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The past and the future

Day 1,899, 22:14 Published in Japan Serbia by kowalski_afc

Ladies and gentleman,

It was October 6, 2010. I couldn’t recall the date exactly, but fast check at wiki and I recalled. It was The Day 1051 of The New World.

It was October 6, 2010 when I moved from eSerbia and apply for eNew Zealand citizenship. Passport was granted automatically as all people which applied get it.

It was October 6, 2010 when I make my second start at eRepublik. New country, new people around, new things to explore. I will tell you, it was hard. No matter how ex eSerbians tried and whatever we did, we had the problems with real RL NZ people. “Traitors, PTOers, you came just to take the money from our bank, you want to steal, you want to destroy this country”.

It was really hard. I wasn’t some good writer (and I’m still not a good one, I’m writing only when I have the wish and for my soul), but I can recall that I issue one article then.

Of course, accusing didn’t finish. You can see some people trolling, trying to prove their point of view… It’s their right.

What we did there, how we did there, I think that everyone knows or can investigate fast.

But, I can clearly recall one thing. The day when all of us get the moral satisfaction for our work.

It was the day 1,527 of The New World, the day when my dear friend, man from RL New Zealand, wrote the article where he explained all. Crusadercarl, ex CP of eNew Zealand, wrote this:

I will strongly recommend you to read his article. Because of on day 1,527 of The New World, our names were “washed up” from all accusations with which we struggled for a long time. Almost 500 days. Almost one and half year. Too long…

It was the day 31 December 2012 when I came to eJapan. I get sick from situation at eSerbia, with their political debates, with people which disappointed me. I came to start once again the new life at new county.

It was the Day 1,890 of The New World when I issued the following article:

It was the Day…




Aphroditea Day 1,899, 22:17


Rastko1991 Day 1,899, 22:41

ljubisavljev Day 1,899, 22:43

di je srpski prevod
kovalski opcije xD

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,900, 23:01

well you can't do anything against the reputation of serbian player. Stuff like that will last a long time.

kowalski_afc Day 1,900, 23:06

Natsu, i can bet that you didn't read Carl's article : )

mcmoox Day 1,900, 23:07

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

Beorin Day 1,900, 00:07


Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,900, 01:33

@kowalski, i read it. But that article was written over 1 year ago. I mean there are maybe people who like you guys. But like I said before, bad stuff last longer. They can't be "washed away" only by 1 article.

kowalski_afc Day 1,900, 01:51

Natsu, i would like to invite you on #nz_army channel : )
It will be great to meet those people there.
That article was "the end".
Also, you didn't get the point. You are still thinking that we are here to harm eJapan.
The point of the article is that i'm waiting the date of the similar article, where someone admit us that we are here to help to eJapan and to work the best for it.

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,900, 02:02

Well, I don't think that everyone of you is "bad". The problem is only the acting of your party. It would be nice to see you in different MUs (and parties) and to see you on the forum.

And the second thing is, your party got almost 200% more votes than members your party have (i don't know why, looks only strange 😛)

So if you want that everyone here will accept you guys, talk with us (some of you are doing it already, i know).

As long as there is no good comunicaton with the rest of eJapan, it will be difficult to "accept" you guys.

ps. We know that you do dmg for eJapan.

Laza1989 Day 1,900, 02:14

I came to start once again the new life at new county. x2

kowalski_afc Day 1,900, 02:15

MU is important? Why? For example, i'm not in japanese MU at all 😉

Party? What will be if i come to Lollies? You will start to accuse me that i'm PTOing you.

200% of votes? OK, and? Where is the problem? It's not multi votes. Recall me, how many votes admins moved? So, how? Why? It's question for you and your party, not us.

And the last question is also for you. I'm not a politician. So, if you don't know where to find your colleagues from CoT party and to start to talk with them, that is not my problem at all. Am i right?

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,900, 02:26

Well what ever. We will see what you guys bring to eJapan in a few month. Than we can talk again. Atm i can't say if your party is good or bad.

