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The Presentation of The Awesome Adventures of Austria and Swiss.

Day 1,812, 20:16 Published in Austria Mexico by Yhamilitz

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Hello people, as all we could see, yesterday I wrote a "comic"

Well, first of all I want to tell you that I take the Idea from Antgonzale from this Article.

Before to wrote this story, I asked to him if I can make my own story, (is like another story from the same universe, but in different place [AKA, similar to Lion King 3]) and we don't just let me to do it, he even told me that I can use some of his characters.

The Adventures of Austria and Swiss is a Story of 2 small bird and their neighbourhood. in this Chapters you will see some love, fight, drama (like a telenovela), but also fun, trolling, and entertain.

And this are the Characters:

Austria: The good neighbour.
Is a gentle and nice character, he is always observing some people from his neighbourhood, he almost is always with swiss. He has avery good frienship with Sloven, and Maygar, and sometimes Veneciano and Crota mess with him.

Swiss: The Observer.
Has a similar personality like Austria, but also he is quiet, he likes to make business with Sloven and Maced, Most of the time is with Austria.

Maygay: The knight from the east.
He is a strong and a great leader he like to protect his smaller friends. He also have a terrible relation with Gitana and Crota.

Sloven: The Loyal.
He is very loyal with his friends and he likes to fight for freedom.

Germano: The silent
He has a quiet personality, but is a good analyser, Loyal, and likes to Drink beer. he has Problems with Polska.

Francis: The passion heart.
Francis is a romantic and a good wine lover, He likes to mess with Edward always bothering him. he has a terrible relation with Maced, Edward, Hernando, and had a big problem with Polska.

Sir Edward: The gentle and "civilized"
Edward is a well educated character, but sometimes can be disgusting, he likes to call "uncivilized" to his enemies. He sometimes like to bother Francis (He and Edward has a bad relation) Iris and Maple has bad relations with him too.

Iris: I love fun
Iris is a funny girl who likes to play, she doesn't like Edward, her best friends are Maple and Yake.

Maple: The Serious one
Maple, unlike Iris, is very serious but also can be a good listener, he is the only one (with Iris) who can tolerate anything from Yake. He has interest with Tuga. Maple lives in another neighbourhood, but he most of the time is related to this neighbourhood.

Yake: The Fast food lover
Yake is a very territorial bird he doesn't like to see anyone in his garden without authorization. He lives in the same neighbourhood like Maple and Meztli. He treats Meztli as his possession. and likes to be in anyone's business, he say that he is in the good side but he enter in the garden of anyone without authorization.. But inside, he is a good person. He loves Zuka very much. and Dislike Sergio and Maced. Crota, Iris and Maple are his best friends.

Meztli: The youthful
Maztli also lives in the same neighbourhood as Yake and Maple, but he tries to be as far as he can from him, He likes high volume music, and specially Tequila, he like to help his friends, He is in love with Vanessa and likes to mess with Tuga and Colon (Vanessa's brother). Hernando is a good friend of him, and he dislike Crota very much.

Vanessa: The Colon's Sister
She is always fighting with his brother Colon, and has very good relations with Meztli, but actually is having a closer relation with Hernando. She is very happy and very nice. She also have problems with Tuga.

Colon: The warrior
Colon feels like if he is the stronger of his surrounding neighbour. (Excluding Zuka), he has problems with Meztli, Ciolo, Vanessa and he hates Hernando.

Tuga: The sea lover
Tuga loves the sea very much, She see maple, Colon and Zuka as friends. She dislike Hernando, and Meztli,she also like to bother Vanessa.

Hermando: The Conqueror
Hernando is the Polska's best Friend and he is very protective with his neighbours Meztli, and Vanessa (Both form other neighbour). He has a bad relation with Tuga and Colon. Hernando is one of the strongers people in his neighbourhood but is sometimes in another closer neighbourhood. He recently falls in love with Zuka.

Polska: The Powerful
Polska is the Strongest person in the neighbourhood and the biggest one, He also has problems with Germano,and Francis. He is dominant in the decisions. Hernando is his best friend and have good relations with many people.

Sergio: The hunting wolf
Sergio is also one of the strongest in the neighbourhood, but he lives in a suburb full of powerful people, he has good relations with a lot of people, but mainly with Polska, Maced, Maygar, and Hernando. he like to ruin Veneciano's and Crota's existence. He deeply hates Crota.

Crota: The troll
Crota is Smart, and a little bit quiet in this neighbourhood, but when he do something, he call the attention of anyone, because he also is very strong. He has friends and enemies anywhere, but he only hates Sergio and a little bit Polska. Crota have good relations with Gitana, Yake and Tino. He likes to bother his enemies, who dislike him.

Maced: I like to mess with Yake
Meced is one of the strongest persons too. but also like to mess with some far people specially with Yake. he also loves to ruins Albano's existence.
He also loves to bother Francis and Veneciano's existence.

Albano I dislike Maced
He is the youngest in the neighbourhood, and is always being bother by Maced. He is very playful. his best friends are Crota, Yake, and Veneciano

Veneciano The fortunateness
He is very playfull but unfortunately for him, Sloven, Maced and Sergio bother him and he can't do so much, he sometimes bother Austria and Swiss.

For more characters, you can see them here.

Soon we will add the images of Vanessa and Colon.

This is all for today XD Have a nice day

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Gelisima Day 1,812, 20:39

jajaja, I love it! Jaja

listener1 Day 1,812, 20:41

hahaha cómo se dice subpole en ingles? btw good work, hurry for te second edition of the comic.

Lily Snape
Lily Snape Day 1,812, 21:17

Maced kill the Albano bird !!! XD

McFresh Day 1,812, 22:44

Albano is not bird,it is hibrid

Antgonzale Day 1,813, 02:26

very nice...
europa parece bandada.. xD

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,813, 04:59

: D

i love the characters. Iris is very cute. ^ ^

Rayffer Day 1,813, 15:35

It's look wonderful. Still working on it!

K R I L I N Day 1,813, 20:56

ajajaaj esta bueno

v and s!

AricaChile Day 1,818, 12:55

v and s

good job


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