The Royal Foundation - The Beginning

Day 4,605, 15:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Felix Rex.

"The Royal Foundation" starts with work today, and as a celebration gift, we
are giving away 20Q7 tanks to anyone commenting in the comment section below (Citizenship is not important). Now lets start, shell we...

Greetings, citizens of Switzerland

Dear ARS members, citizens of Switzerland, friends... I’m pleased to inform you
that, after long and thoughtful discussion, we have decided to open the Royal Treasury for the much needed aid for the “Royalists”, and for the citizens of Switzerland that might need or will require our aid.
Originally the opening of the royal coffers was not intended to be at this
particular moment, although it was discussed in the past. The decision to hasten the start, and “The Royal Foundation'' to start immediately with work was due to Platos recent changes that affect the traveling cost of the citizens of the New World. Also, the timing was convenient because the congressional elections have just ended, and we wanted to avoid accusations that we are buying votes, although when actual buying of votes occurred in the past, this activity by some other party was explained as “common practice, not persuasive action”.

As you have probably read the announced changes, the cost for traveling
from point A to point B has increased, and is now based on how much kilometers the citizens traveled, not from which zone to which zone the citizen moves as it was, meaning that a trip that costed maximum 100CHF, after the changes it may cost 1000, 1200, 1400 CHF or more.
We, at ARS think that these changes may affect our members even in doing their
routinely daily tasks, like completing Daily Orders or working in their companies, especially if they have several holdings around the world, so the Royal Treasury is offering to cover their costs, or at least part of their costs for their activities.
We believe that the activity of our party members (to travel to and from the parliament) or our soldiers' spirit to fight should not be diminished just because a travel ticket just got more expensive.

But, regardless even if these changes were not implemented, and everything
continued as it is now, there was a point where we would have implemented this kind of support for our members anyway. It is well known in the public that ARS believes there should be financial support for the members of our community that are active in the political, military, journalistic sphere, or any other area of interest that our members could think of.
We were saddened that the recent bright spark, the Ministry of Defence aid project, was suffocated by some people for their own political purposes or maybe out of fear that they will lose their “prime spot” if the project succeeds, so this event combined with the new change only speeded up the aid that we were preparing for our community. If the much needed incentives for increasing our community activity is blocked by the bureaucracy or politicians that act in ill fate, then the royal coffers are here to help to avoid the bureaucratic labyrinths, and the calculative politicians.
The growth of our community should not be held back by these "experienced politicians" as they call themselves, who through their shady channels/dealings only spread discontempt, division and disunity, they undermine the morale of the community with only goal to hold their virtual power. With the last two governments we believe the things slowly started moving in the right direction, and we are looking forward to help in increasing our nation prosperity and growth. Our faith is to thrive in every aspect of the New World, not to fall into obscurity.

“The Royal Foundation” is a project that intends to provide financial help to the
members of the Swiss community, and it’s founders are the political party "Alliance Royale Suisse" and it’s military wing “Armeé Royale Suisse” in short ARS. Taking into consideration that Switzerland is small country in The New World and has small community, we encourage ANY Swiss citizen that feels that he needs help to maintain, or to increase his/her activity in any sphere of the game to reach out to us if he/she feels like that we can help in any way, shape or form.

Let me present you the conditions under which “The Royal Foundation” will
operate, and the amount of help that the “Royalists” will receive.
Every citizen that is full ARS member (member to “Alliance Royale Suisse” and “Armeé Royale Suisse” will receive the following support:

-12000 cc for traveling costs
-7cc per kill in the air battles up to rank (including) Wing Commander***** (with maximum 2500 kills on weekly basis)
-30 Q7 weapons per every 250mil. damage, damage in the ground battles up to rank (including) Titan*** (with maximum 1.5bil. damage on weekly basis)
-Fixed amount of 10000 energy for everyone (500 units of the best quality Q7 food), regardless of activity.

A small clarification. The support in the air battles DOES NOT exclude the
support in ground battles. The activity in both battlefields will be rewarded. This support will be provided on a weekly basis.
We would also like to note that nowadays it is popular to support the pilots, but why did we decided to support our tank crews too?? Well, contrary to the popular belief, fighting in ground battles is actually more expensive and varies from 30cc to 50cc per kill (depending on current prices). However, the efficiency in the ground battles is determined by the strength and the rank of the soldier, so in order to be more efficient we decided the aid for the ground fighters to be measured by actual damage done, and not by number of kills as it is in the air battles.

