The Process of Liberation

Day 540, 23:57 Published in China China by Snayke

The Goon star has been sighted all over the nation, and not without reason. Bases that dot the nation with hidden Goons and Chinese loyalists now lie empty, for all of them head towards the bases and buildings of Iranian tyrants. Goons and loyalists alike fight side by side against the Iranian occupiers as every Chinese city is in the process of liberation.

In Shanghai, the Goon forces lead by Theo Theodorakis siege an Iranian administration building. Iranian soldiers are pinned down as the Chinese police and army who were once forced to serve them in civic duties now join in the liberation efforts.

In Tibet, Lhasa is filled with fighting as insurgents head off with the imperialists from the desert. The sparsely populated city of Lhasa has seen the streets clear of innocent civilians. Only Iranian tyrants and heroic Goons are on the streets, fighting for freedom. This force is lead by Der Strudel.

On the peaceful island of Hainan, the capital of Haikou is under siege by Goon forces. Dick Butkus leads the charge against the Iranian devils.

The city of Jinan of Shandong has seen brave Goon soldiers under the valiant Torgo raid the Iranian barracks in a surprise attack with heavy casualties in the first minutes of fighting for the Iranians.

Hohhot of Inner Mongolia, which has a light Iranian police presence, has seen the rise of a large angry mob. The Iranian police forces are currently besieged in their police headquarters.

In Henan, Zhengzhou is experienced firefights throughout the city as Goon liberators storm the city checkpoints and charge to the administrative centre. Dongles, the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of China, commands the forces in Henan.

The empty warehouses of Hefei in Anhui are now brimming with soldiers. The Iranian forces are being pushed back by a Dogbert lead Goon force. The fighting is fierce, but Goon honour will prevail

An explosion rocked the city of Kunming in Yunnan as Goon forces stormed the Iranian stronghold with Joseph Stalinator leading the charge against the Iranian occupiers.

Ningxia, the stronghold of Iranian terror in China, has seen intense fighting start in the early hours of the morning, especially in Yinchuan where Comrade Ral leads a large contingent of Goon forces in a bloody battle against the Iranian scum.

Nanjing, the majestic city of Jiangsu, has had several explosions around the city against key Iranian targets. Kloaked00 is heading the Goon liberation of the Jiangsu region.

Finally, the city of Beijing. Beijing is under siege by the Goon forces as they head towards the centre. Snayke, transient, debildevil and elephantman jointly command the largest Goon force advancing against the Iranian scourge. With some of their best fighters amongst the force, it is matched equally by the size of the Iranian occupation force stationed in Beijing. Fighting is evident all around the city as Goon forces and Iranians advance and retreat. The streets are littered with shell casings and the walls are marked by shrapnel from grenade explosions.

The Goons inch closer and closer by the minute to Iran's central administration building in all of China. Soon, the Goon flag will wave proudly above it as the nation is liberated.