I hope you didn't misunderstood me. I have nothing against you as a player. I only don't like your party. Thats all.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,900, 02:36

I don't care about where you come from so long as you support CoT, eJapan, and maintain open and communicative with the other members of the community.

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,900, 02:53

The problem is with the game dynamics.
If there was a penalty for changing citizenship (ie lose half STR and Rank) we wouldn't be having this conversation over and over again because only people who were truly passionate about that country would make such a sacrifice to change citizenship.

At the moment there is no such penalty so any group of people can go anywhere in the eWorld and disrupt other communities for their own amusement. (and yes, regardless of the intention that is what is happening: Disrupting others for self-amusement. Nothing more, nothing less. *shrug*)

kowalski_afc Day 1,900, 03:01

h idenshi
Thanks to admit us your point of view that eJapan is very closed society, without any wish to accept new people, regardless of their intentions.
Can i ask you what is your amusement in this game? Maybe I don't like anime or manga (like most people here), but maybe we can find something else in common? Or you are too closed for anything else?

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,900, 06:16

Voted ^w^

Oraizan Day 1,900, 08:05

It's like that everywhere, real life and erep. Just like I have to deal with stereotypes of a girl, you'll have to deal with he stereotypes of a Serbian. That's life.

As for the anime, I don't really watch it either. Like all shows, they are all similar and get boring fast. That doesn't mean Im going to just shape ejapan with my interests. I want to make it fun for everybody. Sadly the same people hold government positions and don't bring any structure to ejapan.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,900, 08:44

@Natsu, @h idenshi. It's not that we are PTOers or not, it's about that we are organised better then you are, and then you find thousands of reasons (including PTO) to destroy our reputation, but the truth is, you are just lazy to do anything, and acusing others for all kind of stuff just because they are trying.
To be honest, if you are that closed society, and only care about manga/anime, and not for neither one segment of this game particullary, then you don't have any need to play it(expect for trolling apparently). You have IRC, Forum, have fun, leave a game for people who are actually playing it.

tarasino Day 1,900, 09:28


1. If by "better organized" you mean "making multies" then, yes you probably are better organized.

2. Nobody is destroying your reputation because until now you have NO reputation in eJapan.

3. The people you are arguing with, Natsu and h idenshi, use the forums or irc less than you do.

4. Your justification of eJapan being "too closed" so that you don't want to but you have to Take Over the country is very nice.


Aryzn Day 1,900, 11:05

I find eJapan to be rather open, just cautious (as a small nation should be.)
Most people understand this and take no offense to our cation, which makes you wonder why some groups are offended by our caution. Perhaps they do have ulterior motives. Taking offense to our caution is what a group might do if they had a political take over in mind.

Keep in mind I have nothing against the eSerbs, I actually consider them to be my friends and am glad they chose to join eJapan, but this is just what I see. I would like to see these people fully integrated into eJapanese society, which would require dropping all eSerbian claims of pride. Being eJapanese requires embracing eJapan and disregarding your former nation. (keeping former national pride is also another sign of a political take over.)

As stated above I mean no offense by my caution, it is merely my (as it all eJapanese citizens) responsibility to eJapan to be so cautious.
I would like to see a successful integration of these players into eJapanese society. \o/

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,900, 12:33

"I don't care about where you come from so long as you support CoT, eJapan, and maintain open and communicative with the other members of the community. "

This x2

Koragi Day 1,900, 13:29

You know, we would all stop bitching if all of you eSerbs would direct yourselfs to the forums.
Also, I dont understand how your serbian party was made within a months time frame and in the first election you received the most votes in the congress elections, now you guys are pushing it with this PTO, i really would like to know though on how using multi's and not communicating with the majority of the country makes you more organized than the rest of us. You serbs are really shouldnt be here.
This is the people's Japan. Not a Serbian Japan.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,900, 16:13

Koragi reported.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,900, 18:16

Ou please Koragi, and when you are comunicating with anyone?
Only when you are troling like this, talking nonsences. Probably someone telling you what to say.
@tarasino, it's kind a stupid repeating same lame and mosty nonsense story.

