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The Sergeant

Day 1,701, 10:29 Published in Israel Israel by PowerToys

The newspaper is called the painful truth, and so shall it be. I know he hates my guts, but I really do not care, what has to be said, will be said. I rest assure that a lot of people agree, but are to scared to say so, for their government jobs or whatever reason.

This article is going to be about our current president; Sergeant “loudmouth” Autumn. Don’t dare to tell him something he doesn’t like, because he can not handle criticism at all.
He will call you dumb, idiotic and childish, even he knows you are right.

Lets look at his actions;

He tried to improve the eIDF, by making Tsahik Chief of Staff.
First of all, what does a Chief of Staff do in this eIDF? Bark orders down from the MOD to the MU leaders? Improve the eIDF? Nobody knows. Except that tsahik is not mature enough, and doesn’t have any authority, his past as pro-arik supporter doesn’t really help.
Ask the Sergeant what a Chief of Staff does, and you wont get a an answer!

Communication fail of the CP.

Of course the Sergeant uses bad words and talks everyone down, if you do not agree with him, but if you are his pet dog, all is ok. It is perfectly ok as well, when we are at war with Saudi, our President goes medal hunting:

Now we seem to have a supply officer as well? liransin
Hhm, did supplies change then? Last thing I knew only eIDF was getting government supplies? No or Yes?

Communication fail of the CP.

On day 1669, Al Jawf was being RW’ed, after 1 hour eIDF came with its priorities:
prio 1 North Dalmatia prio 2 Marmara

Again communications fail; CP – Chief Commander Tsahik – MOD

President, and answer in English, don’t be a ArikAharon copycat by answering in Hebrew, do something about the communications.

While you are at it, please tell us what you going to do, when Cyprus wants Eastern Province back? And what happened to Project Rocket, are you continuing it?

-Anybody brave enough to translate?-



Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 10:37

1. eIDF - Sergeant Autumn is doing a fine job at the eIDF. So far, tsahi has been doing a good job; he is supervising the various divisions, proposing new initiatives, strikes, activities, supplies etc. Judging him based on the fact that he was once a supporter of Arik is absolutely childish and against the principles of a meritocratic government, which is something Arik's former opposition has been trying to achieve. liransin is currently working very hard to establish a new supplies system for

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 10:40

everyone's benefit, and he guides everyone about it. Stop throwing accusations against people you don't know anything about. As for the supplies themselves, there are problems with our finances, because the government has to pay for lots of supplies, as well as mercenaries.

2. Mercenary medal - CPs are people too, there's nothing wrong with that. He fights for Israel constantly, getting battle heroes constantly. You're very petty.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 10:43

Are you Sergeant Autumns mouthpiece Augustus Grim?

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 10:48

I am Augustus Grim, and I'm someone with an opinion different from yours who actually cares to explain it, so I expect a proper answer.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 10:50

My questions are in the article, and im waiting for our CP to answer them.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 10:51

Communication fail - you already got an explanation for that, so if you want to be objective, I'd expect you to present that as well.
Answering in Hebrew - I agree, it's very inappropriate.
Project Rocket - people are working on that, but again - financial problems.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 10:54

Augustus please hush, you are in no position to answer any of these questions.
You are an eIDF commander if im not mistaken, thats it.
Please let the big boys answer the big questions.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 10:56

If you don't want comments from citizens, only from one person, why do you publish this as an open article rather than a PM to Sergeant? Sorry, in a political article you must be ready for counter arguments. Otherwise, you're no better than ArikAharon, whom you hate so deeply.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 11:02

Because I want an answer to those questions I asked, by government!
Im msg and in other comments SA does not answer!
So an article was needed.

But comments are fine, but you are not able to answer for the government.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 11:06

I'm telling you how I see things, and I am present in government mass PMs and meetings, so I believe I can tell you a thing or two about how this government functions. Anyway, you want comments from citizens, but you don't want criticizing comments... Interesting. Very interesting.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 11:11

Yes you can criticize and comment whatever you want.
I just curious about government answers.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 11:18

So why won't you comment on my criticism?

PowerToys Day 1,701, 11:51

Because your criticism and comments are of no importance to me! Like I said, want SA to answer.

