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The need of an off-game way of comunication.

Day 1,848, 06:35 Published in New Zealand Uruguay by Leo de Salto II

Almost every eNation has a IRC channel. Its the main way of interaction between the players of a nation and New Zealand is not the exception, you can find its channel at #nzarmy in the Rizon IRC.

In the past, when people used MSN, some nations had a MSN Group.

Also, some nations have a forum, NZ is lack of one.

A forum is important. If it is used well, it becomes the hearth of a nation comunity.

In a formun the congress can discuss laws and changes.

The ejecutive power can show how are they working.

And the people and citizens can chat and become a stronger comunity.

It does not matter if NZ is small and have few people. It does not need to be a huge forum, but a little one with some sections and it could grow if it is need.

Since I am a web developer I offer you to make a forum (actually there is no need of know anything about programming to make a forum but it helps 😛)

All you would have to do is to make it active, I dont want to be mod or admin of it, those positions should be chosen by the comunity.


Tasmaryn Day 1,848, 07:13

We have a forum. Nobody uses it.

Leandro4226. Day 1,848, 07:17


Chukamika Day 1,848, 07:24


Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,848, 07:43

tasmaryn - 😮 I didnt know it

Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,848, 08:14

Lets try to reactivate it!

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,848, 15:54

Yeah we've had a forum basically the whole time eNZ has existed. It has never been active. Even at its peak it was getting under 20 posts a day I think.

Trento96 Day 1,848, 18:24

A lot of the kiwis with a Serbian background never got attached to the forum. I always thought it was a great tool, but it pretty much died a few months ago.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,849, 07:11


Emperador Uruguayo
Emperador Uruguayo Day 1,882, 15:53

Me acabo de mudar a Uruguay, viví en Brasil y el brasileño tenía todo el FORUM del juego, ayuda mucho en la comunicación entre los jugadores. recomendar

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