The Reason Why Admin Should Add eFormosa (Taiwan)

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It is a right decision to add eFormosa (Taiwan)
Here are some reasons to prove it.

1.There are a mount of people who can access the Internet in Taiwan.
Broadband Internet Usage Survey in Taiwan
Form the latest “Broadband Internet Usage Survey in Taiwan”, there are 16.22 million people can access the Internet.
The broadband accessing penetration rate is almost 70% of total population.

2.It is hot in Taiwan to use Facebook which is the most famous Social Network Services in the world.

Here are some picture of the Statistics on Fcebook
On July 12 2009, Taiwan is the second fastest growing country.

And on September 15 2009, there are already 2.87 million users on Facebook. And became the fastest growing country all over the world.

For now , 6.745 million users on the Facebook and 1st popular site in Taiwan.

3.We love play webgame
From here:
The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick:

In Taiwan, Facebook usage –mostly on PCs–soared in 2009 for one reason: the Farmville game from Zynga. Playing it became almost a national obsession, and many joined Facebook simply to do so. It grew from almost nothing to 5.6 million people, or 26 percent of the population in the year ended February 2010

Some people didn’t continue play this game because it’s not our country to choose.

So, We need a ecountry.

Here are our proposal to solve the disputes.
A new name, “eFormosa”
The history about the name of “Formosa” can check from the wiki page.

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