The Most Memorable Empire: Romania

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Forewor😨 Romania is undoubtedly the most referenced Empire, especially considering that it has been dead for months and months. If you keep in mind that one month here is 4 years in real life, it has been dead for generations. And yet it is still remembered, and the word that accompanies the phrase "Romanian Empire" is Greatness. Perhaps Amazement. Astonishment. The empire, which in my humble opinion, had the most interesting rise and fall. Now sit down and get yourself something to munch on, and read on. For you are about to hear the story of the Romanian Empire.

Humble Beginnings: Romania started off differently than the other empires. It had no specific boom to it. But it did have a slight but steady player increase, which eventually became formidable.
The country started out solidifying its internal structures, like it's economy. That turned out to be a major advantage when the war module was launched.

In real life, Romania and Moldova have good relations and a common ancestry. This gave both countries a great chance to unite, with Alex leading the way. He was a powerful 4 term President of Romania. A referendum was issued, and the people voted on whether or not to merge. That was overwhelmingly accepted, and Romania and Moldova combined.

From there, Romania declared war on Ukraine. Not for high iron as we would automatically think today. Back then, there was no resources. The reason was that Romania wanted some historical regions from the Ukraine. They mowed Ukraine down within 3 days, which is a quick war even by todays standards. Ukraine had a smaller population, but had Turkey as an MPP. This short war made the Romanian FAR famous. FAR=Romanian Air Force, which was at it's prime, the most feared force on the battle field.

The next 2 months were spent with nothing in particular happening. Romania got involved in the First Balkan War on the side of Greece. This was the first attempt Turkey took at conquering all of Greece, and ended with a peace treaty. Turkey later attacked again in the 2nd Balkan War. Also, Romania canceled its MPP with Hungary. I haven't the slightest why they had one, but it is well documented that they did. Romania also PTOd Ireland.

Next was WWI. It was started when Spain attacked Mexico, under the justification that they both spoke Spanish and should be united. This didn't bide well with Mexcio and they called for help, and the only 2 day old PEACE GC answered. Spain would lose. Next, Romania declared war on Hungary. They justified it as freeing Slovakia, which Hungary occupied. Romania attacked it viciously and made massive strides, until the Admins closed the war until Version 1. Romania would annex all of Slovakia and 5/7 regions of Hungary. Later Romania conquered another region, but held off on complete victory because of a new administration that sought peace.

The next big war was the Romanian-Russian War. Alex asked Romania to declare war on Russia, which they did. They attacked central Russia and won it, despite being up against Russia and 6 PEACE agents. But it was hard fought. They decided to do a more ingenious tactic. It was at this time that the Norwegian Empire was crumbling. They were losing Russian regions, and had a declining population. Romania offered Norway ATO support against the joint Russian-Iranian effort to TO Norway's congress. When that failed, they made a secret deal with Norway. Norway would help them secure all the Russian regions. This was the master stroke to the operation. On the 4th of January, Romania slipped in a PTO candidate for Russian President, and managed to get him voted him by having the entire army vote for him. (there was no citizenship at the time.) From there, they simply attacked all the Russian regions, and the Russian President retreated them. Romania now had the extremely valuable WSR.

Romania then declared war on Iran. It appeared that the battle of the Titans had begun. But alas, it was not meant to be. Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran did elaborate land swaps to prevent Romania from marching through Iran. Romania then simply Declared war on Indonesia. Indonesia acted first, and attacked and conquered the WSR and northern Russia, while Hungary did a blocking attack on Romania. This was a big mess with Romania, as it's Army was ordered to fight in the Blocking battle with Hungary. Romania would lose 2 Hungarian regions after 7 straight months of occupation. Norway ceded a Russian region to Romania, and Romania re-attacked and conquered it's lost Russian regions.

Isn't it beautiful?

The Han Solo Age The Great War had begun. Romania thundered through China, or Iran and Pakistan and marched towards K-land, PEACE's only high iron region, minus Brazil. The War was prolonged by RWs and border screw ups. This made it so Romania had to march all through India to get to K-land. This was made easier by the Romanian puppet state, Pakistan. (Led by Han Solo, after the Romanian PTO, Operation Great Justice). Indonesia did a RW and made India reappear on the map. As the DoW would be expensive, Romania and India made a deal. Romania would attack India and get a few regions, and in exchange India would get a Q5 Hospital. However, the delay of over 24 hours allowed Hungary to block Romania, which allowed Indonesia to take the initiative. Romania then did a RW in the Ukraine with the intent or TO it and using it to block Hungary. However, this backfired and Hungary got control. Romania also handed Poland control of Northern Hungary, but Hungary won it back. South Africa entered the war and attacked Indonesia, which it would bitterly regret later.

And finally The Death of eRepublik. The true colors of the game are shown in the next few events, and they would repeat through out the rest of the game. The battles of Podia and WSR begin. WSR is the most valuable place in eRepublik. The battle for that involved all of ATLANTIS and PEACE. However, Indonesia won it because of a bug that added more than 200,000 damage to the wall. Romania entered a non-combat mode and demanded a more thorough investigation and a higher penalty. Some players did fight back, but in a different fashion. This was when the impossible was attempted, a PTO of Indonesia. Romania and some of its allies sent massive amounts of voters, and just barely lost by only 1%. It would never regain what it had lost. So was the controversial end to the Romanian empire.

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