The Significance of Respect

Day 4,572, 08:31 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Liakouris

Tention.. So much tention..

We are all here with one goal. To play a game and have fun, interacting with others. We have a unique chance, to dress our avatars and to get closer with so many people from various nations, real Swiss people, Italians, English, Spanish etc. Under one great flag, the Swiss flag.

We have the privilege to play in a beautiful eCountry. We are a few, we know each other well (I suppose), we have a few political parties and military units. We are the same. But we aren’t together in this. We live in a stable country, we have all our territories and I believe no enemies. Instead, we have a lot of friends.

We should communicate, share ideas and have the same purpose. To be united, and make Switzerland the best eCountry in all over the eWorld. On the contrary, we make our lives difficult and try to do the best for ourselves.

From the day I started this game I have one principal.


I am someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s friend. I might be old or yound, tall or short, skinny or fat. But, I am someone. I am here for the fun that I can have and I am trying to do my best for my avatar, my military unit, my political party, eNation and my alliance. I pay my respects to everyone, without exceptions and I ask you to do the same. But I can do better, we can do better.

You are someone’s son or daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s parent. I see this and I owe you my respects. You are special, no matter what I or we say. Think like this, act like this. And our partnership would be excellent.

Don’t call someone a thief, until you have proof
Don’t call someone a liar, because if he isn’t, you are the biggest liar
Don’t call someone a parias, we are together in this
Don’t call someone an idiot, we are not here to judge him.

I am not picking sides. I am not with or against someone. I ask you to show the community and each other the respect we deserve.

With love,