The new request appeal module

Day 617, 07:28 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

In the last Insider, announcing the soon to be implemented citizenship, the first comment was posted by citizen Van Raus, expressing his hopes: “Fingers crossed. I hope it will go smooth, without bugs.“ Well, thanks for all your crossed fingers, it went smooth! We all stepped into a new era of the New World, an era of true citizens of their countries, besides just that of “citizens of eRepublik.”

Citizenship opened a new page in eRepublik history, but we have so many other projects in development. We would like to announce the new request appeal module, which also went live today.

Every punishment applied in eRepublik, regardless of its nature, will have an unique ID. This will be used to track punishments and appeals submitted for those specific punishments.

We have two situations:

-if you log into your eRepublik account, on your profile page you will have a list of all your punishments in the “Law infringements” section, just below your Forfeit Points. From that list, you may choose the punishment you would like to appeal by pressing the “appeal” button;

-if your account is suspended temporarily or permanently, when you try to log in you will see listed your punishments. Again, you may submit your appeal by pushing the “appeal” button for the punishment you would like to appeal.

Once an appeal has been submitted for any given punishment, the “appeal” button deactivates for that punishment. A second appeal for the same punishment is not available anymore. So, after you have appealed each one of your punishments individually, no more appeals can be submitted from your account or by any other citizen.

We created this new tool especially for citizens who deserve a fast and professional communication channel with us when they need to appeal a punishment. Now that we have this great tool implemented, we will stop tolerating public appeals in the forum, in the eRepublik media, multiple appeals from citizens appealing punishments of their friends.

Just like Forfeit Points, after two months punishments are automatically deleted from the list. So, you have two months available to appeal a decision. Also, in the same area where you have your punishments listed you also can see the answer from admins regarding your appeal.

We are hopeful that the new request appeal module will improve response time from our team, trying to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support,
The eRepublik Team