MrBannana Day 1,701, 12:09

I realy dont know what do you want from him and what SA did that make you hate him so much...
I want to remember to you few facts first:
1) SA didnt want to be a president from the beginning!
he said that maybe he will cadident for the CP IF, and I Repeat, IF Joe won't be a good CP...
he asked from the peaple's to not vote for him in the election and only because Joe had problems in the real life and he had to leave SA had to be a CP
2) SA droped to this situation without plans!

MrBannana Day 1,701, 12:19

3) SA wasn't CP before and he came without expiriens to this job

I sent you a message a week ago and you didn't answerd to me... I'm very intresting about your answer.

He is really do a good job for a man who drop to this situation...
about his "bad words"... its wrong, but you really make him made because he had a long day and than you started to preached every litlle thing he have done without a good reason.
and if you dont want to hear the citizents, dont write an article....

Eysh Day 1,701, 12:37

PowerToys I fail to see the benefit to your article.
If you know any better offer help or advice, don't feel bad if not accepted though.

If the CP fail it's a failure that belong to all of us, as MrBanana said probably none of us voted for him as Joe is not reading this and I'm not sure the inci guys stayed in eIsrael this does not mean he works very very hard for our common goal and he deserves the respect to do it in his own way, by his own views leaving his own stamp.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 12:39

All his puppets are answering, I just want an answer from SA.
I do not hate him at all, he just does not answer my questions.

Eysh Day 1,701, 12:39

You can criticise as much as you want but do it in a civilised way and respect a player spending that much time and effort for the sake of us all

Steveeven Day 1,701, 12:53

Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. Maybe Sergeant Autumn shouldn’t have gotten the mercenary medal as CP or replied to you in Hebrew. But, I feel he is still doing his best in the CP position with the ability he has.

MrBannana Day 1,701, 12:59

puppets? are you kidding on me?
im not on SA side because his my friend... im on his side because you'r blamming him without a good reason and I hate this behavior...

I hasnt saw one message, one comment or one article who talks about something that have no connection to SA...

if you have a problam with him, with he's way or with something else, talk to him face to face (I mean privately) and if he's not answerd to you it mean his busy... there were times that he hasn't answerd to me too

RoaiTG Day 1,701, 13:01

tears of guy who worth nothing

Hapoel Petach Tikva
Hapoel Petach Tikva Day 1,701, 13:16

you waste to me 5 minutes idiot

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,701, 13:33

A. You are not worthy of a response from me, you will not receive a response from me in the future, no matter what you do and how hard you try - I do not waste your time feeding trolls with personal problems.

B. I only respond to this article -because of my enormous respect for the people who stood to protect me and i want to tell them 10x - you guys give me the strength to struggle a little more each time - i'm proud to serve you as CP !

C. Get an elife - i have and it's great

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,701, 13:46

Still, Sergeant... Please do answer him. He may not deserve it, but the only way for you to be 100% just in this would be to answer him, so that if he chooses to complain again, he won't have any actual basis for his claims. 🙂

liransin Day 1,701, 13:57

p.t i can only answer about the supply issues you wrote about. i have been working on a new supply system that will record and organized all the info that the ministry of defence and the idf produce. i can share that i have worked on that system for the last two days and it is the best there is in all the erepublic world.
ejusting to the new system is a matter of time. right now both 1 and 2 div are working acording to it in the next couple of days 3 and for will do the same.

liransin Day 1,701, 14:09

i dont know why i wrote for (four) i meant 4

PowerToys Day 1,701, 14:18

Typical Sergeant, that you cant communicate at all apparently.
I asked you questions, which you cant answer.
Normal questions, no answers! Just because you cant take critical questions!
So we just have to presume you govern this country without any plan.

PowerToys Day 1,701, 14:25

And you are not only answering me SA, but the rest of the country as well.
Just because you cant handle a bit of heat

PowerToys Day 1,701, 14:27

RoaiTG aka multi-king; always been to light for any government job. Even tsahik is better than you.
Painful, painful

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,701, 14:33

lol @ him getting mercenary medals... he has just as many as Joe Franco.... also you consider Israel vs Saudi Arabia a real war ? i could be wrong but anytime i ever look at that battle saudi arabia is nowhere near beating israel.... that my friend is not a war

John TG
John TG Day 1,701, 14:38

About Eastern Province:
As you know we had rented Eastern Province (when Joe was cp in 22th of June) from Cyprus for 1 month(expires in 22th of July) so we can reach the valuable region of oil Abu Dhabi.
Yesterday we already contacted again with cypriot goverment and we arranged to rent the region for 1 month more(starting in 22th of July).

