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The Realization of the Dream

Day 1,559, 10:58 Published in USA USA by Relorian

Long ago when I first started this game I started in my RL State of Montana. Back then the ability to run for congress was quite low and so with in the first few months I ran twice. First race was against Headmistress Talia (Spelling?) and the 2nd time was Vs Headmistress and Claire Littleton. Both times I got my butt handed to me (Montana was a small and undesirable region back then). I made myself a promise. I WOULD get elected in Montana and represent the state I love and live in.

Years went by some in eSingapore and then back here. I began to feel like Don Quixote, going on an impossible quest. I applied each month trying to get run in Montana and being placed elsewhere.

Now I have accomplished the impossible dream. I have finished my political quest to win Election in Montana.

Special thanks go out to the 12 people who voted for me. I sent everyone in my friends who was in the US s message asking them to consider voting for me. Some were already obligated, others running themselves.

An extra special Thanks goes to Jack Mensley. With out him at the helm as PP of the AMP my run and placement in Montana wouldnt have happened.

Thank you all.



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