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Day 1,822, 12:54 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

The Youth of ePakistan,

Alot of younger ePakistanis in the recent past demanded that the regions of ePakistan be regained. Shouts were visible on MU & Political Party Feeds to attack and as to why we simply can't "kick ***". Well some of the problems ePakistan faces are mentioned below and others will be mentioned in chapter 2 of this article.

Most of those who understand eRepublik's dynamics do understand it to be a multidimensional system which mimics some of the processes of the real World. ePakistan like many other eNations is a part of this system and the matter of fact is that she faces plenty of hardships and perils within the days to come. The global recession the eWorld faces is yet another challenge we must learn to overcome. With the monetary market fluctuating and gold prices declining day by day, the expenses attached with the other burdens of running an eNation have increased drastically. Let me share some facts with you and you may do the math and understand our key problems.

a.) Decreasing number of fighters for ePakistan

Statistics clearly reflect the fact that the number of citizens actively fighting for ePakistan has decreased. A comparison between day 1680 and 1820 (November 13 2012) shows that ePakistan has 53 active fighters and currently has 39. These figures obviously fluctuate and we have to take under consideration the fact that some of our ePakistanis are busy with examinations and RL, however, it is alarming that the number has not increased over these 4-5 months. This problem is linked to a non existent supply system and lack of training wars. The entire eWorld is dependent on wars and the lack of wars has made player retention a very hard task for the entire government. Alot of our senior players have also joined foreign MUs, I don't blame them since its a way of survival in the game and foreign MUs are providing both weapons and food. However, we do need to change this sooner or later.

b.) Increasing amount of multiple accounts

Both the number of citizens and the number of whom fight for ePakistan fluctuates within the given dates. However, the highest population statistic of ePakistan was observed on day 1733 reaching 316 according to egov4you. During this day the number of fighters also increased, however comparing the relation between the two figures, it can be assumed that the majority of the increase in population were multiple accounts. We ePakistanis are busy with our internal conflicts while the rest of the eWorld is busy trying to overcome the obstacles and hardships and are moving towards improvement. The primary purpose of these multies is to retain power. Our friends who act righteous and just, put more focus on maintaining the "elitist" system of ePakistan and surprisingly these multies always pop up prior to elections. We pretend to be so patriotic don't we? Some of you are reading this and are probably going to comment aswell and deep inside will laugh at the fact that no one knows of your multies. The fact is that we do know about them, however we're busy trying to fix ePakistan while you are busy trying to screw it up.

c.) Decreasing influence by ePakistan

The war influence of ePakistan on day 1680 was 35 million approximately. It is observed that the damage influence of 1820 has come down to 33.5 million. I do realize that missions, competitions, wars and the general geopolitical and military scenarios of the eWorld cause such fluctuations, However, we must remind ourselves of the updates that the game has come across in the recent past. We must remember that the Q7 weapon was introduced within this period of time. A few other upgrades include the Q5 rocket pack, uniformity in Energy levels and improvements in training grounds etc. Keeping these facts aligned, we should also consider our increasing strength and damage within this period of time. The question is, Why is our influence decreasing? eIndia's statistics show drastic changes as compared to ours. One of the reasons behind it include their efficient supply system and the other is their newest MU, United Aggression as well as their other Military Units, specially BRATS, which are organized and well structured. Why am I comparing the two countries in the first place? Simply because I must applaud their efforts towards moving forward and surviving during hard times and also because I would like to see us do the same.

This article is going to be published in 3 parts. The purpose of this article is not to troll one another but to raise awareness and wake up those who are busy sleeping. Its time we changed ourselves in order to change ePakistan for the better.

Happy Reading


Shin Gouki

Pride! Power! Pakistan!



Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,822, 12:55


lHonouR Day 1,822, 12:55

xordin is Supreme \o/

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,822, 12:59

This is a wake up call. Very well presented and informative.


Waruda Day 1,822, 13:06

Still haven't shaved.

If war = the game, and a BH in Div 4 = No profit gold spending, its a symptom of the game.

Annihilator10 Day 1,822, 13:30


Mathew Steele
Mathew Steele Day 1,822, 22:00

supplies r needed at urgent basis otherwise salary is too low to fight actively!

Ali Gtm
Ali Gtm Day 1,823, 23:02

Very informative, we should have live meetings also to decide rolls of elders citizen and younger citizens

Thanks alot For giving this great wakeup call.

you are such an asset to Epakistan/

Muz1 Day 1,823, 05:20

Good analysis. And to all the multi makers, Guys dont use multi's, i've already made this mistake from my previous mistake and suffered a lot for this mistake. This is my advice from a 4 month old eRepublik player but still.

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,824, 09:11


Policy Day 1,824, 11:53

You forgot the bit about the incapable incumbent.

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