The needs of Hungary and PEACE prevail!

Day 573, 06:24 Published in USA Romania by sebahmah

This is an answer to this bullshit.. sorry article.

This is one of those articles, where Zoli's frustration si booming.

USA has always accepted its role of Peace bastion in The new World, and never backed from this position. It didn't back when Romania tricked Russia, it didn't back when South africa request help against Indonesia, and is not backing off.. when GReece and Israel are in great need to become independent once again.

USA has vision, USA has a mission, and like alwyas it's not the vision of every US citizen but it's the vision of THE US CITIZEN. Of course a warmongering, bloodlusting, tyrant that represents Hungary can't udnerstand this way of playing. Well i udnerstand him, as a romanian i am similar, and int he past we Romanians were also imeperialists just like Hungary, and i udnerstand why in his narrow mindness he can;t understand how a country would invest a large amount of money for AN IDEA, for a purpose that is not egocentristic and it doesn't bring short-term gains.

Well he is wrong, the money invested in Greece is the best invested money ever by USA. This money brings something Hungary wll ever have. They can put Q5 hosipitals in 30 regions, they can put all taxes on 0%, they can give free candy.. but they will ever have the respect of the New World, they will always be remember as the barbaric nation that TOs and threatens everyone.

The shoot first, ask later country...

On the other hand, please understand Zoli, and feel free to feel pity when talking to him, it's a great burden not to understand the value of honor and the value of teamwork and friendship.

One day i hope romania has the maturity to do what USA did.. untill then i can only get my hat off.. and bow...

Respect USA.

a simple romanian citizen