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The Speaker's Word: 65th eUS Congress

Day 2,001, 16:16 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

This edition brought to you by dSoH Paul Proteus

Your 65th Congress is proudly bringing this publication back to keep you loyal eMurricans well informed.

Hey there eAmericans

The 65th eUS Congress has just concluded her second week, so it looks like we have some catch up to do!

Going to start with the 65ths Leadership team, this month's leadership can also be found here on the eUS forums.

Evry: Speaker of the House
Paul Proteus: Deputy Speaker
Fawkie: Congressional Whip
Cromstar: Librarian

So now that's out of the way, in the name of transparency, let's move on to Congressional proceedings shall we~

After being elected, and properly signing in (you can view the congressional roster here) our newly elected congress peeps went on to elect a speaker the results of which are shown above. Next on the agenda was a budget. Some months it takes quite a while for this seemingly simple task to be completed, but the 65th managed to pass May's Budget on May 8th with a vote of 19-0-2. Congress has also discussed future budget planning in order to work towards cutting the monthly deficit and have conducted an experiment with the VAT, raising it from 5% to 7%, the results of which will be made clear shortly.

Congress has also unanimously passed a renewal of the eROC NAP and has worked with the executive to pass numerous MPPs in the past two weeks.

In other Congressional happenings, Congressman Clint Carmel has looked into the existence of the Congressional Citizens Award and Congressman Hale26 began discussion on the possibility of renting out orgs.

So, that's a wrap for today.. Please leave a comment with what you, the American citizenry, want the next Congress to discuss and work to ratify.

Remember to keep an eye out on the Public Congressional Proceedings sub-forum to keep yourself best informed on Congressional happenings, and sub to this paper.

From Congress, With Love



Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,001, 16:32

eUSA Congress does great work. ^.^

Hale26 Day 2,001, 18:24

Voted o/

Derphoof Day 2,001, 18:24

Dunks' comment was feeling lonely, so I came to give it some company! :3

eUSA Congress is doing some p good work though, I guess

Molosi Day 2,001, 18:27


crashthompson. Day 2,001, 18:29

Yay, its actually back!!!

RaccoonGoon Day 2,001, 18:32

These are always informative and appreciated.


John Largo
John Largo Day 2,001, 18:56

voted and shouted

Tiamati Day 2,001, 19:16

Thank you for the update.

Why is there a budget deficit? Where is the non-classified line item budget available for civilian audit? Who is the Secretary of the Treasury this term? How can eAmerican citizens be convinced to forsake the top-heavy Military Commune work model where workers avoid co tributing their fair share of collected income taxes? When will the minimum wage be raised to a subsistence level to help our youngest eAmericans?

The above questions are wholly salient based on this update from congress; and are honest questions posed by a private citizen hoping some within our unity government remain brave enough to address the issues instead of wasting everyone's time by ignoring the questions themselves instead of dismissing the messenger as a 'troll.'

Evry Day 2,001, 20:14

-There is a budget deficit because otherwise we would be unable to fund our military.
-The budget is for public viewing in the Budget Subforum on the forums, as it is every month. (If the access to that forum changed, my apologies, please let me know.)
-The SecTreas is Kemal, but that has nothing to do with the budget/taxes/CBO/anything in this article
-Don't know what you're asking for this one.
-Raising the minimum wage won't do anything beneficial due to game mechanics (offers from pre-min. wage increase remain on the market), the fact that increasing the min. wage enough to raise the current wage market will only result in no wages being on the market, and it's really not necessary.

Questions = Answered (except for that one that I don't understand).

Tiamati Day 2,002, 00:46

Thank you; I will mail you directly with follow up questions.

Thedillpickl Day 2,001, 20:39

Evry's a girl.

stewy Day 2,001, 21:01

there's no "we oopsied on the NE", but at least there's an article somewhat saying what you've been doing

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,001, 21:04

This article is namely for transparency, though Congress had some issues holding their votes. Regarding that incident and the executive it will be mentioned in the upcoming whpr.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 2,002, 06:47


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 2,002, 07:51

"and Congressman Hale26 began discussion on the possibility of renting out orgs."

So... what are the exact capabilities, mechanics, and uses of Orgs at the moment?

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,002, 12:30

That banner for the paper is amazing

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,002, 16:16

lol we've been overloaded lately xD

Clydeo Day 2,002, 18:40

Does dunks still have his red pen? lol

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Day 2,003, 01:31

V+S | :claps:

sumar82 Day 2,161, 05:57


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