The Needs of the Many Prevail Over the Needs of the Few! Really?

Day 573, 05:25 Published in USA Hungary by Zoli

First I wanted to title this article "5000 reason why Americans should not like Scrabman" but I will not provide 5000 reason, I will only provide one 5000 GOLD reason. I know that many of you will start screaming that this is PEACE propaganda, but please read the entire article before you make judgmental calls.

As you all know, although there was no official information from the President, the USA is involved in a major conflict – US troops are fighting to free some Greek and Israeli region held by Turkey. The operations started a couple of days ago, and up to now 4 regions: Macedonia, Crete, Attica and Jerusalem have been liberated. Currently battles rage in Peloponnesus and Central Greece.

I will not question the why of this military operation. You are helping an ally. I just question the amount of money that is involved in this operation.

The current administration has planned to spend up to 5000 GOLD in order to liberate Central Greece for Turkey. The main goal is not the freedom of this region but the weakening of PEACE. This way PEACE would lose a high iron region.

You can track down the path of the money by checking out the donations list of the Congressional Budgeting Office . From the beginning of the operations up to 6639 GOLD have been transferred to different branches of the army. From there one you can track the money to its destination. Free weapons and GOLD for wellness packs have been given to some members of the army.

I believe that Scrabman could have used this money more wisely; he could have served the people that have elected him. I will present some uses for this 5000 GOLD.

1. The USA has 51 regions but only 2 (Florida and New Jersey) have a Q5 hospital. There are 4 regions with no hospital and 18 regions with only Q1 hospital. With 5000 GOLD he could have bought 16 Q5 hospitals or 22 Q4 hospitals covering all regions which had a Q1 or did not even have a hospital. Should I tell you the benefits of these hospitals? People would have gained up to 4-5 more fights a day than they currently get. That would have lead to more XP gained by those people, and a faster increase in rank. Right now in Turkey Field Marshals get the money for wellness packs. They do not advance in rank, so that is a waste money. With the money given to 4 Field Marshall (4*80 GOLD) a region would get a Q5 hospital and those people would gain experience and increase in rank.

2. Lower income taxes – Right now the inhabitants of the USA pay one of the highest taxes in eRepublik. The combined tax burden (Income tax + VAT) is 21% in the USA, 15% in Romania, 20% in the UK, 12% in Spain, 6% in Indonesia and 15% in Hungary. In the last 3 days the American population paid 40.000 USD (around 790 GOLD) in taxes, mainly income tax. That money could be used in a better way. Lower income taxes would boost the purchasing power of the population, which will consume more and thus lead to an increase of the economy. People would buy more weapons, better quality food, gift, houses. Company owners would start new businesses in order to satisfy this greater demand or could upgrade the quality of their companies.

I always believed that the needs of the many prevail over the need of the few . It seems that now only a limited number of Americans benefit from the work of everybody. It seems to me that all Americans are equal, but some are more equal than others .

It is not my job to judge Scrabman. He was one of the best presidents the USA had, but right now it seems to me that he is ignoring the “little people”, he ignores those who accepted higher taxes just to help America. From this action only a limited number of Americans will benefit, and all the rest will pay the bill for those who will reap the fruits of the spent money. And lets not forget that many freelancers, not American citizens, are part of the army and receive funding to have fun, while the American taxpayers stay at home in a region with only a Q1 hospital and write letters to there congressman to lobby for a better hospital or lower taxes.

I belive it is time to write again to your congressman and pressure him for lower taxes and better hospitals and healthcare. It seems the Governement has money, so it should spend in a way that would benefit all Americans.

[Update: Somebody has stolen 600 GOLD from one of the army orgs. Way to go! Article here

[Update 2: Do you remember that you have impeached a president for using less than 500 GOLD on the army. Uncle Sam - ***If you Would Hang Me...*** Read it for the LULZ!

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