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The Second "Thomas Keesman" Chess Classic

Day 1,877, 11:15 Published in Ireland Ireland by Winston Hope Smith

Time again for a Chess Tournament

If you are interested in joining please indicate in the comments below.

If enough people sign up I'll set up one, again, using (or

If this is your thing and you want to sign up then say so in the comments below...
Make an account in either of those site, doesn't matter which. When you make an account you get 6 games free so play away but keep a slot free

If we get the numbers in a few days I'll do a draw etc. set up some rules and off we go.

Remember as this is chess the tournament will take a good few weeks to finish.

***Note*** this competition is generously supported by the Irish Ministry of Community, Everyone is welcome to play but the prizes are limited to eIrish Citizens or Irish MU Commune Holders living Abroad

Names Entered

Winston Hope Smith
John Gormley
Raven Anarcho
Carolus XII Rex
Octavius Dryst

Until next time



The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,877, 11:21

I won a chess tournament back in my youth...prepare yourselves

Damhnaic Day 1,877, 11:25

The Department of Community will finance a wooping 1st prize of 800cc and a second place prize of 500cc.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,877, 11:47

I'm in and I would like to make a small donation towards the prize fund if that's okay?

asecondchance Day 1,877, 11:50

Count me in!

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,877, 11:56

Yes John that is ok...cheers

I'll edit the article with the names in so I don't miss anyone

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,877, 11:57

I would love to play again, but im in enz atm

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,877, 11:59

Chess is against people and in support of imperialist dictatorship!

A game where king, queens and other high power establishment has strong moves while "average" soldiers are limited to sacrifice themself for this lordship.
Not only that, this brave troopers are insulted and humiliated by being called pawns!

Anyone who plays chess is a servant of reptilian illuminati.....

Chess is a spawn of Satan and therefore Evil.....

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,877, 11:59

Sorry Octavius but as the MoC sponsored the event the prize money needs to go to an Irish Citizen

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,877, 12:01

lol @ kurgan. He does have a point BUT....

consider me as entered as well.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,877, 12:10


Damhnaic Day 1,877, 16:43

I'll enter WHS, even if I kinda am not really good at chess

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,877, 20:15

how about if I play and win then the prize money goes to an eIrish citizen of my choosing?

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,877, 20:16

Or back to the MoC

mostates Day 1,878, 01:58

Chess is a dull and boring game with limited rules making it 'opening' wars. I no longer enjoy it.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,878, 08:57

Octavius that sounds workable. Ill edit the article to say that

Welcome aboard again.

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,878, 15:30

thanks WHS!

Rylde Day 1,879, 02:58

I offer to double the prize pool for this tournament.

I'd like to join as a eCanadian citizen and if I win i'd like the money used to buy Q7 tanks for the Irish populace.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,880, 08:28

Hi Rylde

I'll discuss with the dept and get back to you

Hope to start this Sunday night so expect something in your inbox

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