cromstar
Deputy: Irule777

Whip: zoeycronos

So far legislation has been light, with only a few MPP's and the budget being handled.

Budget Discussion

Budget vote It passed 39-2 in favor. Here it is:

I. Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs: $60,000
II. Defense
Line U2. Armed Forces: $80,000
Line U3. Arm America: $50,000
Line U4. Rainy Sunday: 1 pony, Stable Master, and Blacksmith
III. Rental Agreements
Line U5. Mexico Rental: $15,000
V. Treasury
Line U6. Reserve Remaining

TOTAL: $205,000 & 1 pony, Stable Master, and Blacksmith

We have some significant changes from last month's, with the USAF getting a 20K increase, the elimination of the French rental, and us providing the appropriate services to care for the illustrious rainy sunday's ponies. There was a brief discussion about the possible elimination of Arm America, however it was decided it was better to let it stay.


In game, we are voting on the MPP's with Latvia, Croatia, Brazil, and Cyprus.

That's it for this week folks, stay in tune for more GRIPPING Congressional news!

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