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The Mechanics of Military Units

Day 1,878, 13:17 Published in Canada Turkey by Venerable

Greetings fellow eCanadians and other eCitizens,

I speak to you now of Military Units.

In the past few weeks I have described to probably 10 people how running an MU works, and it is growing to be a hassle. Here, I am going to discuss everything about running a Military Unit from creation to maintenance. I will do this not only by word, but also by visual representation. I hope that the average eCanadian, or any other eCitizen that reads this, will become informed, and then respect more the poor fools such as myself who are running them.

The Beginning

There are three ways to come in control of a Military Unit. The first one that I will discuss is probably the most common, and is the method of the CAF. This involves the acquisition of an already established MU, which is given by the Commander by selecting “Appoint as Commander” in the following image.

No, Zianni. This isn’t foreshadowing. I just liked your kill count yesterday.

The next way that someone can become Commander is to be the “first” selected 2nd Commander of a MU when that Commander’s citizen page lists him as a dead citizen. By default, this individual will be awarded control of the MU.

The third way, which is what I did with the Holy Order, is to actually purchase the MU. While buying from a player has a different price, the game requirements are 40 gold, the Military Rank of Commander, and Experience Level 20. When looking at the big picture of running a MU, these are all easy requirements. If you can’t spare 40 gold, you probably shouldn’t think about running a MU. At least, not one with supplies.


I won’t go into detail on this one, but I will say that all successful Military Units must contain a reason for soldiers to not only join, but to stay. This can come in the form of fancy roleplay, nice supplies, or great community. When I decided to make a Military Unity, I wanted to aim for all three.

Chain of Command
Commander – This title allows an individual almost complete control over a MU. They are able to do everything the other titles can. Furthermore, they can also change the MU’s name for a price of 2 gold, change the logo for free, and change the MU description for free. This is all done from the “Military Unit” tab.

In addition to this, they can also appoint 2nd Commanders

And revoke 2nd Commanders

They are also the only person that can change the MU Battle Priorities. This is a feature that I’m finding out that very few eCitizens know about, including some that have been playing for years. I will go into detail about this later, so I will not provide an image at this point.

Commanders can also select the minimum Military Rank required for a eCitizen to join the MU. This is called the "Recruit's Orders."

2nd Commander – Unfortunately through the game mechanics there is only one thing a 2nd Commander can do, and that is remove players. They are able to remove any player in any regiment that has been a member of that MU for 48 hours. However, many MUs such as The Holy Order, consider this as a council position, and include their 2nd Commanders in every decision they make. A citizen must at least have a Military Rank of Commander for this position as well.

Captain – This title is the only role that can be chosen in an election by the soldiers themselves. Every regiment elects its own Captain, unless nobody runs, on the 15th of each month. The Captain is able to change the Daily Order 5 times a day, but is not allowed to change the Battle Priorities. They also can ONLY change the DO for their given regiment. They are able to remove players from the MU, but only those in their own regiment. They can not be kicked from the MU by Commanders and 2nd Commanders, even if they are abusing their abilities. A Military Rank of Captain or higher is required to run for this position.

Unofficial Positions

While MU’s are restricted in only having 3 potential ranks for members, there are often unofficial ranks that a Commander can create in order to share some of the responsibilities of the MU. These can include Supply Officers, Media Officers, and more.


By default, a new regiment is created automatically once the previous regiment reaches 30 members. All new members will then begin to fill up the newest regiment. If the number of eCitizens in any regiment drops below 30, then all new members that join are automatically sent to that regiment.mHowever, up to 50 members can enter any regiment as long as those after 30 are "invited" to that regiment. This is done through the following mechanic, which can be found at the bottom of every regiment.

Controlling the Battlefield: Daily Orders

While some only view their DO as a means to get a bazooka and energy bar after 25 kills, they are much more than that. A lot of players only click on the Daily Order link to fight, even after they have completed it. This makes it the primary method of directing eCanadian soldiers. Our government tries to maintain a MU Comms group PM, in addition to the Daily Order articles, so that all of the MU’s in eCanada can select the correct priority battle.

A war can only be selected for a Daily Order if we have a MPP signed with one of the nations involved. Furthermore, Resistance Wars can not be selected as Daily Orders unless they are directly involved with us. For example, we must either be trying to stop someone from recovering one of their regions that we occupy, or we must be trying to recover one of our regions.

The Daily Order for a MU can be controlled in one of two ways. The most powerful of these options is the Battle Priorities, which can be seen below:

This is how Daily Orders are selected by default. At the end of each battle, not the end of each Campaign, the game looks at these Battle Priorities. In this example, the game would first look for a war in which Canada is taking part. If there isn’t one, then it will go on to Finland, and then Sweden. You can also select “against” a region. For example, I frequently leave an “against Spain” option at the end of my Prio selection, for obvious reasons.

The next option is to merely change the DO, and the ability to do so can be seen below:

Both the Commander and Captains can do this, but each can only do it 5 times a day. As stated before, Captains can only change the DO for their own regiment. Some use this more than others do, but for my own MU I only use this as a last resort. I prefer the scripting of the Battle Priorities, and perhaps that is because I’m lazy.

MU Infrastructure

I’m not going to go into detail here, because all MU’s have their own specific setups. That being said, two common themes among MU’s are communes and wrm farms. A Commune, or slave pit, is where members of a MU are employed by someone in the MU that produces goods. This is called a slave pit, because minimum wage is often the amount of CAD that is given in return. However, those who work are given a set amount of the goods that they produce as supplies.