Soultama Day 1,900, 21:56
"Don’t wory we wont interfere in your political system, I mean we wont change it."

I guess a 10-year-old kid understands this meaning. I have seen many eForeigners moved into eJapan but never did I see such a group like CtG -- you even take over the Sakurai and change her name, not to mention the immigration system.

This is disrespectful, dishonest and arrogant to any community you stayed.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,901, 02:51

If some group are new to eJapan, they cannot enter political sistem? Is this autocracy or democratic game??? When your soo called PTO started, PP elections was victorious by 2 votes, TWO votes. And after that, you were never tried to win it again seriously, and you could do that, just like that, but you didn't. This situation comes from you being lazy and not responasable, not from ours soo called PTO. and what did we change about your political sistem? Did we steal your treasury money, did we take over president seat and attack eCOT and be erased? You don't see a good things that we have done. The one you called bad are reaction to your ignorance. Soo stop troling newspapers, and do something.
And Soultama, i see you first time for 3 month that I am here. Who are you to judge anything?

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,901, 03:24

If some group are new to eJapan, they cannot enter political sistem?

No they can't

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,901, 03:57

And why, if i may ask?

Auraborus Day 1,901, 05:55

I try to stay neutral on this topic. I can understand the frutstration from both sides.
eJapan has been at the hands of very two faced actions and has put her faith in those that have betrayed her. This causes suspicion.
Actions that could really alleviate the suspicions are the following:

Disband your party and help grow the other parties in eJapan. Take your experience and organizational skills and share it with the indiginous population. Help Nippon, Lollies, Imperial Sun, Shinsengumi, SoS, and all the others grow together.

Join the eJapanese MUs and help them better themselves with your experience and guidance.

By keeping the "Serbian" tag and identification, it only invites division and separation from the existant population. In the past, we only accepted players that were willing to become active participants in our community. You don't have to be on the forum or irc, but if you want to run for political office, you need to. That is where our congress operates. To change that, changes our country.

I really hope that you can integrate and become eJapanese. I am not RL Japanese, but never does my RL origin come into discussion in the New World. Here, I'm eJapanese.

I'm not pointing fingers, telling you what to do, or saying what is right or wrong, all I offer is an insight to a very feasable way to alleviate the tensions you experience. By taking up Japan AS your identity... helping better our infrastructure, and building up the country as a whole... you CAN become respectable citizens. Respect is earned. It is very true in this case.

I welcome you to eJapan, You have fought hard, work hard, and have invested much toward our independence. I greatly appreciate this. I think you have good intentions, but taking over the congressional majority causes people to get nervous. Of course we are nervous. Why do you want a such a strong pressence in our congress? Unfortunately, only time will disclose this.

Good luck! 🙂

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,901, 06:15

@Veprina, because you guys said you don't want to interfere with eJP politics, but you are doing it. And instead of ptoing a party, why don't you go in to a MU?

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,901, 06:17

@Auraborus i really respect you as a caracter, and a normal, racional person. But, were would we go?
1.Join Nippon, oh, it's the same thing, they will have majority again...
2. Join Lolies or IS, why? Half of theirs members hate us.
3. SOS and Shinsengumi are find, but we will make enormus disruption of balance either way.
And for instance, we are working together, having same opionions, we well organised everything. And now, we should split up into 5-6 party's, and fight each other in political game? It's counterproductive. Only think what i have in mind is to buy a new party, and restore Sakurakai to it's former members, soo we can stop be PTOers once and for all. But it's just my thinking, nothing else, we cannot integrate when a lot of people didn't even give us a chance to show what we can do, and who we are.
And i don't see a point joining forum, i entered today, and only active topic is what to do with speaker of congress? that should be done 7 days ago.