Citizens that are members to “Alliance Royale Suisse” but NOT to “Armeé Royale Suisse” or vice versa:

-8000 cc for traveling costs
-4cc per kill in the air battles up to rank (including) Wing Commander***** (with maximum 2000 kills on weekly basis)
-15 Q7 weapons per every 250mil. damage, damage in the ground battles up to rank (including) Titan*** (with maximum 1.5bil. damage on weekly basis)
-Fixed amount of 5000 energy for everyone (250 units of the best quality Q7 food), regardless of activity.

We invite aspiring, politicians, soldiers, journalists, businessmen or any other kind soul that looks for fun to join us.

The aid will be provided according to the number of kills and damage that is provided on the national weekly board. To be considered for the weekly aid it is important to join ARS before the week change on Tuesday, otherwise your activity will be counted in your previous Military Unit. In order to be fair and to treat everybody equally we will be implementing this rule for people that joined the political party too.

Also, we are aware that this kind of support favors the military module, but soon there will be extra support for politicians, journalists and aspiring businessmen.
The numbers and the citizens that got support will be published weekly, after week change.

In addition “The Royal Foundation” would like to support the development of
journalism in our country, as a form of activity that can inspire and further develop the citizens, to enrich and to lift the spirits in our country. The military unit or political party membership are NOT RELEVANT for this support, and it’s open for EVERY Swiss citizen.

We pledge 30.000CHF weekly, for positive, uniting, heartwarming, educational or funny articles published by Swiss citizens. We understand that measuring the quality of the articles can be subject to personal bias, but there is no mathematical way to measure the quality of the published articles, and we will try to be as just and fair as possible. If there is no article to be rewarded in some week, the reward for the next week remains 30.000 CHF (there is no accumulation of funds)
Perfect example for article that would qualify for this support The Significance of Respect

Yes, I know it is long article, and now last but least, we would like to offer work
as a form of financial help. Yes, work!! The Royal Armories are well known by their production capabilities, the quality of the weapons that they produce, the vast quantity, and they operate in several countries in various parts of the world. The Royal armories offer to pay 600CHF MORE than the current highest wage on the job market, at any given time. Any Swiss citizen in NEED of this kind of support can contact Felix Rex for a job and a new job position will be opened for him/her in the royal armories.

Declaimer: “The Royal Foundation” keeps the right to refuse or stop funding, if the citizen in question is suspected to be so called “multi”, citizens that disrespects the Swiss constitution, citizens that don’t follow the orders of the Ministry of Defence and are fighting against Swiss interests, or they work against Swiss interests in any other way, shape or form.

We hope these financial measures are enough for start, they will have the desired positive effect on our community, and ”The Royal Foundation” will only increase it’s area of work in future.

Declaimer: ARS keeps the right to make changes to the funding conditions in future without previous warning if the situation in the New World is changed, during periods of extensive activity (promotions, events) or if the number of participants significantly changes.

Thanks for your time, thanks for reading, please vote and shout.

Royal and Loyal


ARS military wing “Armeé Royale Suisse” during the previous week 16-22.06.2020 was classified as follows:


Damage done

Ground fighters - 3rd place - 2.128bil.
Air fighters - 1st place - 4.112mil.

Opponents defeated

Ground Fighters - 3rd place - 2613 kills
Air fighters - 1st place - 11182 kills

ARS members that reaped the benefits of “The Royal Foundation” during week one

13071CHF & 30Q7 tanks & 10000 energy
Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen
18391CHF &10000 energy
16000CHF & 15Q7 tanks & 5000 energy
Mr Hamster
8716CHF & 45Q7 tanks & 5000 energy
8000CHF & 5000 energy
Battosai Id
8000CHF & 30Q7 tanks & 5000 energy
Sheldon the Mad Scientist
12000CHF & 10000 energy
8144CHF & 5000 energy
Byzantine warrior
8012CHF & 5000 energy
Zoran Milanovic.
8000CHF & 5000 energy