The Speaker's Word: 85th Congress, Vol. 2 The Weekly Grind

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The Speaker's Wor😨 85th Congress, Vol. 2 The Weekly Grind

Welcome to THE SPEAKER'S WOR😨 The Official Journal of the eUSA Congress.
Tuesday, January 6th 2015 (Day 2604)
Location: 85th US Congress
Editor: dmjohnston, Speaker of the House

Greetings eAmerica! We are back again for another update on the 85th Congress.

For informational purposes in yesterday’s weekly sign-in, 50 of the 65 elected members of the 85th Congress signed in, resulting in a quorum of 26 for this week. You will note that this is 9 less than signed in during the initial period.

By party, 13 of 17 Feds, 10 of 15 Workers, 11 of 11 Peoplers, 7 of 10 AMPers, 7 of 10 Blacksheep, 1 of 1 Socialists, and 1 of 1 Old F_cks signed in on time.

Pilot Phil of the Socialist Freedom Party and Jason the Great of Old F_cks United ran for Congress under the Blacksheep Party and American Military Party banner, respectively, but they’ll be listed separately as we move forward for accuracy.

In Game Votes

Donation to CBO - Result: Passed, 40 to 9
Declaration of North Korea as Natural Enemy - Result: Passed, 49 to 3
Donation to CBO - Result: Passed, 50 to 8
Declaration of Lithuania as Natural Enemy - Result: Passed, 55 to 4
Mutual Protection Pact with Portugal - Result: Passed, 55 to 4

Other Activity

January 2015 Budget:

Passed, 30-1-3.

US Government Budget January 2015
I. Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs: $60,000
II. Defense
Line U2. Armed Forces: $60,000
Line U3. Arm America: $50,000
Line U4. Rainy Sunday: 1 pony
III. Rental Agreements
Line U5. Mexico Rental: $15,000
Line U6. France Rental: $7,000

V. Treasury
Line U7. Reserve Remaining

TOTAL: $192,000 & 1 pony

SCI Release for January 2015


In accordance with Disclosure of SCI Distributions Act, this thread served as the release of required information for this month.

eUS Constitution, Code, and Congressional Laws


This discussion was a split off from the SCI Disclosure related to misunderstandings in the differences between the Constitution, Code, and Laws. It has since died out, but was useful to inform some newer congressmen.

Private Congressional Proceedings

Aid money for the Russian wars was approved and is being put to use. Additionally, a tax discussion took place. It remained in private Congress due to the inclusion of classified information that was pertinent to the discussion (i.e., Reserve values, spending figures from last month, etc.) but the discussion has since ended without a resulting proposal. Additional discussion took place regarding various strategic matters as they arose.

That's a wrap for now. Expect more updates from the Speaker's office as the term develops.

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