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The musings of mad men - the TRUTH about the CORRUPT New Era.

Day 1,989, 09:51 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

So, I resisted writing this earlier as I felt it best to encourage proper unity than attempting to divide the nation, then a wild article appeared, so I will write this now.

Why I decided to write an article? Well, it was after about an hour of arguing with Sven Goran Duran-Duran that several revelations occurred, including the implication that New Era knew of DeathByKittens.

As multiple accounting is against the rules, wouldn't it be in New Era's best interests to actually inform people that DeathbyKittens was a multiple account of someone? Even if they had just a suspicion then they would usually voice their concerns publicly as they had done with Bohemond, Klurr, Dr Hugh Jardon and FightAndProduce, all of whom have pretty much proven they are not. Despite this, however, they are still persistently persecuted by a few New Era members.

So, how did this all kick off today?

It began with:

<Sven_Goran> I'd like a full, frank and open apology from the UKRP. I don't mind who writes it, cyg will do.
<Sven_Goran> for accusing New Era of "bullying" a day old player, by banning a multi from our IRC channel

To analyse this:
- At the time, Sven couldn't possibly have known it was a multiple account the same day he joined the game unless standard procedure for the New Era PP is to accuse everyone who isn't a New Era member of being a multiple account, which just suggests that they want a state to themselves.
- If they had known he was a multiple account when he came into the channel then why didn't they bother making any contact with people? I would personally like to know how they knew now that we know why they kickbanned him from the channel (or so Sven seems to reckon).
- Alternatively, it could imply that DeathByKittens was a New Era plant which they tried to conceal by kickbanning him from the channel. I would be deeply concerned if this was the case but it goes to show that dirty tactics from New Era don't seem to end. Given that one of their leaders has a track record of using multiple accounts, I wouldn't actually be surprised if they did.
- The fact that Sven is asking for an apology from UKRP about something unrelated to the original article that Joshua Whelan had published just goes to show how I think he planned this entire event. On the basis of this, I don't find it entirely unacceptable to ask New Era (if we're dragging entire parties into this) to apologise for the offensive comments made to Ash Brandon, Bohemond4, Dr Hugh Jardon, Fight and Produce, Klurr and many others
who have been accused of being multiple accounts in the last year. In addition, many members of the community who have been able to see past your lies and slander have been attacked, such as James Scarlet. I believe they should all be apologised to.
- Regardless of DeathByKittens being a multiple account right now, there was no indication to the UKRP or other parties at the time of him being a multiple account, so by that point he was a new player and if New Era prides itself on being a party for new players, why then do you kickban them from your public channel just because they left your party to join another? I can guarantee that if he was not a multiple account, you would have done the same thing. So do New Era actually use propaganda to try and absorb new players for personal benefit rather than the new player's benefit? I think so after this.

So, shall we continue in the conversation?

To analyse this:
- The New Era party president can't take what they dish out. They refuse to apologise to members of the community they have been slanderous to yet expect us to apologise to them.

To analyse:
- It's apparently okay for Goku to create multiple accounts if he did it before he was a New Era member, meaning it's okay to let cheaters into New Era.

On an additional note. Despite commenting on his article about genuine grievances, all Sir Winston S Churchill can be bothered doing instead of replying to my comments is to like Zaphod's comment, suggesting to me that he can't take what he dishes out on a regular basis. If you're going to attack me, at least be original about it.

Soon after I made that comment, I was added to a list of names in the article despite not actually getting involved in the DeathByKittens debate until today after UKRP, as a party, was being questioned by New Era.

Not entirely sure why that made it into the article, however, I do recall Dapper telling me to go jump in front of a bus. In addition to this:

Which I would like to see Winston also officially condemn.

I would like to emphasise that unlike New Era, UKRP has a very close-knit and active community. We are bound together as a party should be and we will defend each other to the maximum as we consider each other good friends. We don't ban other parties from having access to our public channel just because they're a member of another party, nor do we discriminate against other parties intentionally. The members of the party that commented on Whelan's article were defending a party member, who, at the time we thought to be a legitimate member of the party.

If it is really your intention to run the country, at least pretend you actually care for the country instead of yourselves. If you're going to act like eAnti-social bigots then you're not really part of the community at all. Where is your involvement aside from the occasional slanderous article and your British Army stuff? Why are you sitting around attempting to troll The Unity Party instead of actually contributing to the country? Please grow up.

Like I said, Sven, two can play at whatever game you're trying to play. I may be a mere teenager as per our “discussion” earlier, but I will happily act more like an adult than half your party. I'm not going to apologise for what I said earlier in #euk that got us both banned because as far as I'm concerned, I spoke nothing but the truth, even though it was mildly insulting.

Below is where you can say I am trolling for scrutinising New Era, so please go ahead.



Thomas765 Day 1,989, 09:52


BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:13


Thomas765 Day 1,990, 06:16

Coming from a member of the party of liars.... sureeeeeeeeeee

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,989, 09:55

Another Thomas article....

You really do want that Media Mogul Medal don't you. : P

Rfeist Day 1,990, 12:37

who doesnt?

Minino. Day 1,989, 10:02


mittekemuis Day 1,989, 10:06

It could do with a tl;tr section tbh ♥

Thomas765 Day 1,989, 10:07

I don't really do tl;dr sections, I'm afraid : ( I don't think one for this could be worth writing as it would get too long itself.