Five To Nine
Five To Nine Day 1,901, 06:36

I think returning the Sakurakai is good idea.
No doubt you guys know how to battle and are organized.
There really is no money for you to "steal".
You have already spent more gold than you could get.
I am glad to see articles like this, letting us get to know you.

Markozlol Day 1,901, 07:28

China be aware
Vote and Shout !

tarasino Day 1,901, 07:59

The constructive thing the Serbian can do is give some clarity about their position reguarding eJapan and its future.
I have said it before that most of the conflict comes from the fact that their positions are contradictory to say the less.
Nobody expects them to stay out of politics but this "divide and conquer" game they are playing must stop, if they want to gain acceptance.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,901, 10:04

"divide and conquer"??? We are trying to force you to be united, not to break your's bonds with others.
We are daily doing something, talking to MoFA's, colecting food and wepons for giveaways (every congresman from CTG is in obligation to give 5gold from his medal to fond for giveaways. I know that we still haven't represent ourselfs as we should, but, what ever we wrote, public will remain the same.
Our position is clear, lead to full liberation and gaining stability. Bringing only quality players, and defending from invasions. We are doing that with diplomacy, economic help, and pushing young players forward.
You better worry about your's REAL eJapanese,because we are fake ones. You have soo many traitors, and dishonorable people who are here for some time, damaging eJapan position in COT, and other allies, sabotage actions, and constantly troling. That is the real eJapan problem. We are not problem, we are just medium size organised group, who escaped from dirty and greedy eSerbian political sistem, to find our place under new flag, and create a strong, and respectable ecountry, which we can call our true eHome. We are closed to you, because you are closed to us. Action-Reaction.

kowalski_afc Day 1,901, 13:03

I'm reading comments. And laughing : )
Do you know why?
You don't have anything in your hands. And you are trying to troll.
Grow up, go to eSerbia for just few days and then you will see what is good trolling. This, this is just a child game for me.
Only "little" Veprina is trying to comment something, but he will grow up : P

Btw, Auraborus, thanks for kind words. The future will show, that is right. But, why i wrote this article? I already had the same situation, maybe even worst, because we were fighting against PTO TEDEN team at eNZ. Not fighting in meaning to take eNZ for us, but to leave them free and to keep it free. And we make it. Even now, in this moment, very delicate one, i'm sure that eNZ will act only how they feel, no matter what eSerbia tells.
Why i mention channel #nz_army? That is official eNZ channel. Go there, ask about us, you can ask all of them. I'm sure that no one will tell anything bad about us.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,901, 17:46

Rather didn't want to say anything but..
"Our position is clear, lead to full liberation and gaining stability. "

Gaining stability? While everything that has happened with the serbian immigration deal has caused instability? uhm.. see the issue? Oo

Soultama Day 1,901, 22:57

Now I guess JJelena is just a small potato and its words are not worth mentioning. Poor JJelena.

Yes, the Serbian group brought power and golds to the eJapan community, but you guys ignored the norm here, took disrespectful actions and seemingly not wanted to address them. Plan and action to resolve the conflict, which is not found, are what gain you trust. You know eBrazil and nemesis, right?

Besides, putting this issue into EDEN-CoTWO fight is unwise. You should have checked that there was a referendum on the forum.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,902, 03:45

@Hizaya, You are the traitor of this ecountry, i know everything about your actions, i have them documented. It will be wise for you to not get public, because i can go public to. Yes stability, that thing that you and some more people constantly ruining.
Don't you dare to blame us, we are not doing PTO, and we prove that with our actions. Just because you don't like "dirty serbs" doesn't mean that i will let you ruin our relationship with our allies and with normal and racional eJapanese who understand our role here.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,902, 03:48

Kowalski, you are right, I always wan't to be polite and answer to everyone, i forgot that trolls doesn't understand my words, i am still young player, learning how to deal with that kind of people xD

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