However, this requires a lot of raw materials. At times, the amount required is FAR more than any one person can hold. For example, it takes about 12.5 salt peter companies to provide for a single employee. Each Q7 company can hold 10 employees. That means it takes about 125 salt peter companies for 10 people.

To help reduce the workload, MU’s can donate CC to a player so that they can build wrm, or weapons raw materials, companies. However, donating wrm is not allowed in the game mechanics, so a workaround was found. The person who is giving the wrm to the communes can sell the wrm on the market for a high amount. The commune owner can then buy the wrm, send the seller a pm, and then the seller can send back the amount that the wrm sold for. This is a great hassle, but it is currently the only way to do this.

Alright, I think I’ve said everything I can on the matter. If any of you have any questions, corrections, or suggestions feel free to drop a comment and I’ll add the information or clarify what I can.

Thank you for reading,
The venerable Prophet of Mitos
Commander of the Holy Order
We Stand Ready


Venerable Day 1,878, 13:18

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Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Day 1,878, 13:27

Very informational! Thanks for taking the time to explain this all.



klop123 Day 1,878, 13:32


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,878, 13:32

Nice article, voted o7

finally someone has written in the first steps in erepublik section. YEAH
good job on the article

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,878, 13:34

I'm glad I know my MU. I stand ready o7

Voted and already subbed o/

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,878, 13:41

Great article. Voted !

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,878, 13:54

i voted this shit.

Tokerr Day 1,878, 14:04

Good stuff, I had no idea what the inner workings of an MU commander looked like.


Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,878, 14:19

nicely done, never saw the interface before : )

MCA421 Day 1,878, 14:22

nice job man. voted

MazzyCat Day 1,878, 14:31

Meow 🙂

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,878, 14:32

Great article.

Priorities can be a beetch though, sometimes they reset randomly...

kwest78 Day 1,878, 14:33

Excellent article!

Venerable Day 1,878, 14:35

Oh? That hasn't happened to me in my 5-6 months in HO.

Good to know though. I'll check it more often.

TheSmoke Day 1,878, 14:38

Voted, good article. Hope to see some active MU coordination for any up coming wars.

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 1,878, 14:42

As far as I know, Captains actually can't be kicked.

Venerable Day 1,878, 14:47

@Eric_Last: Actually, you're right. I was pulling that from an incident we had in HO of a Captain that was abusing his powers. But now that I think about it, we Shorned him and he left out of guilt.

I have updated this.

Plugson Day 1,878, 15:02

Good overview. I might include this in the PM of 'things you need to know' for new players.

Venerable Day 1,878, 15:07

That's how I intend on using it in the future. Anytime Im asked from now on ill just direct to here.

Very few people know how a lot of this works.

Kronos Q
Kronos Q Day 1,878, 15:29

We need more articles like this.

TheBurningMan Day 1,878, 16:04

Very good.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,878, 16:40

this is the WORST article I have ever seen in my life....and I've seen a lot of Jefflav articles.

Venerable Day 1,878, 16:46

I love you too Leo.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,878, 16:56

Good article. I have never seen the commanders interface before. Also great to here Eric cannot kick me out as Captain. I can go back to slacking and pissing off Muglack.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,878, 16:58

Awesome article, voted!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,878, 17:13

Here is something that is good to know. A regiment is assigned up to 30 people by the game mechanics before it creates a new regiment, but you can actually have up to 50 people in a single regiment using the "invite" feature.

" I was pulling that from an incident we had in HO of a Captain that was abusing his powers. But now that I think about it, we Shorned him and he left out of guilt."

I have updated this.

who was this?

Venerable Day 1,878, 18:25

Not you, Sabzii. Though you were shorn too.

This is irrelative.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,878, 18:58


Plugson Day 1,878, 20:25

Dangit, why didn't you tell me that last month, Exalted. : P

They need a 'Dissolve Regiment' option so that commanders have more control over the structure of the MU.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,878, 21:35

great article, voted o7

Venerable Day 1,878, 22:06


I considered adding that, but decided against it because I didn't have anything to add to a "regiment" section. Regardless, I went ahead and added it.

mittekemuis Day 1,878, 22:48

Voted because I ♥ good tutorials

JaxTaylor Day 1,879, 23:02

Good article, job well done

Haselrig Day 1,879, 02:34

Excellent article, well done.

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,879, 07:33

We need more articles like this


Jeff Westaway
Jeff Westaway Day 1,879, 08:28


TheyCallMeBugs Day 1,879, 10:23

Great article! Thanks for the information.

cyber ninja
cyber ninja Day 1,879, 11:29


John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,879, 12:25


SamLeVil Day 1,879, 13:45

Excellent source of information. Very enlightening!

I'd love to see similar articles for 1) Congress Members and 2) The President.

Doggstar Day 1,879, 21:28

C00l St0ry br0.

MCMXCIlI Day 1,880, 09:19

if it's okay with you, i'd like to include this article in the eDoE database whenever we get around to starting it back up 🙂

Gnilraps Day 1,891, 10:17

Last I knew 2nd Commanders also have the ability to invite themselves into another Regiment. Is that still the case?

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 1,903, 14:46

I just tried to invite myself to another regiment, and it didn't work - so I guess not.

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