Frerk Day 1,989, 13:54

tl;dr NE is shit

Frerk Day 1,990, 11:10

I was being helpful, at least add it ¬__¬

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,989, 10:21

Good article! 🙂

An extension on Thomas' point: Nobody, not even New Era, could have known that DeathByKittens was a multi at the time I posted my article. Their excuse was that it was just UKRP attacking them anyway, it's interesting how it's suddenly changed to 'we banned him/her because s/he was a multi'; unless it was a pre-emptive guess then this is total BS.

The whole point of the article was if we caught New Era attacking a 'new' player when we were lurking in their channel one day, how many more new players have/will receive a similar treatment?

I have no respect for keyboard warriors and so an apology won't be forthcoming from me.

BigAnt Day 1,990, 06:14

you fail so bad bro

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,989, 10:23

Could have done without the grandstanding about how great UKRP is. It was a little sickly and self-congratulatory.

Otherwise, everyone should know by now that Churchill, Sven, Goku, Dapper et al. are myopically obsessed with their pet project and are generally loons. You'd be better off just ignoring them rather than contributing to furthering this crap. The best way to make this all go away is to stop acting like it is worthy of a response.

Thomas765 Day 1,989, 10:27

Well they are asking us to apologise as a party to them and that we will defend ourselves as equally as they attack us. I suppose you're also right about the second part.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,989, 10:46

"unless standard procedure for the New Era PP is to accuse everyone who isn't a New Era member of being a multiple account"

Who wants to break it to him?

Thomas765 Day 1,989, 10:46

I was convinced that there was some decency in that party 😛

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,989, 10:48

Even I've been accused of being a multiple account, despite the fact I joined in 2009!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,989, 10:50

Goku Jones accused me of being the biggest known multi-accounter in the eUK when we announced we were running under UKRP.

I think they're just hipsters and like to be ironic.

so funny eUK haha

FragUK Day 1,989, 11:33

you bought the account your useing now rite?


FragUK Day 1,989, 11:53

not what you told me on IRC..

I don't think I said I bought it, I might have said I took it over. Not sure how this fits in with my comment or article though haha

Aces man
Aces man Day 1,989, 11:03

Sven planned it lol even u know that's not true hahahahaha

GameChanger Day 1,989, 11:04

Wonder how long it will take for them to accuse me of multies..

Thomas765 Day 1,989, 11:07

Bitch please, if they haven't then they haven't been on the ball. YOU NO IN LARGEST PARTY YOU IN NUMBER 3 PARTY. U MUST BE A MULTI.

Ely.nea Day 1,989, 11:17

time elections : time of corruption

It's nice to see your article Thomas because several countries have the same problem.

You always have honest gamers and other who don't respect rules of the game;

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,989, 11:20

I am unsure why Sven Goran is asking for UKRP to issue an apology. Wasn't the previous article written by Whelan who is a 1V member?

All these accusations have me confused.

I accuse Wayne of being a Pirate in Training!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,989, 11:46

Many New Era members are blaming TUP also, it's pretty funny considering I'm not even interested in the politics of the eUK.

Some people will do anything to score political points.

WayneKerr Day 1,989, 11:29

I wonder how many times New Era have reported me for multies...

ViciousDeeds Day 1,989, 14:04

yet you still manage to get away with it..... 😛

wigibob Day 1,990, 10:40

Comment deleted

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,989, 23:45

None no one cares about you

bananaboy378 Day 1,990, 00:47

I want to know if i have been accused of being a multi....

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,990, 08:55

I still care about you Wayne

wigibob Day 1,990, 10:42

I don't
: - P
(don't know why original comment posted up there^)

WayneKerr Day 1,990, 13:36

cheers Pat!

lancer450 Day 1,989, 12:10


Butjam Day 1,989, 15:05

Voted your voted

lancer450 Day 1,989, 18:30

Voted your voting my voted.

Butjam Day 1,989, 18:55

Voted your voting of my voting of your voting

lancer450 Day 1,989, 19:04

Voted you voting of my voting of your voting my voted.

Butjam Day 1,989, 20:29

Let's not get silly now...

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,989, 14:26

NE will be receiving no apology from us

JackInTheBoxGaming Day 1,989, 14:45

I've played this game for a day and i have already seen and heard far too much backstabbing. Why is everyone trying to piss people of?

Ziltoid16 Day 1,989, 17:01

Because certain members of the leadership of New Era see anyone not affiliated with them as an enemy and a threat. They're making an enemy of the rest of the eUK.

Bohemond4 Day 1,989, 17:21

idk, ask Goku or Winnie why they want to piss us of.

GameChanger Day 1,989, 18:13

"cynical laugh"

You've much to learn about politics here..

wigibob Day 1,990, 10:45

don't try to understand it just back your party like everyone else
: - P

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,990, 11:59

There are a number of long time players who have inflated egos thanks to their own self importance. Since the other egos won't worship them, they suffer major butthurt.... And this butthurt has been going on for so long, I don't think anyone really remembers how it all started. Probably a long departed player made a "Yo mamma is so fat" at someone else who has also quit the game and their friends have kept it going....

And all parties involved are as bad as each other although both will protest their own innocence and blame everyone else... Personally I'd recommend joining any alternative party that isn't any of the parties mentioned in the article...

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