John TG, MoFA of Israel

John TG
John TG Day 1,701, 14:45

About false orders in MoD newspaper:
As far as i know and understand (MoD is not my responsibility), sometimes the rw (especially the saudian one) is not so difficult to win it.So it isnt so bad sometimes to set orders in a battle that EDEN has orders there (even if we have our own rw).Also, even if there was a mistake for these orders, i suppose we can forgive the new MoD for a mistake.Relax guys!

John TG
John TG Day 1,701, 14:49

About Sergeant Autumn :
We all know the bad news that Joe told us.Unfortunately and suddenly Joe asked for an impeachment and sergeant autumn wasnt even informed that he will be the next cp .From my side of view,i find Sergeant hardworking, mature and very cooperative.He is asking me questions, he cares about this job and respond to any pm i send him.
Joe in his term called for a unity.I suppose we all have to try in this direction and help the goverment for the best of Israel.

Miki GO
Miki GO Day 1,701, 15:26

about the medal :
SA get the medal in this day before the war started .
second he still fighting i that day for israel .

and about the orders
SA write the orders in this day before the war started and after that he cahanged it !

MrBannana Day 1,701, 16:06

"השולל במומו שולל" - you can translate it if you want...
you say that he cant answering questions... edxacly what you are doing all this article and at my PM
you say he do nothing for the country... what you exacly did?
you said that we all support SA... it not make you wonder why no one support you?

So really if you have nothing to say just shut up.

MrBannana Day 1,701, 16:15

I have alot of thing that I didnt said because I have some respect for peaple...
And belive me.. Values are more important from anything! learn for life.

Sidewinder.ISR Day 1,701, 18:15

Aren't you the weirdest old fart PowerToys.. expect people to never take you seriously, I'm not sure what kind of logic you are following but clearly you come from a different planet.

Be carefull though, someone just might take you seriously.

danis1982 Day 1,701, 21:44

@powertoys: You really need to grow up. I don;t know you at all, but your article shows that you like to talk without knowing. So please, if you ave doubts....ask, if you don;t know, pay attention, don't stay in the ignorance, but publish an article full of lies, is not good for nobody.

PowerToys Day 1,702, 00:21

Well, it is obvious that the country is run by the ministers and some cheecky lapdogs like Bannana-boy.

Sidewinder: if you count yourself as normal people, then im happy im from another planet, and I rather have people take me seriously than your plotless stories.

danis1982: lies? Im asking some questions, but apparently the CP is too arrogant to answer.
Luckely for the public, John_TG answered some of the questions

MrBannana Day 1,702, 03:03

בכונה אניי כוותב עם שגיעות כטיב...
אפשר איכשהוא להאיף את הבנז הזה?

and back to you an abandoned dog... you are lonley, without anyone who in favor of your article!
learn some value and specielly learn respect and just shut up if you have nothing to say...

I remained faithful to the truth, and if SA will do something wrong I'll be against him too... and every time he were to to you badly in your shouts I was against him too.

and really you have a luck that this is a game with limits..

449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Day 1,702, 03:23

Why do people keep commenting here!
You know you are not supposed to feed the troll - so don`t!

MrBannana Day 1,702, 03:31

As you know me I can't ignore for things like that...
I hate lies, jealous and most of them demonstration of disrespect like he does

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,702, 03:54

aneria , israel is just getting back to her old self again. its a natural thing

Perfect.Knight Day 1,702, 04:16

@PowerToys : don't preach without practice. that is just plain arrogant bro. i know you are not a troll. and i know you are an intelligent enough. and this is perhaps comes from a righteous place. and perhaps even you are right. BUT. its not your job to tell people if they doing shit not to your liking. you have problem with tsahik ? why don't you take his place. then ill bombard you with silly shit. and then you can have your mock articles all you want. with bitching and whining. come on man.

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,702, 05:38

Fight for Croatia At South Dalmatia !!!
Lets kick ass people !!!

PowerToys Day 1,702, 06:56

MrBannana: dont get too excited, your boyfriend SA can protect himself.
Perfect.Knight: I can him to answer me, let alone I get a cabinet position.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,702, 06:59

you are incoherent. that mean's i cannot understand your English mate.

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